FACEs Workshops



Community Business’ signature offering, designed to bring issues of diversity and inclusion to life by sharing real stories of workplace exclusion and challenging the audience to identify a more inclusive approach.

In these highly interactive workshops, Community Business works with diverse individuals – inviting them to share their personal stories of exclusion in the workplace.  Delegates are invited to respond, discussing what can be done to address the issues raised and consider how they can play a role in creating a more inclusive work environment. Stories may be developed to explore different aspects of diversity and exclusion, including gender, culture, disability, LGBT+, etc – and any combination of the above.

By bringing the issues of diversity and inclusion to life, this session opens the eyes of delegates to the experiences of others, challenges mindsets and motivates all to take action to create a more inclusive culture. ​


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Sessions can be customised to cover diverse topics such as:

  • Creating Inclusive Workplaces in Asia

    In this FACEs session, we identify individuals who are able to share different stories of workplace exclusion, exploring issues in line with your objectives and priority focus areas. We engage the audience to consider what they can do at an organisation, team and individual level to create a more inclusive workplace.
  • Understanding Experiences of Disabled Talent

    In this FACEs session, we bring participants into direct contact with professionals with disabilities, giving the opportunity to hear their personal stories, understand their workplace issues and work together to come up with approaches to remove barriers to inclusion. This session is particularly powerful in challenging perceptions about the capability of people with disabilities, shifting mindsets and motivating people to take positive action.
  • Understanding Experiences of LGBT+ Talent

    In this FACEs session, we'll work with you to identify LGBT+ individuals who can share their personal stories, bringing the issues to life and encouraging your colleagues to think what role they can play in creating a more inclusive environment.