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2 November 2017  Work-Life Balance Week 2017 - Ensuring Employee Wellbeing
6 October 2017  Fair Opportunity Inclusive Recruitment Fair - Removing barriers to employment for students with disabilities
共融招聘展 - 高學歷殘疾人士與大型企業配對平台
English  | 繁體
21 June 2017  Companies raise the bar on LGBT+ workplace inclusion SME Index introduced for the first time
六成大企業向員工同志伴侶提供福利 首度推出中小企數指數
English  | 繁體
17 May 2017  2017 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Awards and Top Employers for LGBT+ Inclusion Announced
English  | 繁體
6 April 2017  Finalists of the 2017 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Awards Announced
社商賢匯公佈 2017 年第三屆香港同志共融大獎入圍名單
English  | 繁體
7 March 2017

2017 Progress in Representation of Women on Hong Kong Boards Remains Slow


English  | 繁體

6 December 2016

Announces Board Changes


6 December 2016

2017 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Index introduces a new version to encourage higher participation by SMEs

推出中小企業評分標準 促進多元共融參與

English  | 繁體

14 November 2016

Over 350 corporate representatives & experts gather at Community Business Conference 2016


12 October 2016

Fair Opportunity Inclusive Recruitment Fair- Removing barriers to employment for students with disabilities

共融招聘展- 高學歷殘疾人士與大型企業配對平台

English | 繁體  

3 October 2016

Community Business Clarifies the Support on LGBT rights by Financial Institutions in Hong Kong


18 May 2016

Winners of the 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards Announced


English | 繁體  

14 April 2016

Finalists of the 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards Announced


English | 繁體

8 March 2016

Representation of Women on Boards Remains Stagnant at 11.1%


English | 繁體

23 February 2016

Community Business announces seven award sponsors for 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards


English | 繁體

4 February 2016

Public Statement on the Report by the Equal Opportunities Commission’s Study on Legislation Against Discrimination on the Grounds of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status


English | 繁體

2 February 2016

Community Business Announces MR. GAY WORLDTM 2015 Mass Luciano as Ambassador of 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards


English | 繁體

20 January 2016

Public Statement on the Report by the Hong Kong Government Advisory Group on Eliminating Discrimination Against Sexual Minorities


English | 繁體

6 November 2015

Community Business Opens Nominations for 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards in celebration of Hong Kong Pride Parade

社商賢匯支持香港同志遊行 於當日開始接受2016年度香港同志共融大獎提名

English | 繁體

28 October 2015

Employees Perceive Hong Kong's Work-Life Balance as Deteriorating Compared to 10 Years Ago


- English | 繁體

15 May 2015

Hong Kong’s Top 10 Employers For LGBT Inclusion Announced


- English | 繁體

29 April 2015

Finalists of the Inaugural Hong Kong LGBT Workplace Inclusion Awards Announced


- English | 繁體

3 March 2015

Representation of Women on Boards in Hong Kong Reaches Double Digits for the First Time


- English | 繁體

19 January 2015

Community Business announces new LGBT award sponsored by Goldman Sachs for Hong Kong’s NPOs


- English | 繁體

22 December 2014 Community Business expresses disappointment with Hong Kong’s baby step on paternity leave
- English | 繁體
3 December 2014

Community Business launches new disability research as part of International Day of Persons with Disabilities celebrations

- English

12 November 2014

Community Business launches Asia’s first LGBT Workplace Inclusion Index


- English |

11 November 2014

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplaces brings Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace


- English | | 简体

5 November 2014

Over 300 corporate representatives and experts gather in Hong Kong to explore how diversity and inclusion drives competitive advantage

逾三百名商界代表及專家將雲集香港 探討如何透過推動多元共融來提升競爭優勢

- English | | 简体

28 October 2014

China achieving gender parity and ranks top among 6 Asian markets

中国正实现两性均等的目标 成六亚洲市场之首

English | 简体

28 October 2014

India’s performance on gender diversity in the workplace continues to be lowest in the region

- English

28 October 2014

Japan significantly increases representation of women at junior levels

yet ranks second last among 6 Asian markets

- English

23 October 2014

Gen Y and Z are two times more willing than baby boomers to leave their jobs for better work-life balance



- English | 繁體

19 September 2014

Singapore lags behind while neighbour Malaysia has strong overall representation

 of women in the workplace
新加坡职场女性比例济后  邻国马来西亚表现强劲

- English | 简体

22 July 2014

On the Cusp of Gender Parity - But Leaking Pipeline Means Hong Kong Women Still Under-Represented at Senior Levels
香港職場男女比例均等的目標近在咫尺 但高層女性比例仍然不足
- English | 繁體

16 June 2014

Community Business Mobilises Business Sector to Join Hands in Tackling Youth Unemployment and Disengagement
Pilot phase of Step UP! Programme helps equip non-engaged youth with the tools they need to succeed to secure employment

社商賢匯與商界攜手助雙失 「商助自強」先導計劃助雙失青年裝備重投職場

- English  | 繁體

4 March 2014

Women’s Representation on Hong Kong’s Boards Stalling Despite HKEx’s Requirement for Boardroom Diversity


- English | 繁體

23 January 2014 British Council and Community Business join hands to build local social enterprise capacity via the UK-HK exchange
- English | 繁體
22 January 2014

Community Business reinforces the value of gender diversity to Hong Kong boards

- English

2 December 2013 From words to action: Tapping a pool of disabled talent
- English | 繁體
18 November 2013 Community Business presents reality check on state of board diversity in Hong Kong
Calls on Hong Kong chairpersons to lead the change
- English | 繁體
22 October 2013 Leading Companies in India to Explore the Inclusion Dividend
- English
17 October 2013 82% of Hong Kong employees urge companies to create family-friendly workplaces
- English | 繁體
25 September 2013 Corporate sector called to lead the way in creating LGBT-friendly workplaces in China - English | 简体
3 September 2013

Community Business Member Companies Launch Business Action on Poverty Campaign

- English | 繁體

3 July 2013

Community Business Founder Collects MBE for Services to CSR in Hong Kong - English | 繁體

13 May 2013

Community Business Holds Forum On Engaging Allies

- English

25 April 2013

Driving Your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy in Singapore
– The Power of the DIAN Strategy Framework

- English | 简体

22 April 2013

Community Business releases ‘how to’ guide to encourage meaningful compliance with HKEx board diversity requirement

- English | 繁體 | 简体

16 April 2013

Driving Your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy in India
– The Power of the DIAN Strategy Framework

- English

25 March 2013

Community Business supports Hong Kong’s university students with disabilities to explore a career in the corporate sector

- English | 繁體

18 March 2013

Empowering corporate sector to progress towards an LGBT inclusive workplace - English | 繁體

12 March 2013

Community Business launches 2013 update to the Standard Chartered Bank Women on Boards Hang Seng Index research

- English | 繁體

11 March 2013

Community Business strengthens capabilities as it celebrates its 10th anniversary
Announcement - English

13 December 2012

Community Business acts to support HKEx decision to encourage boardroom diversity in Hong Kong
Press Release - English | 繁體

7 November 2012

Community Business supports consultation on promoting equal rights for people of different sexual orientations
Press Release - English | 繁體

16 October 2012

7 out of 10 Hong Kong employees say work-life balance is critical to productivity and choice of employers – Latest survey shows senior business leaders must take the lead to address work-life issues.
Press Release – English
| 繁體

12 September 2012

Founding Board Director of Community Business moves on to do even more for the people of Hong Kong
Press Release - English | 繁體

7 September 2012

Community Business applauds HKEx’s call to action for boardroom diversity in Hong Kong
Press Release - English | 繁體

30 August 2012

Community Business appoints Fern Ngai as CEO
Press Release - English | 繁體

17 May 2012

Groundbreaking Study Highlights Business Case For Addressing Needs of LGBT Employees in Hong Kong
Press Release - English | 繁體

5 March 2012

Hong Kong has not made much progress on gender diversity on boards - women represent just 9.0%
Press Release - English | 繁體

3 December 2011

Companies Across Asia Demonstrate Support for Removing Barriers to Inclusion for People With Disabilities
Press Release - English

17 October 2011

Hong Kong workers believe they are overloaded at work due to employers' priority for profits
Press Release - English | 繁體

22 September 2011

Indian Workplaces Perform Poorly in Asia Gender Benchmark Study
Press Release - English

6 September 2011

Community Business publishes new gender benchmark study showing the representation of women in the workplace in Asia
Press Release - English

26 May 2011

Companies called to stop seeing the employment of people with disabilities as simply a philanthropic gesture.
Press Release - English

16 May 2011

Leading companies show support for their LGBT employees on 17 May 2011 - International Day Against Homophobia
Press Release - English

28 March 2011

Community Business Issues Report "Brining Out the Best in Asian Talent"
Press Release - English

17 September 2010

Just 5.3% of board positions on India’s top 100 companies are held by women according to new Standard Chartered report compiled by Community Business in partnership with Cranfield School of Management.
Press Release -

14 June 2010

Community Business launched Standard Chartered State of Work-Life Balance in Seoul 2010 Survey, a representative survey of the working population in Seoul.
Press Release -
| 繁體

9 June 2010

Community Business launched Creating Inclusive Workplaces for LGBT Employees, a Resource Guide for Employers in Hong Kong.
Press Release -
English | 繁體

19 May 2010

More than 70 companies and over 30 corporate leaders have announced their participation in Hong Kong’s second employee volunteer week.

- English | 繁體

16 April 2010

Community Business Launches ENGAGE Mentoring Programme to Offer Tin Shui Wai Youth a World of Opportunities. 

- English | 繁體

10 April 2010

Press Release : Ageing: Impact on Companies in Asia

29 March 2010 Community Business Announces its New Chief Executive Officer, Alistair McGregor
26 November 2009 Press Release: Women on Boards: Hang Seng Index 2009
English and 繁體
23 October 2009

Work-Life Balance Day - 130 companies in Hong Kong demonstrate their commitment to work-life balance

23 October 2009


19 October 2009 Despite the Economic Downturn, Nearly One-Third of Hong Kong Employees Would Consider Leaving Their Current Job for Better Work-Life Balance, According to New Survey From Community Business
19 October 2009


21 September 2009 Hong Kong Business Leaders Continue to Champion Work-Life Balance as a Business Issue
21 September 2009 香港商業領袖繼續推動生活與工作平衡為重要的商業議題之一
13 July 2009 As Part of Campaign to Promote Work-Life Balance in Hong Kong,
Community Business Launches New Guide for the Corporate Sector
13 July 2009 為推廣香港的生活與工作平衡活動,公益企業出版新指南予企業參考
18 June 2009 Hong Kong Companies Recognise Importance of
Corporate Social Responsibility During the Recession
18 June 2009 香港各企業意識到經濟蕭條下企業社會責任之重要性
22 May 2009 Sixty Seven Companies Participate in Hong Kong's First Employee Volunteer Week
22 May 2009 67 家企業參與香港首辦之「僱員義工周」
9 May 2009 Hong Kong’s First Employee Volunteer Week Draws Strong Support
Participation from 65 businesses and 20 CEOs indicates firm backing for
volunteering in Hong Kong despite recession
9 May 2009 香港首辦「僱員義工周」獲得廣大支持
65 家企業、20 位行政總裁推動義工運動與香港共度時艱
3 April 2009 Private and Public Sectors Join Forces to Open Up World of
Opportunities for Underprivileged Youth
6 March 2009
Leaking Pipeline: Very Few Women Get to the Top in Corporate Asia
As revealed in Asia’s First Ever Gender Diversity Benchmark Report
3 March 2009 Shalini Mahtani honoured as a Young Global Leader 2009
3 March 2009
Hong Kong Organises First Employee Volunteer Week
Business sector shows commitment to Hong Kong during economic recession
Employee volunteering benefits community and business bottom line
3 March 2009
僱員義工服務 惠澤社區企業

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Latest Media Coverage:

Year 2017

Name of the article/programme Publication Date
身體缺陷難搵工 青年寄信千封 半年無着落:我係咪唔會有工作? HK01 01 October 2017
Banks come out to bat for lesbian couple SCMP 08 June 2017
Banks back lesbians in visa battle The Standard 08 June 2017
Banks to make rare intervention in Hong Kong gay rights case Hong Kong Free Press 07 June 2017
跨國企=同志友好?出櫃無包袱? 組織幹事:大企亦有「堅離地」 HK01 04 June 2017
Women on corporate boards: Rise to the occasion, Hong Kong! Hong Kong Free Press 03 June 2017
Dad's Juggling Act Playtimes 02 June 2017
台灣同婚合法化:亞洲同志權益現況如何? BBC Chinese 30 May 2017
香港同志共融又進一步,本年度參與的企業數目較去年上升超過45% The News Lens 25 May 2017
Finance industry dominates Hong Kong inclusion index Human Resources Online 25 May 2017
Banks ahead of the game in LGBT+ Inclusion Index 2017 Harbour Times 22 May 2017
Govt 'paying lip service to LGBT rights' RTHK 18 May 2017
同志平權,香港做了些什麼? The News Lens 17 May 2017
7成性小眾員工需向同事隱瞞 組織籲企業倡性別共融 HK01 10 May 2017
Despite push for gender diversity on boards, Asia lags behind in female representation CNBC 09 March 2017
跨企拓亞洲 港女董事吃香 HKET 08 March 2017
HK firms slow in rectifying gender imbalance in boardrooms EJ Insight 08 March 2017
Hong Kong companies slow to add women directors to their boards – why it makes good business sense to do so SCMP 08 March 2017
Women advance - slowly The Standard 08 March 2017
Women on boards: sluggish progress, but no need to despair Human Resources Online 08 March 2017
恆指企業女董事僅12.4% Hong Kong Commercial Daily 08 March 2017
Women representation on company boards has been "painstakingly slow": study Hong Kong Business 08 March 2017
報告指出:香港50家大型企業女董事佔比達12.4% Xinhua Net 07 March 2017
恆指企業女董事比例升至12.4% 社商賢匯:性別多樣化仍遠遜國際 Ming Pao 07 March 2017
No room yet for women bosses in Hong Kong RTHK 07 March 2017
The new face of corporate activism in Hong Kong? Firms grapple with how much is too much SCMP 07 January 2017

Year 2016

Name of the article/programme Publication Date
Rainbow 'gay' lions in Hong Kong prompt outcry Gay Star News 07 December 2016
Willing and able: Hirers can reap benefits by opening up to workers with disabilities 03 September 2016
Outgoing British envoy emphasises LGBT work in leaving interview Hong Kong Free Press 16 August 2016
若蘭BB玩FB直播!英國收番香港無望 Apple Daily 16 August 2016
Asia "falling behind" on female leaders CIPD PM Asia July 2016
The debate: Why don't we have more female leaders? CIPD PM Asia July 2016
If you think this is what well-being looks like... Think again CIPD PM Asia July 2016
社商賢匯:粉紅金融是國際趨勢 Apple Daily 30 June 2016
日本准同志成保單受益人 Apple Daily 30 June 2016
Progress in advancing LGBT workplace diversity in Hong Kong remains largely confined to the ex-pat business community The Economist 31 May 2016
Hong Kong celebrates its LGBT diversity champions and allies Gay Star News 26 May 2016
Hong Kong LGBT inclusion champions to be honored Gay Star News 27 April 2016
Disappointment as Hong Kong government denies lesbian’s bid for spousal visa Gay Star News 11 March 2016
Women on Boards RTHK Radio 3 - Money Talk 9 March 2016
藍籌女董比例零增長 全男班不跌反升 Metro Daily 9 March 2016
女性董事比例零增長 港職場存文化制度障礙 Oriental Daily 8 March 2016
【女性勢力】匯控連續2年成為最多女性董事藍籌 Headline Daily 8 March 2016
【女人當自強】藍籌企女性董事比例零增長 報告:忽視女性才能 Apple Daily 8 March 2016
女董事零增長「忽視女性才能」 Epoch Times 8 March 2016
No cheers for women on the board China Daily 9 March 2016
Women still to break glass ceiling The Standard 9 March 2016
No progress: Female leadership representation stagnates in Hong Kong, according to business reports SCMP 8 March 2016
HK lagging behind on women board representation Human Resources 8 March 2016
Hong Kong stumbles on boardroom diversity CNBC 8 March 2016
HK falling behind in women's representation RTHK English News 8 March 2016
2015-16年度《有能者‧聘之約章》及共融機構嘉許計劃 Headline Daily 7 March 2016
2015-16年度《有能者‧聘之約章》及共融機構嘉許計劃 Metro Daily 7 March 2016
2015-16年度《有能者‧聘之約章》及共融機構嘉許計劃 Hong Kong Economic Times
29 February 2016
2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards receive corporate support San Diego LGBT Weekly 24 February 2016
《有能者‧聘之約章》 Headline Daily 29 February 2016
Mr Gay World helps Hong Kong advocacy group appeal for LGBTI heroes Gay Star News 5 February 2016
Rethink gender roles in the office

China Daily


15 January 2016
科企陽盛陰衰 女性更顯重要 可扮演溝通橋樑 建公司品牌形象 Hong Kong Economic Times
13 January 2016
Interview: Todd Sears - Founder of Out Leadership TimeOut Hong Kong 7 January 2016

Year 2015

Name of the article/programme Publication Date
Making retirement work The Economist Intelligence Unit 09 December 2015
Every day is a day nearer the goal of gender equality in Hong Kong’s corporate world South China Morning Post
24 November 2015
Work-Life Balance in Hong Kong deteriorating HR Magazine 30 October 2015
僱員生活工作平衡遜10年前 Hong Kong Economic Times
29 October 2015
What balance? Hong Kong survey shows most working people in city think work-life balance is getting worse South China Morning Post
29 October 2015
Quota system to close gender gap on Hong Kong corporate boards may do more harm than good South China Morning Post
25 September 2015
釋放勞動力系列(二)_放下成見_殘疾展才能 14 August 2015
Nothing cute about QT:Business community and lesbian challengers await court decision on institutional discrimination Harbour Times 28 July 2015
殘疾家庭子女 不怪歧視者 Ming Pao Daily News
27 July 2015
Forget work life balance, try integration Ignites Asia 22 July 2015
Goldman Sachs announced as LGBT Workplace Inclusion Award winner HR Magazine 26 May 2015
LGBT Workplace Inclusion Index Created for Asia Ecozine 21 May 2015

US data / First HK benchmark index for LGBT workplace inclusion / Finance firm extends benefits to partners of LGBT staff

18 May 2015

10 best companies for LGBT inclusion in Hong Kong

Human Resources Online 18 May 2015
Businesses united in online call for Hong Kong government to address same-sex dependant visa South China Morning Post 17 May  2015
職場同志共融_高盛No.1 蘋果日報 16 May 2015
十大同志共融户主高盛居首 香港商報 16 May 2015


東方日報 16 May 2015
職場同志共融有待改善 太陽報 16 May 2015
同志共融僱主 高盛居首 香港經濟日報 16 May 2015
高盛滙豐摩通列同志共融僱主三甲 蘋果日報 16 May 2015
Local firms snub LGBT workplace inclusion index SCMP 16 May 2015
First Asia LGBT index highlights Hong Kong's most gay-friendly businesses GAYSTARNEWS 16 May 2015
高盛滙豐摩通列同志共融僱主三甲 蘋果日報 15 May 2015
工時比歐美高逾三成 專業人士「亞臨床」損競爭力 信報財經月刊 01 May 2015
白領港媽兩條戰線 湊仔、事業難並存 信報財經月刊 01 May 2015
四大行核數師:捱夠三年即走! 信報財經月刊 01 May 2015
社商贤汇公布首届香港职场同志共融奖入围名单 淡藍 29 April 2015
社商賢匯公佈第一屆香港職場同志共融獎項入圍名單 PR Newswire 29 April 2015
HSBC, J.P Morgan and Goldman Sachs staff among Hong Kong inclusion finalists GayStarNews 29 April 2015
Hong Kong’s best and worst companies for gender diversity on boards Human Resources 11 April 2015
政商高層女性激增 太陽報 07 April 2015
Battle to break glass ceiling still persists SCMP 14 March 2015
US dollar impact/ Women on board RTHK 12 March 2015
Hong Kong’s best and worst companies for gender diversity on boards Human Resources 11 March 2015
Hong Kong Airlines late again, as IPO application lapses SCMP 4 March 2015
中環在線: 七藍籌冇女董事 東亞被點名 Apple Daily 4 March 2015
絲絲講場:女董事比例港勁落後 Oriental Daily 4 March 2015
Hong Kong blue chip firms slow on gender diversification of boards SCMP 3 March 2015
高盛高層「出櫃」 締造友善環境 Sing Tao Daily 23 February 2015
職場同志共融 生產力升30% HKEJ 23 February 2015
同志平權落後 礙吸人才 高盛出櫃高層轟港不及鄰區 Apple Daily 23 February 2015
同志保險 港未來或推出 Apple Daily 23 February 2015


Apple Daily 23 February 2015
The new woefully short paternity leave to start with babies born on Feb. 27 Coconuts Hong Kong 6 February 2015
港上巿公司女董事比例遜歐美 HKEJ 20 January 2015
侍產有價:男侍出頭 勞資社會更和諧? Wenweipo 9 January 2015

Year 2014

Name of the article/programme Publication Date
Good reason for Hong Kong businesses to be more generous with paternity leave SCMP 29 December 2014
Fung Group mentoring scheme is just the job for underprivileged kids SCMP 23 December 2014
Will the LGBT Workplace Index be successful in promoting diverse and inclusive workplaces? Time Out Hong Kong 26 November 2014
Telecom sector: Gender-based disconnect persists despite growth livemint 24 November 2014
Better together? Social enterprises want to be partners with corporates Hong Kong Business 24 November 2014
Today's Focus RTHK Radio 3 - Money for Nothing 20 November 2014
The missing women in the workforce livemint 16 November 2014
Debate on equality law heats up SCMP 13 November 2014
機構推出香港職場同性戀包容評分 Sina News 12 November 2014
Hong Kong LGBT Workplace Inclusion Index Launched The Seattle Lesbian 12 November 2014
Hong Kong launches Asia’s first LGBT Workplace Inclusion Index HumanResources 12 November 2014
Hong Kong launches Asia's first gay workplace inclusion index GayStarNews 12 November 2014
D&I in Asia Ecozine Hong Kong 11 November 2014
出櫃,不是有膽即可 China Development Brief 11 November 2014
「生於亂世,有種責任」九千人上街撐 爭取平權 Apple Daily 9 November 2014
熱気増す香港の街角、日本との違いはどこに 「婚活」の山田教授に聞く Nikkei Quick News 7 November 2014
商界領袖來港出席亞洲多元共融會議 Recruit 6 November 2014
男女大不同 理性vs感性消費 Hong Kong Economic Journal 1 November 2014
成功靠人和 ─ 洪丕正:多用耳朵少用嘴巴 Hong Kong Economic Journal 1 November 2014
職場男女平等,中國大陸領先 Global Times 1 November 2014
Workplace gender equality in Asia is China ahead CNBC 30 October 2014
Don’t worry Mr Nadella looks like no bad karma here in Indian workplaces Bangalore Mirror 29 October 2014
報告稱中國職場正實現兩性均等 成亞洲市場之首 CE Weekly 29 October 2014
Flexibility for female workers gains ground Shanghai Daily 29 October 2014
Equal Opportunities Commission vows to close sex harassment loophole SCMP 28 October 2014
生活工作失衡 三成打工仔想離職 Wen Wei Po 24 October 2014
生活與工作平衡僅合格 港僱員加班過度勞累 The Sun 24 October 2014
3成X世代 願為生活平衡辭職 Sky Post 24 October 2014
90後追求生活易「劈炮」 Sing Tao Daily 24 October 2014
40%僱員認生活工作平衡 Sing Pao 24 October 2014
3成X世代 願為生活平衡辭職 HKET 24 October 2014
調查指30%僱員想跳槽 Hong Kong Daily 24 October 2014
工作生活平衡滿意低 三成人考慮離職 Am730 24 October 2014
Younger workers look for balance The Standard 24 October 2014
Balancing happiness SCMP 24 October 2014
HongKongers happy with all work, no play SCMP 24 October 2014
調查籲企業設彈性工作模式 免員工過度勞累 保持競爭力 Oriental Daily 24 October 2014
調查指僱員對平衡生活與工作滿意度低 Oriental Daily 23 October 2014
Work-life balance key to staff happiness — they just don’t know it! HR Magazine 23 October 2014
Angels in Hong Kong The Peak Magazine October 2014

落後陸、台 港同志市場蓄勢待發 -- 跨國企業紛「出櫃」 銀行家轉戰粉紅鈔票

Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly October 2014
<<Made in HK 李志剛>> (14:00 - 14:30) - EOC RTHK Programme - Gender Diversity in Business Sector RTHK Radio 2 9 October 2014
Why are businesses not being business savvy when it comes to volunteering Hong Kong Business 8 October 2014
Diversity eludes blue chips The Standard 6 October 2014
Singapore's workforce still trailing neighbours in women representation HRM Asia 24 September 2014
Singapore trails behind other Asian countries on workplace gender equality 23 September 2014
Where are Singapore’s women in the workplace? Human Resources Online 22 September 2014
Singapore lags behind Asian neighbours in female representation in the workplace The Independent Singapore Online 21 September 2014
Gender gap in workforce closing New Straits Times Online 21 September 2014
Malaysia better than Singapore in terms of representation of women at different levels in the workplace Berita Harian Online 20 September 2014
Malaysia better than Singapore in terms of representation of women at different levels in the workplace Bernama News Agency 20 September 2014
Malaysian women making gains at workplace – Bernama MSN News Malaysia 20 September 2014
Malaysian women making gains at workplace – Bernama The Malaysian Insider Online 20 September 2014
Republic trails neighbours in workplace gender diversity: Report TODAY 20 September 2014
S'pore sees high ratio of women employment, but ratio declines at senior levels Lianhe Zaobao 20 September 2014
Singapore ranked 4th out of 6 markets for workplace gender diversity The Business Times 20 September 2014
Women in the workplace: S'pore 'falls behind in Asia’ The Straits Times 20 September 2014
Singapore falls behind rivals for employing and advancing women Asia First 19 September 2014
News Capital 95.8FM 19 September 2014
Proportion of women in senior positions in S'pore companies lags behind regional average: Study Channel News Asia Online 19 September 2014
Tonight – Gender diversity at work Channel 5 19 September 2014
Singapore Tonight – Gender diversity at work Channel NewsAsia 19 September 2014
Singapore drops two places to fourth in gender diversity report The Straits Times Online 19 September 2014
Singapore trails behind other Asian countries on workplace gender equality Yahoo Finance 19 September 2014
Singapore trails behind other Asian countries on workplace gender equality Singapore Business Review 19 September 2014
Singapore scores low in gender diversity at workplace: study Business Times Online 19 September 2014
Gender Diversity Benchmark for Asia 2014 938LIVE - The Breakfast
18 September 2014
《好出奇》 (16:30-17:00) - Work Life Balance Commercial Radio 2 17 September 2014
Experts call for gender parity in HK’s financial industry China Daily 17 September 2014
Workplace | Company tact livemint 23 August 2014
What Money Can't Buy (P.22-23) Britain in Hong Kong Magazine
(See Full Magazine)
Jul-Aug 2014
Gender diversity and the leaking pipeline CSR Asia Weekly News 30 July 2014


Yahoo News 25 July 2014

美銀美林 4 個月產假

Recruit 25 July 2014

港女性高層少 影響企業發展

HKET 24 July 2014


Wen Wei Po 23 July 2014


The Sun 23 July 2014


Tak Kung Pao 23 July 2014
Women outnumber men in local workforce: study SCMP 23 July 2014
Hong Kong Today RTHK Radio 3 23 July 2014


Oriental Daily 23 July 2014


Ming Pao 23 July 2014


Hong Kong Daily 23 July 2014


HKEJ 23 July 2014
It’s still a long way to the top for HK women executives EJ Insights 23 July 2014

女高層不足3成 侍產假僅5日落後

CTgoodjobs 23 July 2014


AM730 23 July 2014
New report from Community Business reveals that women are still under-represented at senior levels of multi-national companies RTHK Radio 3 Newswrap 22 July 2014

香港職場男女比例均等的目標近在咫尺 但高層女性比例仍然不足

Quamnet 22 July 2014

本港女性高層佔比只錄得29.4% (Mandarin)

FinTV 22 July 2014
Hong Kong Women Still Under-Represented at Senior Levels: Study Bloomberg 22 July 2014

家庭友善僱主獎勵計劃 千八間公司機構獲獎

Headline Daily 10 July 2014
The Women Extraordinaire Forum 2014: Men Standing With Women HR Magazine 2 July 2014


HKEJ 2 July 2014
China still far from accepting gays lesbians Shanghai Daily 28 June 2014


Recruit 20 June 2014

失業年半 走出陰霾 港青:「我喜歡做售貨員」

Skypost 17 June 2014


Sing Tao 17 June 2014


HKET 17 June 2014


HKET 17 June 2014


HKEJ 17 June 2014


Bastille Post 17 June 2014
Having an LGBT-inclusive workplace in Asia Ignites Asia 4 June 2014
Women Add Value! - 女性可以為企業增添價值! Benchmark Mar - Apr 2014
Missing Persons: Women Directors Britain In Hong Kong Mar - Apr 2014
HK female managers unhappy with prospects Classified Post 12 April 2014
Advancing Equal Opportunities at Work - 職場上的平等機會 EOC Journal Spring 2014
Out In The Open - 放開成見 EOC Journal Spring 2014
LGBT Corporate Diversity Conference City Weekend Shanghai 1 April 2014
Calling the Shots Classified Post 29 March 2014
Stressing the Need to Relax Classified Post 29 March 2014
Talking Corporate Equality in Shanghai Human Rights Campaign 28 March 2014
Top firms in China meet for first LGBTI business summit Gay Star News 27 March 2014

【專訪】女性在銀行業攀升 須為機構增值

HKET 25 March 2014
Hongkongers should be able to have a family life and a good career SCMP 25 March 2014
The Rainbow War – LGBTI rights in Hong Kong Harbour Times 21 March 2014


Ming Pao 20 March 2014


AA Stock and Yahoo Finance 20 March 2014

女董事啟發決策思維 比例待增

HKET 20 March 2014


HKEJ 20 March 2014

上市公司女董事比例 停滯不前

Ming Pao 20 March 2014


Sing Tao 20 March 2014
Achieving greater women representation on Hong Kong boards Hong Kong Business 13 March 2014


Apple Daily 10 March 2014


HKEJ 8 March 2014


Recruit 5 March 2014
Women in community business RTHK 3 5 March 2014
港女董事比例 停滯不前 HKET 5 March 2014


Ta Kung Pao 5 March 2014


Oriental Daily 5 March 2014
HK Board Rooms Still Lack Women SCMP 5 March 2014
Gender diversity beneficial to Hong Kong boards China Daily 4 March 2014
傷健共融 利釋放勞動力 Recruit 7 February 2014
陳秀梅:女董事比例不宜訂指標 Apple Daily 4 February 2014

Building Local Social Enterprise Capacity

British Chamber of Commerce HK Magazine January - February 2014
The Business Case for a Family-Friendly Workplace Human Resources Magazine (the official journal of HKihrm) January - February 2014
Able and willing Classified Post 25 January 2014
梁安妮【樂在起跌中】專欄:女企管人能力有多高? Skypost 20 January 2014
Focus HK: Holiday hangover China Daily 3 January 2014

Year 2013

Name of the article/programme Publication Date
Eight ways for families to improve their health and well-being SCMP 30 December 2013
Openly gay still taboo in China's workplaces China Daily 30 December 2013
LGBTI rights in Asia – a year in review GayStarNews 29 December 2013
社商賢匯:增添女董事 可提升男董事表現 HKEJ 23 December 2013
社界不要忽視殘疾人才 HKEJ 23 December 2013
Serving HK - Community Business continues to engage businesses in CSR and beyond Econzine Newsletter 12 December 2013
Women are transforming global business environment China Daily 10 December 2013
最潮企業留才 福利掛帥 Recruit 6 December 2013
7成大專殘疾生 欲投商界
求職欠支援 籲企業發掘人才
Sky Post 3 December 2013
7成大專殘疾生  盼投身商界 Hong Kong Economic Times 3 December 2013
研究:7成殘疾大專學生有意闖商界 Hong Kong Economic Times 2 December 2013
HK gets firmer on boardroom diversity
A new provision in corporate governance code looks promising
The Business Times (Singapore) 26 November 2013
Chinese firms in Hong Kong 'more open to diversity' SCMP 25 November 2013
Flexible hours boost morale and bottom line Classified Post 23 November 2013
職場女將上位 有才幹但欠信心
港大辦女董事課程 圖打破男性壟斷
Hong Kong Economic Times 21 November 2013
Boards `lacking diversity' The Standard 19 November 2013
92%董事:多元化遇障礙 Hong Kong Economic Times 19 November 2013
Chained to their desks China Daily 15 November 2013
新世紀辦公室“攣直”共融 ETNet 5 November 2013
UNITING UNIQUENESS: Diversity and Inclusion in Law Firms Hong Kong Lawyers October 2013
New Thinking: Board Diversity - Compliance or Competitive Advantage? The 21st Century Director--The Magazine for Business Leaders (HKIOD) October 2013
CSR:the new GAME-CHANGER The India Times 30 October 2013
Companies need to create a climate for inclusion Economic Times India Times 29 October 2013
NGO Launches China LGBT Resource Guide AmCham Weekly Communique 24 October 2013

The business case: Wherever they may be, the challenge is to find the best

Financial Times 22 October 2013
The ultimate guide to leaving work behind when you go on holiday Hong Kong Business 21 October 2013
3成港男盼離職享家庭樂 New Evening Post 18 October 2013
冀公司提供彈性上班制35%僱員欲辭職多享家庭樂 am730 18 October 2013
家庭工作兩難全 三成男士曾考慮離職 說。在線 18 October 2013
逾四成70後 願為家庭辭職 Hong Kong Economic Times 18 October 2013
How bosses can keep staff happy The Standard 18 October 2013
調查︰35%僱員離職投入家庭 The Epoch Times 18 October 2013
四成70後為家庭寧棄職位 Sky Post 18 October 2013
Work-life balance still elusive for many Hongkongers: poll SCMP 18 October 2013
三成半「顧家」員工 盼離職享家庭樂 Metro 18 October 2013
望彈性工作 享受家庭樂 三分一男士曾考慮辭職 Hong Kong Daily News 18 October 2013
八成打工仔望企業支援家庭 Yahoo! News 18 October 2013
三成男性為家庭想離職 Apple Daily 18 October 2013
調查:每10位男性3位曾想離職投入家庭 RTHK 17 October 2013
35%僱員考慮離職陪家人 團體倡標準工時立法 Shap Daily 17 October 2013
調查:每10位男性3位曾想離職投入家庭 Oriental Daily 17 October 2013
35%僱員考慮離職陪家人 團體倡標準工時立法 Apple Daily 17 October 2013
中國同志雇主資源指南在上海發布 荷蘭在線 16 October 2013
社商賢匯發布同志雇主指南 提供八大建議 和訊網 15 October 2013
Non-profit in China seeks to increase LGBT equality in the workplace Dot429 2 October 2013
Corporate Tips: Board Diversity - Compliance or Competitive Advantage? Momentum (The quarterly publication of the Chamber of Listed Companies in HK)
(P.21 - 25)
Autumn 2013
社商賢匯發布中國同志友善工作環境指南 淡藍網 28 September 2013
Guide for gay employees Global Times 28 September 2013
Going against grey Classified Post 28 September 2013
Why companies should invest in anti-poverty programmes SCMP 28 September 2013
報告呼吁為“同志”營造共融工作環境 財新網 27 September 2013
China launches inclusivity guide for employers of LGBT workers Canadian HR Reporter 26 September 2013
Friendly workplace for LGBT RTHK 3 26 September 2013
LGBT workplace inclusion guide for China launched GayStarNews 26 September 2013
LGBT Workplace Inclusion Guide for China Launched Edge Boston 26 September 2013
性少數群體與殘障人群聯合呼吁建立包容企業環境 荷蘭在線 26 September 2013
HR fights poverty HR Magazine 24 September 2013
Empowering women leaders in Hong Kong RTHK 3 17 September 2013
Workations: Lessons from working on a holiday Hong Kong Business 16 September 2013
Hong Kong Needs Leadership on Work-Life Balance Britain in Hong Kong (P.32 - 34) September 2013
社商賢匯與41家注冊公司合推 “匯商扶貧行動” SynTao 6 September 2013
Companies join forces to fight poverty SCMP 4 September 2013
商界扶貧助雙失搵工 New Evening Post 4 September 2013
Business Action on Poverty RTHK 4 September 2013
最低工資被指未夠生活 The Sun 4 September 2013
商界推「商助自強」計劃助雙失青年就業 Ta Kung Pao 4 September 2013
商界擬推就業準備計劃助雙失青年 Oriental Daily 4 September 2013
匯商扶貧培訓雙失青年就業 Hong Kong Commercial Daily 4 September 2013
公餘電郵員工 企業賺或蝕? Hong Kong Economic Times 3 September 2013
Businesses urged to tackle poverty RTHK 3 September 2013
予平等機會 展殘疾潛能 Hong Kong Economic Times 3 September 2013
亞洲人才遭遇西方企業“玻璃天花板” Oriental Daily (Malaysia) 25 August 2013
In Asia, Locals Rise Only So Far at Western Firms The Wall Street Journal 13 August 2013
共融招聘 宣揚平等 Hong Kong Economic Times 13 August 2013
A review of seminars: April - May 2013
(7 May 2013)
The journal of The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries July 2013
齊創共融工作間 提升企業競爭力 Hong Kong Economic Times 23 July 2013
周一嶽﹕變性人、雙性人與 跨性別人士的平等權利 Ming Pao 22 July 2013
Scales levelling out on local work-life balance Classified Post 13 July 2013
Companies need to explore more alternatives to keep women in the workforce Channel NewsAsia 13 July 2013
No woman's land China Daily 5 July 2013
周一嶽: 平等由尊重開始 Ming Pao 4 July 2013
Discussion about gender and sexual orientation should start with respect SCMP 2 July 2013
雷格斯調查指出香港在職人士工作與生活平衡狀況較去年改善 Regus 19 June 2013
First steps towards more LGBT-friendly offices in China GayStarNews 17 June 2013
社聯好好家庭系列 (4/6) 工作與家庭平衡 贏取員工歸屬感 HKCSS 13 June 2013
CSR減流失、建形象 本少利大
發揮企業專長 扶貧人口老化新方向
Hong Kong Economic Times 20 May 2013
棄Google筍工 港青創業教跨文化
Hong Kong Economic Times 14 May 2013
社企產品打進六星酒店 Recruit 3 May 2013
Diversity in the Boardroom The Bulletin (P. 32 - 35) April 2013
Community Spirit Classified Post 27 April 2013
A decade of diversity HR Magazine 26 April 2013
Time to hear the needs of our overworked employees SCMP 18 April 2013
Commentary: Why work-life balance is a must in Hong Kong Hong Kong Business 16 April 2013
Cash is no longer king for Hong Kong job-seekers Hong Kong Business 11 April 2013
Divorced from reality China Daily 5 April 2013
“她力量”赋予企业更多“神奇” 5 April 2013
The Social Enterprise – A New Career Choice 26 March 2013
Hiring people with disabilities is less daunting than we think SCMP 25 March 2013
One small change of mindset, a big step for all SCMP 25 March 2013
Diversity data disappoints HR Magazine 23 March 2013
Western firms don't build up local talent study The Business Times (Singapore) 22 March 2013
Hong Kong Today - Social Enterprise Workshop jointly organised by British Council and Community Business RTHK 3 21 March 2013
LGBT online resource launched for workplaces in Asia GayStarNews 21 March 2013
The LGBT workplace in Asia is changing Dot 20 March 2013
撐起「半邊天」 要等81年
Yahoo! Finance – Ming Pao 13 March 2013
建行女董事佔 33.3% 冠藍籌 Wen Wei Po 13 March 2013
藍籌女董事人數不足一成 Ta Kung Pao 13 March 2013
香港女性董事比例無進展 Sing Tao 13 March 2013
Women still only a small minority in boardroom SCMP 13 March 2013
上市公司男人玩晒 Metro 13 March 2013
男女董事人數相等 需 81 年 Hong Kong Economic Times 13 March 2013
撐起「半邊天」 要等81年
Mingpao 12 March 2013
渣打恒指企業董事報告:女董事佔藍籌比重僅9.4% Sina - Finet 12 March 2013
调查:本港上市公司女性董事数目失衡,占比仅9% ETNet 12 March 2013
Private companies aim to remove LGBT barriers in Asia Dot 8 March 2013
Balancing the Boards A-Plus Magazine
(HKICPA Magazine)
1 March 2013
Ditching work friends could be the best career move 20 February 2013
Profit for people and planet Classified Post 2 February 2013
The changing face of corporate governance in Hong Kong: Diversity on Boards Britain in Hong Kong (P. 14 - 15) Jan/Feb 2013
Discussion on sex discrimination RTHK Radio 3 - Kwok Talk 18 January 2013

Year 2012

Name of the article/programme Publication Date
Community Business appoints new CEO HR Magazine Winter 2012
Caring Staff TVB 7 December 2012
Community Business: Employing people with disability RTHK Radio 3 Money for Nothing 5 December 2012
No protection from workplace sexual orientation discrimination in HK HRM China 27 November 2012

反性傾向歧視立法會遭否決 激起平權之火 企業漸趨共融 校園仍有歧視

Apple Daily 26 November 2012
The Standard The Standard 23 November 2012
LGBT Inclusion RTHK Radio 3 - Backchat 16 November 2012
Hong Kong's LGBT community seeks ban on discrimination SCMP 15 November 2012
Diversity Inc. The Times of India 06 November 2012
Stress rises in uncertain times SCMP 29 October 2012

內地上班族 壓力冠全球

HKEJ 18 October 2012

每年60萬人過勞死 - 內地上班族 壓力全球第一

am730 18 October 2012
71.8%僱員重平衡生活緊要過薪酬 Wen Wei Po 17 October 2012
超時工作「露面文化」蔓延 Sing Tao Daily 17 October 2012
調查:四成半人公餘用手機工 Sina 17 October 2012
調查:四成半人公餘用手機工作 Ming Pao Daily News 17 October 2012
員工扮勤力 老闆未走不敢走 HK Economic Times 17 October 2012
上班求效率踢走「磨爛蓆」風氣 HK Economic Times 17 October 2012
Work-life balance 'critical' for talent China Daily 17 October 2012
調查:七成受訪者指生活與工作平衡影響生產力,企業需改職場文化 ET Net 16 October 2012
A conducive workplace can increase productivity of gays, lesbians: study The Times of India 11 October 2012
Corporate india Guide to LGBT Employees in India Launched Frontier India 9 October 2012
IBM, Google, Goldman Sachs to launch LGBT resource guide for India Inc Economic Times 9 October 2012
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender resource guide for employers The Times of India 9 October 2012
App-ing the 'pink dollar' in Hong Kong Hindustan Times 3 October 2012
Too stressed to give your best? China Daily 28 September 2012
HKEx wakes up to fact that board diversity is good business SCMP 12 Sept 2012
Pink Season 2012 to celebrate gay and transgender rights SCMP 11 Sept 2012
Call for more women on board of Hong Kong stock exchange SCMP 11 Sept 2012
通識爽教室:家庭友善政策 Apple Daily 5 Sept 2012
In India, The Tender Trap's a Vise The New York Times 14 August 2012
Workers let go of LGBT taboo SCMP 4 August 2012
Private sector's pro-LGBT policies work wonders SCMP 30 July 2012
Disenabling the disabled China Daily 26 July 2012
Harry Hunter Programme U Radio 29 June 2012


Ming Pao Daily News 30 May 2012
Glad to be gay? China Daily 30 May 2012
個人成長與人際關係:接納「同志」 Wen Wei Po 28 May 2012
Kwok Talk RTHK 25 May 2012
Community Business and Barclays release groundbreaking LGBT climate study 25 May 2012
A question of sexuality Time Out Hong Kong 23 May 2012
How Gay-Friendly is Hong Kong? It Depends. The Wall Street Journal Asia 18 May 2012
Radio 3 Morning News RTHK 18 May 2012
Anti-gay discrimination at work - survey RTHK 18 May 2012
Equality boss in gay rights call The Standard 18 May 2012
First Hong Kong study into LGBT people at work published Gay Star News 18 May 2012
58%港人包容同性戀 「同志」仍怕標籤歧視 Wen Wei Po 18 May 2012
港同性戀者難融入工作間 The Sun 18 May 2012
與同志共事 68%人稱願意 Sing Tao Daily 18 May 2012
Lai See – Climate study fails to address the weather SCMP 18 May 2012
六成同志 拒露身份 Metro News 18 May 2012
工作間性向歧視 損30%生產力 Hong Kong Economic Times 18 May 2012
林煥光促立法 保障同性戀者 Hong Kong Economic Times 18 May 2012
林煥光促立法保障同志 Hong Kong Daily News 18 May 2012
八成僱員指排斥同志屬歧視 Hong Kong Commercial Daily 18 May 2012
58%港人包容同性戀 同性戀者仍怕被標簽遭歧視 China News Service 18 May 2012
六成同志對同事隱瞞性向 Apple Daily 18 May 2012
過半女性接受同志做同事 恐遭歧視 多不敢公開性傾向 Sky Post 18 May 2012
六成在職同志隱藏性向 Sharp Daily 18 May 2012
「在晴朗的一天出發」林煥光論平機會工作及個人去向 Commercial Radio 903 17 May 2012
Gay face widespread discrimination in HK: survey Straits Times 17 May 2012
Gays face widespread discrimination in HK: survey Agence France Press 17 May 2012
Mixed messages for gays in workforce SCMP 17 May 2012
港上班族 工作生活有改善 Hong Kong Economic Times 15 May 2012
人事機構籲推動女性任董事 Hong Kong Economic Journal 12 March 2012
Hong Kong: Tỷ lệ lãnh đạo nữ cao nhất châu Á (Vietnamese) Dai Truyen Hinh Viet Nam 9 March 2012


Ming Pao Daily News 9 March 2012
花旗百項活動全球表揚女性 Hong Kong Economic Times 9 March 2012
港女開心指數僅僅及格 Hong Kong Economic Journal 9 March 2012
Kwok Talk: Shalini Mahtani talks about women RTHK Radio 8 March 2012
Women on HK Company Boards Less Than US and UK: Report New Tang Dynasty TV 8 March 2012
調查:滙豐恒生女將最多 Wen Wei Po 6 March 2012
恒指企業女董事僅佔9% Sing Tao Daily 6 March 2012
商界巾幗何其多 女性地位勿忽視 Sing Pao 6 March 2012
港股藍籌公司董事 9%職位由女性出任 Securities Times 6 March 2012
香港藍籌董事陽盛陰衰 僅9%女性遠遜歐美 Ming Pao Daily News 6 March 2012
籃籌股董事僅9%女性 Hong Kong Daily News 6 March 2012
港藍籌女董事比例僅9% Hong Kong Economic Journal 6 March 2012
上市公司董事 男多女少 Hong Kong Economic Times 6 March 2012
藍籌股董事女性僅佔9% Hong Kong Commercial Daily 6 March 2012
研究顯示:香港企業女性董事比例仍處低水平 China News Service 6 March 2012
藍籌男人當道 女董事輸蝕 Apple Daily 6 March 2012
女性藍籌董事僅佔9% AM730 6 March 2012
調查顯示本港女性董事比例僅占9% Quamnet 5 March 2012
調查:本港女性董事比例僅佔9%,性別多元比例未見顯著改善 (15:09) ET Net 5 March 2012
渣打:不擔心金管局再有新措施出台 RTHK 5 March 2012
調查指僅9%藍籌股董事職位由女性出任 Commercial Radio 5 March 2012

Year 2011

Name of the article/programme Publication Date
Nice Work Out - If You Can Get It
[Cover] [Page 1] [Page 2]
South China Morning Post - Health Post 20 December 2011
產假能否令香港出生率上升? Ming Pao Daily News 22 November 2011
Convincing companies to make a difference South China Morning Post 14 November 2011
Award for helping others do right thing South China Morning Post 12 November 2011
Diversity at the workplace - LGBT RTHK - Backchat 11 November 2011
Can Hong Kong Companies Balance Work and Life? IHRM Journal November 2011
India at bottom of gender rung in Asia; employs least women HCM India 29 October 2011
The Pulse (Work-Life Balace) RTHK 28 October 2011
Life after kids: working mothers SCMP 23 October 2011
Work-Life Balance Backchat (Radio) 20 October 2011
5成僱員感工作過重 Hong Kong Economic Times 18 October 2011
五成僱員感工作負擔重 Hong Kong Daily News 18 October2011
Asia struggles to strike gender balance 13 October 2011
India at bottom of gender rung in Asia; employs least women (print) 7 October 2011
India at bottom of gender rung in Asia; employs least women (video) 7 October 2011
Indian MNCs have fewest women staff [Mumbai] Times of India 23 Sept 2011
India ranks worst in Diversity study 6 September 2011
Asian Women Concerned about Work-Life Balance Jobs DB HK 15 August 2011
巨企求盡責找顧問度蹺 Hong Kong Economic Times 8 August 2011

股民重回報 輕企業社會責任

Economic Times 8 August 2011
Hiring a Corporate Volunteering Consultant? here's what to expect. Realizing Your Worth July 2011
Online mentoring bridges gap SCMP Classified Post 18 June 2011
Get involved in Give and Gain Day CEI Asia 16 June 2011
The Give & Gain Day Business Challenge HR Magazine 10 June 2011
Open to all? South China Morning Post 20 May 2011
CSR: Corporations strive to earn public goodwill China Daily 29 April 2011
Business still a man's domain Classified Post 9 Apr 2011

Deora's tribute to women a concern for industry

Business Standard 16 Mar 2011
CSR requires strong leaders Classified Post 12 Mar 2011
Women Still Face Barriers in Hong Kong New York Times 22 Feb 2011
Mother's enjoy protection Classified Post 22 Jan 2011
2011 Preview: Gay and Lesbian Time Out Hong Kong 3 Jan 2011

Year 2010

Name of the article/programme Publication Date
Creating inclusive workplaces for LGBT employees in Hong Kong HR Magazine (HK) Winter 2010
Once Unheard of in Asia, Flexible Work Practices Gain Traction CNBC 1 Nov 2010
4成打工仔因工時長擬辭職 Wen Wei Po 20 Oct 2010
播放本新聞相關短片 The Sun 20 Oct 2010
「八十後」轉職達六成 Sing Tao Daily 20 Oct 2010
四成僱員感壓力想離職 Sing Pao 20 Oct 2010
工會建議標準工時每周44 Oriental Daily News 20 Oct 2010
遇生活工作失衡四成人考慮離職 Ming Pao Daily News 20 Oct 2010
4成打工仔難耐壓力大想離職 Metropolis Daily 20 Oct 2010
無前途兼無錢途逾六成80後擬「劈炮唔撈」 Hong Kong Economic Journal 20 Oct 2010

生活與工作失衡 4成僱員想跳槽 每周48.7工時 80後離職 傾向嚴重

Hong Kong Economic Times 20 Oct 2010
工聯會開價每周工作44小時 Hong Kong Daily News 20 Oct 2010
77.7%僱員指工作生活失衡 Hong Kong Commercial Daily 20 Oct 2010
打工仔壓力大40%冀離職 Headline Daily 20 Oct 2010
生活工作失衡四成上班族想辭職 AM730 20 Oct 2010
Many leave jobs for better life-style RTHK 19 Oct 2010
Open the boardroom doors to women South China Morning Post (PA11) 4 Oct 2010
Top BSE cos have only 5.3% women directors India Today (On-line) 18 Sep 2010
Women comprise 5% of board position of BSE 100 companies India Infoline Limited (On-line) 17 Sep 2010
Boardroom Blitz South China Morning post (A17) 17 Sep 2010

Give same-sex partners staff benefits, firms urged

South China Morning Post (City PC3) 23 Aug 2010
Avoid Age Discrimination in Recruitment JobsDB HK 16 Aug 2010
Market Watch South China Morning Post (Classified Post P.32) 19 June 2010
同志‧員工‧同事 Recruit 18 June 2010
80企業參與「僱員義工周」 Sing Tao Daily News (PA7) 18 June 2010
僱員義工時間增逾倍 HK Economic Times (PA42) 18 June 2010
Lai See South China Morning Post (PB10) 16 June 2010
香江首爾打工仔 工時長同病相憐 HK Economic Times (A17) 15 June 2010
Hong Kong NGO Community BusinessSKYPE:SPAN class=skype_name_highlight id=skype_name_injection_1_29 onmouseover="event.cancelBubble = true; event.returnValue = false;" style="BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url('offline.gif') !important" skypename="communitybusiness">     launches launches new LGBT resource guide for employers Fridae 14 June 2010
Call for more workplace tolerance
Call for more workplace tolerance  
(3.59 mins)
RTHK (Website) 10 June 2010
Investment banks go pink in Hong Kong Finance Asia (Website) 10 June 2010
同志隱瞞身分壓力大 企業推共融指南 Ming Pao Daily News (P.B19) 10 June 2010
同志僱員隱瞞性取向 生產力可降3 HK Economic Times (P.A31) 10 June 2010
A Rainbow office South China Morning Post (PA13) 9 June 2010
與安老院長者 包迎端午節 Hong Kong Daily News (P.A8) 7 June 2010
李小加帶隊 交易大堂賣米 Wen Wei Po (P.B2) 31 May 2010
港交所行政總裁李小加帶隊在交易大堂義賣白米 China News Service 31 May 2010
香港交易所參與2010僱員義工周 China News Service 28 May 2010
「僱員義工周」 Sing Tao Daily (P.A16) 26 May 2010

Solving HK's age-old problem

South China Morning Post 22 May 2010
70企業撐義工周 高層落區帶隊 Headline Daily (P.62) 20 May 2010
僱員義工周 逾70企業力 CEO身體力行 義賣教學樣樣齊 HK Economic Times (P.A19) 20 May 2010
Look Beyond Age South China Morning Post (PA15) 12 May 2010
冼博德教小朋友做蛋撻 Wen Wei Po (P.B2) 3 May 2010
渣打總裁 心光整蛋撻 Sing Tao Daily (P.A16) 1 May 2010
Alistair McGregor Chief executive Community Business     South China Morning Post (P.B4) 26 April 2010
有拚搏無公義戕害和諧 HK Commercial Daily (P.A17) 17 April 2010
Firms not dealing with older workers: study The Business Times, Singapore 10 April 2010
S'pore, Japan lead in keeping seniors at work The Straits Times, Singapore (PB8) 10 April 2010
Companies keener to rehire older workers now: survey The Business Times, Singapore 8 April 2010
Hong Kong workers getting less time off China Daily (HK Edition) 1 January 2010

Year 2009

Name of the article/programme Publication Date
AppleDaily (B11) 27 Nov 2009
三分二上市公司 委任女董事 Headline Daily (10) 27 Nov 2009
建行女性董事比例高 HK Commercial Daily (A2) 27 Nov 2009
女董事人數增  中資銀行比率最高

HK Economic Times (A41)

27 Nov 2009
女董事愈多愈好? Ming Pao Daily News (B8) 27 Nov 2009
藍籌董事  男女唔平衡 Oriental Daily News (B6) 27 Nov 2009
香港上市公司女董事偏少 Sing Pao Daily News (B3) 27 Nov 2009
上市公司 女董事抬頭 Sing Tao Daily (A7) 27 Nov 2009


經濟通 27 Nov 2009
藍籌董事 陽盛陰衰 The Sun (B7) 27 Nov 2009
建行女董事比例佔30% 冠藍籌 Wen Wei Po (B2) 27 Nov 2009
Hong Kong women under-represented in boardrooms China Daily (H1) 27 Nov 2009
HK out of step as women fill just 8.9pc of directorship

South China Morning Post (B3)

27 Nov 2009

Ex-legislator not idle

South China Morning Post – Lai See section (B14)

27 Nov 2009
‘Invisible filter’ keeps women off boards The Standard (10) 27 Nov 2009


中國新聞社(A19) 27 Nov 2009

Hong Kong women under-represented in boardrooms

中國日報香港版 27 Nov 2009


中國新聞網 26 Nov 2009
Third of workers consider quitting for better life balance South China Morning Post (City P.2) 20 Oct 2009
港人工時超國際標準兩成 Sing Tao Daily (A10) 20 Oct 2009
2024歲失業率高企13.2 The Sun (A3) 20 Oct 2009
生活與工作失衡一成人無私人時間 AM730 (M14) 20 Oct 2009
生活工作失衡 三成人考慮離職 HK Daily News (A4) 20 Oct 2009
青少年無工開或再攀升 Oriental Daily News (A23) 20 Oct 2009
港人每周工作時間長 高出國際建議逾兩成 Ta Kung Pao (A4) 20 Oct 2009
工時每周48.4 高於國際標準 工作與生活失衡 3成打工仔欲轉工 HK Economic Times (A37) 20 Oct 2009
打工仔仍重視 生活工作平衡 Sing Pao Daily News (A8) 20 Oct 2009
港人工時超國際標準兩成 Ming Pao Daily (A7) 20 Oct 2009
Women in multinationals: 25% in India, 43% in China livemint 4 Jun 2009

67 機構參加僱員義工周
休假做義工 1小時掙百元善款

Ming Pao Daily (A26) 18 May 2009
Journey of opportunity for teens SCMP-Young Post (Y2) 11 Apr 2009
天水圍學生訪大學開眼界 Sing Tao Daily (A18) 4 Apr 2009
不為工作而活 Recruit 10 Mar 2009
Mainland leads Asia in giving women small jobs in big firms South China Morning Post (EDT6) 7 Mar 2009
Lai See South China Morning Post (BIZ10) 7 Mar 2009
Half the sky and perhaps more Hong Kong Business (P.14-15, Cover story) 1 Mar 2009
佩霞教瑜伽減壓 拯救悲觀情緒 HK Economic Times (P.A29) 23 Feb 2009
1/1/1慈善事業模型 履行社會使命 HK Economic Times (P.A34) 20 Feb 2009
IBM推工作自主 吸優質Y世代 HK Economic Times (P.A30) 15 Jan 2009
詹康信接掌公益企業「裁員不等於不負責」 Ming Pao Daily News (P.A06) 4 Jan 2009

Earlier media coverage:


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6 Jul 2017 Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Work-Life Balance Week!
5 May 2017 Tackling the Invisible Threats of Stress and Mental Illness
8 Mar 2017 #BeBoldForChange - Celebrating International Women's Day 2017
24 Jan 2017 ENGAGE-ing Business - 10th Year of Making a Difference
22 Dec 2016 Together we can make a positive impact!
15 Aug 2016 Progress being made on LGBT inclusion around the globe
26 Apr 2016 Marking Responsible Business Week | Our Member Companies Highlights and more
11 Mar 2016 5 Lessons from 8 Years of Mentoring Hong Kong's Youth | MTR Community Innovation Platform and more
18 Feb 2016 Kung Hei Fat Choy! What's your plan for 2016
18 Dec 2015 Maximizing the Positive Impact & Return on Your Volunteering Efforts | ENGAGE 2016 Mentor Application Is Now Open | Sustainable Development Goals and more
3 Dec 2015 Removing Barriers, Providing Fair Opportunity and Empowering Others as we celebrate IDPwD
29 Sept 2015 Millennial Employees can Impact Business and the World via Social Entrepreneurship | Calling for Students with Disabilities | Social Entrepreneurship White Paper & Best Practices and more
25 Aug 2015 Levelling the Playing Field for Students with Disabilities l Call for Compelling Work-Life Balance Case Studies l Key Appointments in the Community Businesss Team and more
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30 May 2015 LGBT Inclusion - Why Should Business Care? | Sign Petition to Support LGBT Rights | New Workplace Inclusion Index Report Released and more
20 Mar 2015 Happy International Women's Day | Women on Boards is A Biz Imperative | HK's Paternity Leave Takes Effect and more
10 Mar 2015 Plan to make a positive impact in 2015!
19 Dec 2014 Seasons Greetings | Community Investment Forum Recap | LGBT Webinar Replay
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21 Nov 2014 Social Enterprises Want To Be Partners With Corporates | Ethical Consumption Movement | Socially Responsible Festive Hampers and more
22 Oct 2014 Everyone Has a Role to Play in Promoting Equality | Pink Season 2014 | Engaging LGBT Allies | Discrimination Law Reivew and more
8 Oct 2014 Is Volunteering Just A Feel Good Activity | Skills-Based Volunteering | The Triple Win Against Poverty and more
18 Sept 2014 Developing Effective Diversity & Inclusion Training Programmes | Talent Development |  Building Resilience and Managing Bias
3 Sept 2014 Challenge Beyond Ice Buckets | Mandatory Quota for People with Disabilities | Tapping a Pool of Disabled Talent and more
13 Aug 2014 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 | Employee Volunteering | Poverty Alleviation and more
25 Jul 2014 Gender Parity is an Achievable Goal in the Workplace in Asia and more
9 Jul 2014 Building an Ethical Supply Chain from Seed to Shelf and more
25 Jun 2014 Why private sector should care about human slavery | Family-Friendly Employer Award | White Paper on Women's Advancement and more
13 Jun 2014 World Cup fever to hit Asian employees | Biz sector joins hands in poverty alleviation in HK | Creative idea to increase readership of sustainability report and more
29 May 2014 Is HK a leader in Asia on LGBT inclusion? Barclays extending domestic partners benefits | A chat with a transgender model and more
14 May 2014 What changes could improve your work-life balance | 8-Step Strategic Approach to WLB and more
23 Apr 2014 7 Steps to Develop an Impactful Employee Volunteering Programme | Business Case for Creating Inclusive Workplaces and more
9 Apr 2014 Diversity & Inclusion in India | How to be an Inclusive Manager and more
26 Mar 2014 Why gender diversity matters | Women on Boards Report | How to support advancement of women at work and more

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Asia's First Gender Diversity Benchamrk
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