Promoting Work-Life Harmony



Many companies embrace the ideal of promoting the work-life harmony of their employees - encouraging them to manage or arrange the different parts of their life in a way that is in tune with their individual goals. Work-life harmony is a deliberately Asian perspective on achieving balance, the concept recognises that different elements may fluctuate or take precedence at different times and that the two aspects of work and life may be interwoven. Through our research we have explored many of these issues, with the goal of identifying recommendations and sharing best practices. These insights are shared through our training portfolio.


Our promoting work-life harmony training portfolio includes:

  • Work-Life Harmony - Not Just a Women's Issue

    In this session, we position the compelling business case for addressing work-life harmony, including the changing expectations of employees - challenging traditional views that this is a women's issue. We also explore the various components that make up a work-life balance strategy, including: flexible working, leave arrangements, health and wellbeing, etc.
  • Driving a Culture of Work-Life Harmony in Asia - Critical Success Factors

    When it comes to creating a culture of work-life harmony, policies and practices alone are not enough. In this session, we take an honest look at some of the challenges and identify critical success factors to creating a culture of work-life harmony - particularly in Asia.
  • How to Promote Flexible Working

    In this interactive workshop designed for people managers, we highlight and put into practice the skills and behaviours required to promote a culture of flexible working.
  • How to Manage Virtual Teams

    With flexible working comes a new requirement to manage team members who are not always co-located but in different locations. In this interactive workshop, we explore the skills and behaviours required to manage virtual teams.