11 Nov 2020

2020 DIAN China Link Virtual Roundtable

This DIAN China Link Virtual Roundtable is part of the DIAN Week 2020 for DIAN Connect/Premium members


This DIAN China Link Virtual Roundtable is part of the DIAN Week 2020 programme, and is for DIAN Connect/Premium members only.


With rural-urban migration and improved mobility, workplaces are bringing together local talents from various parts of China. Unique to China is its sheer size, combined with its hukou system which entitles individuals to specific rights based on their place of origin. Today, people from some provinces still face not only institutional barriers to accessing the job market, but also regional stereotypes and discrimination. Beyond levelling the playing field for talents from diverse regions, it is crucial to create an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued, regardless of their place of origin. In this roundtable, you will learn how regional stereotyping could manifest in the workplace and discuss with other China-based D&I professionals possible solutions to tackling regional discrimination.


Target Audience

  • D&I professionals who are based in China or oversee the market


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Event Speakers

  • Cora Mok

    Cora Mok

    Programme Manager, DIAN

Programme Manager, DIAN

Cora Mok

Cora is Programme Manager, DIAN, based in Hong Kong. She is responsible for developing strategies and programmes to foster diversity and inclusion in businesses across Asia.

Prior to joining Community Business, Cora was a consultant in global public relations firms, working with multinationals in technology and transportation. There she developed locally relevant initiatives from global corporate messages, facilitated an award-winning non-profit campaign for a technology giant, and devised a youth engagement programme for a major transport operator.

Graduating from the University of Hong Kong, Cora holds a bachelor’s degree of arts in English Studies and Comparative Literature and a master’s degree of social science in Psychology. She is fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

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