Well at Work Week

Focus Area | Ensuring Employee Wellbeing
A campaign to raise awareness, educate and motivate action around employee wellbeing in your workplaces across Asia.

Since 2008, Community Business has been promoting Asia Employee Wellbeing Week*, providing a platform to raise awareness, educate and motivate action around employee wellbeing.  In 2021 Asia Employee Wellbeing Week takes place from Monday 4 October to Friday 8 October 2021. 

This year we also have a unique opportunity for you to celebrate the end of the Asia Employee Wellbeing Week by participating in the Emotional Wellbeing LIVE! Day to mark World Mental Health Day on 8 October.  

Are you an organisation committed to enhancing the wellbeing of your employees? No matter where you are on your wellbeing journey with your employees, we encourage you to register as a participating employer. 

*Until 2018, known as Work-Life Balance Week.    

Be a Participating Employer

This year we are introducing a set of participation guidelines for employers to help promote strategic, proactive, impactful and sustainable ways of prioritising wellbeing in the workplace. Informed by insights from leading programmes and noteworthy initiatives nominated for our 2021 Asia Employee Wellbeing Awards, we have compiled recommendations on how companies can support and positively impact the wellbeing of their employees.  

To be a Participating Employer, all you need to do is demonstrate steps your company will take that meet one of the participation guidelines ​during the planning and promotion period and the AEW Week.  

We invite you to register and share with us what you plan to do so that we can report on collective impact. In return, we will:

  • Provide you a Recommendations & Key Actions Guide
  • Promote your corporate logo alongside other leading companies committed to employee wellbeing – on our website and other marketing materials, giving you valuable branding exposure.
  • Send you a Promo Kit of ideas and marketing materials to promote your role as a Participating Company both internally and externally. 

Participation Guidelines ​

  • Strategic – Your approach is strategic, that it has a clearly defined business case, statement of commitment or meets a set of objectives.   
  • Proactive – Your approach is proactive, that you have considered a comprehensive and targeted programme of activities to achieve the strategic objectives or goals you’ve set this year.  

  • Impactful – Your approach is able to demonstrate a positive and measurable impact.  

  • Sustainable – Your approach is not a one-off intervention with a short-term impact but part of a long-term vision and plan moving forward.

Registration Details 

A quick registration process to get involved as a participating employer requires you to:

  • Complete this Registration Form sharing details of your organisation and scope of planned activities for 2021 Asia Employee Wellbeing Week. 
  • Complete payment for the participating fee of US$100.  
  • Download the 2021 Asia Employee Wellbeing Week Toolkit

Registrations Open on 10 August 2021. 


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