Building Disability Confidence



As part of our commitment to 'building disabilty confidence' of employers in Asia, Community Business offers a portfolio of disability training.   Whether looking to define your strategy, prepare your organisation or take specific action to make your organisation more inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities, we offer a variety of sessions to help you meet your goals.  All sessions draw on our local research, extensive network and direct experience of best practice in the region.



Our portfolio of disability training includes:

  • Addressing Disability - A Business Imperative

    In this session, we present the compelling business case for addressing disability in the workplace in Asia. We broaden understanding of disability and discuss how disability potentially impacts us all. With these insights, we highlight the call for action for companies and the need to create more accessible, flexible and supportive work environments.
  • FACEs - Understanding Experiences of Disabled Talent

    In this highly interactive session, we bring participants into direct contact with professionals with disabilities, giving participants the opportunity to hear their personal stories, understand their workplace issues and work together to come up with approaches to address. This session is particularly powerful in challenging the way people think, shifting mindsets and motivating people to take positive action.
  • Building Disability Confidence

    Based on the content of Community Business’ Towards Disability Confidence Resource Guide, we look at what it means to be 'disability confident' and explore how companies can adopt a structured approach that includes: facilitating a change in organisational culture and behaviour; recruiting and realising the the potential of disabled talent; and valuing the needs of disabled customers
  • Positioning Your Company as an Employer of Choice for Disabled Talent

    In this session, we examine what it means to be an inclusive employer and share practical steps companies can take to position themselves as an employer of choice for disabled talent.