DIAN Circles

Focus Area | Tackling Workplace Inequality
DIAN Circles aims to drive conversations on various topics pertaining to diversity and inclusion in Asia and deepen connections among DIAN members.


The DIAN Circles are small, facilitated group discussions which take a bottom-up approach for the D&I conversations. This allows members to steer the discussion into areas of particular interest, and take a deep-dive into a location or industry specific challenge and good practice sharing. 

The first round of Circles will begin in May 2021, where we will talk about localising D&I strategy and unpacking local dynamics that impact its success. The second round will begin in July 2021, when groups will tackle industry-specific challenges and initiatives for advancing D&I. All the learnings and tips contributed by the participants will be collated and shared as a DIAN resource. Participants will be acknowledged as authors and contributors of the learning output.

Target Audience

DIAN member companies


  • Each DIAN member company could nominate representatives to participate in DIAN Circles.
  • Each representative could participate in discussion sessions based on their interests.

Featured Topics

  • Voluntary Self Identification - Race and Ethnicity / LGBT+
  • Voices from Local to Global
  • Localising Activities and Programmes
  • Ethnic Minority Youth in Hong Kong
  • Unspoken Insider - Outsider Dynamics in China
  • Gender Equity in Japan
  • LGBT+ in Sensitive Markets
  • People Living with Disabilities Across the Asia Region


To find out more about the DIAN Circles, please contact us.