India LGBT+ Inclusion Pre-Index Assessment: FAQs

Focus Area | Tackling Workplace Inequality

How do I complete the LGBT+ Workplace Inclusion Assessment?

All assessments are conducted online via the Surveygizmo platform. This allows you to create a password protected user account, protecting the confidentiality of what you capture as well as allowing you to save your input as you go along until you are ready make your final submission. The online tool allows you to add additional users from your organisation to help complete your assessment.

How is the LGBT+ Workplace Inclusion Assessment structured?

The online tool is structured around nine categories to ensure a holistic approach to your LGBT+ inclusion strategy. Each category is made up of a number of best practice indicators and for each of these you are required to select to what extent the statement is true for your organisation.  

Do I Need To Provide Evidence To Support My Assessment?

As this is a self-assessment exercise, you are not required to provide evidence.  However, to derive the maximum benefit from the exercise and seek alignment with your internal stakeholders, you are encouraged to supplement your answers with examples of what you are doing.

How Long Does The Assessment Take?

This depends! If completed by a single person in a single sitting, an estimated 2-3 hours. However, you should see this as an opportunity to engage your key internal stakeholders and drive shared commitment to your LGBT+ strategy moving forward, rather than a quick tickbox exercise. The assessment may be completed in stages or by different people with the input saved at each stage.  Once you have completed your online assessment, Community Business will analyse the results and generally provide an individual company report within 3 weeks.


Will My Organisation Be Ranked Based On My Assessment, Like An Index? Can We See How Other Organisations Have Performed?

The LGBT+ Workplace Inclusion Assessment is a self-assessment tool, rather than a benchmarking or public indexing exercise. It is designed to help you embed LGBT+ inclusion deep into the heart of your organisation, encouraging you to identify where you are performing well and support you to take your strategy to the next level. Your performance will not be compared to other companies, however you will be given an indication of the level you have achieved (Gold, Silver or Bronze Standard) based on the way you have completed your assessment. As part of the Debrief & Strategy Meeting* we will share examples of external best practice so you learn from the leadership of others.


*Subject to selecting the Consultancy Package

Does Community Business Plan To Introduce A Public Index?

Community Business introduced Asia’s first LGBT+ inclusion Index in 2015 in Hong Kong and has a strong reputation and proven track record for the credibility of our work in this area. We are poised to introduce an LGBT+ Inclusion Index for India. We are currently evaluating the market readiness and opportunity. For more information, please contact Sandeep Nair