Employee Wellbeing Link

Focus Area | Ensuring Employee Wellbeing
A targeted offering for employee wellbeing professionals, designed to give access to key resources, updates and programmes relating to employee wellbeing in Asia.

Employee Wellbeing Link is an annual subscription that brings holistic solutions to your workplace wellbeing strategy by equipping you with market trends, in-depth knowledge on emerging topics and opportunities to discuss and network with various wellbeing professionals. Members can access conferences, seminars, events and vast resources related to employee wellbeing on demand all year around. 
If you are interested in joining, please reach out to Juju Jang, Senior Manager of our Employee Wellbeing programme. 


In 2022 we are continuing to offer Employee Wellbeing Link, an offering we first introduced in 2020 for companies committed to ensuring the wellbeing of their employees, comprising:

  • eQuarterly Update – an email newsletter with updates relating to employee wellbeing in Asia, including new policies, best practices, events and stories that have made the headlines.
  • 2 x Virtual Roundtables – an opportunity to connect with other employee wellbeing professionals to share learnings, approaches and best practices.
  • EW on Demand
  • Consulting Services
  • Wellbeing LIVE! webinar series

In addition, registered subscribers to Employee Wellbeing Link will have complimentary access to a number of other benefits – including our leading-edge EW on Demand, Wellbeing LIVE! webinar series and Well at Work Week.

This offering is open to both member companies of Community Business and non-member companies – see details below. 


Registered subscribers to Asia Employee Wellbeing Link enjoy the following key benefits:

  1. Our Asia Employee Wellbeing eQuarterly Update featuring updates relating to employee wellbeing from across the region
  2. Registration for two employee wellbeing representatives to attend two Virtual Roundtables
  3. Unlimited access to EW on Demand
  4. Unlimited access to Community Business’ programme of our Wellbeing LIVE! webinar series
  5. Free consulting services


Annual Fee

To inquire about subscription fees, contact us for more information.