Understanding Diversity & Inclusion in Asia



For 15 years, Community Business has been compiling research on diversity and inclusion in Asia, exploring the issues from a uniquely Asian perspective.  Through our training modules we bring these insights to you, packaging them in a way that enables you to inform your strategy and apply the learning in your own organisations.


Our diversity and inclusion in Asia training includes:

  • The Power of Diversity & Inclusion

    In this introductory session, we explore the fundamental concepts of diversity and inclusion and use interactive exercises to demonstrate their power and impact at an individual and team level.
  • Diversity & Inclusion - Why is it Important to Your Business in Asia?

    In this session, we look at the global business case for diversity and inclusion and apply to the Asian context. We examine key market dynamics in 5 key markets across Asia that make embracing D&I an imperative for those companies committed to growing their business in the region. Designed to engage key local stakeholders, we position the business case for D&I in a way that resonates locally.
  • Examining Diversity & Inclusion from an Asian Perspective

    In this session, specifically designed for global and regional D&I professionals, we look at why D&I can be a challenging concept in Asia and how to roll out your strategy and facilitate conversation in a way that resonates with local stakeholders.
  • Diversity & Inclusion in Asia: Country Profiles

    Based on our widely referenced Diversity & Inclusion in Asia Country View Series, we provide both an overview of the context of diversity and inclusion in different markets in Asia, as well as a closer examination of key diversity and inclusion issues. Markets currently covered include: China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Philippines and Singapore. Sessions may cover one or multiple markets, depending on requirements.
  • Leveraging and Maximising ERGs in Asia

    Recognising that many companies have or are looking to set up employee resource groups (ERGs) in Asia, in this session we look at how companies can leverage and maximise their ERGs to embed a culture of diversity and inclusion and support their business in Asia.
  • How to be an Inclusive Manager

    In this highly interactive workshop designed for people managers, we highlight the importance of being an inclusive manager and explore the key skills and behaviours required.
  • Asia Cultural Acumen Series

    Designed to increase cross-cultural effectiveness, in these market-specific sessions we provide a market profile, an overview of key diversity and inclusion dynamics in the workplace and practical tips on how to work effectively with colleagues in each of the following markets in Asia: China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Philippines or Singapore..