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SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals
Recognised for our thought leadership, Community Business is ideally positioned to provide consulting and training, upskilling your employees and advising you on your responsible and inclusive business strategy in Asia.


Whether your board or senior leaders are starting a conversation, HR is making an initial assessment of needs, goals and plans, or the business has matured in its journey toward being a more sustainable workplace, Community Business can support you. Recognised for our thought leadership, drawn from experience working with companies of all sizes and industries throughout Asia, we bring to your business research insights, benchmarking and frameworks relevant to building a comprehensive talent strategy and culture through diversity, inclusion, equity and wellbeing.

Through our experienced practitioners and Asian presence, we are ideally positioned to support your organisation via a wide range of professional consulting services that can deliver practical assessment, strategic insights and best practice recommendations targeted to meet the needs of your business, including (not an exhaustive list):

  • Strategy development;
  • Senior leader engagement;
  • Assessment of proficiency/readiness in areas such as disability, LGBT+, gender, wellbeing and more;
  • Developing, reviewing, or localising policies and processes with a D&I or employee wellbeing lens; and
  • Creating an inclusive workplace culture.

Seeking to become a more responsible and inclusive organisation? Contact our Consulting & Training team now.


Successful change demands knowledge and skills. Do your employees have the awareness and understanding needed to create a workplace of inclusion & belonging? 

To help businesses convert their strategy into action, Community Business provides a repertoire of signature training experiences which raise awareness, provoke and facilitate dialogue, change hearts and minds, and provide the motivation for action.  We achieve this through emotionally impactful stories, extensive insights from our research, and best practices from the region and locally. While we know what works, we also acknowledge the importance of your goals and culture – so if customization is needed, we can happily develop bespoke, practical skill-building programmes and workshops to be delivered in engaging formats suited to your audience and objectives.  Most significantly, we can bring to your global training programmes the Asian content, best practices and case studies we know are critical to success in the region.   


We consult and train across all levels of an organisation, from senior leaders including C-suite executives, middle managers, and general staff. We work with our clients to understand their business strategy, talent needs and development objectives, in order to propose solutions to meet their objectives.

We happily engage with audiences of any size – large or small. Our facilitators are experienced working with individuals or groups of up to 200 participants. Actual group size needs only to be limited to the best fit to the content and design of an engagement, the goals of the client and the medium of engagement.

Besides face-to-face delivery, we are capable of accommodating other forms of delivery including pre-recorded and virtual sessions using multiple dial-in sites across Asia, utilising tools such as polling and chat rooms and to engage the audience.

Delivery Capacity

Although our focus is Asia, our expertise spans the breadth of diversity, inclusion and sustainable business. Partnered with our capacity to deliver content in multiple languages, including

  • English
  • Cantonese
  • Mandarin
  • Hindi
  • Filipino
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Vietnamese

We are very capable of delivering our training and consulting services anywhere in the region.

Our Facilitators

Our team has extensive experience in responsible and inclusive business practices in Asia, as well as solid experience in developing innovative and impactful consulting and training solutions. We also have diverse backgrounds in business, HR, banking, technology, marketing, communications, counselling and corporate governance.

As a regional business we have team members located in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangalore, India, along with presence in Canada, Australia and the UK. In order to meet needs for localisation and language, we also work with associates to deliver our content or deliver complimentary content or services to ensure we provide a holistic solutions.


Delivery & Design

We utilise the following variety of formats in our training, depending on the duration, the content, and the venue facility.

  • Expert presentation
  • Facilitated discussions
  • Insightful videos
  • Interactive exercises (such as quizzes, games)
  • Case studies / simulated scenarios
  • Role playing

Our workshops are most effective if they are delivered in person, but we are also able to deliver virtually.

Signature Training Programmes

Although we pride ourselves on developing bespoke programmes and solutions for clients, Community Business can deliver more “off the shelf” training to meet the more basic or generic needs of a business. Similarly, we showcase our offering and thought leadership through our open programs in the Professional Series – an annual Community Business curated program showcasing our offering and those of experts and innovators in the field.


Regional Partnership with Catalyst

Community Business is Catalyst’s Preferred Facilitation Partner for AsiaPac, bringing 17+ years experience of expert facilitation to Catalyst supporters in the region. 

Workshops Offered: 

  • Unconscious Bias to Inclusive Leadership 
  • Becoming an Inclusive Leader
  • Inclusive Communication 
  • Understanding Gender Equity
  • Sponsorship

Consulting & Training Bundles

Community Business is now offering 5 training packages that encompass a variety of topics to foster positive changes within the workplace. These bundles aim to accomplish more than an awareness session following a workplace incident; but a journey of continuous learning and growth for both the individual and the organisation. DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) training, when done right, will translate into creating a workplace culture where employees experience psychological safety and feel a sense of belonging. That is, they feel accepted—and celebrated—for who they are. 


Since Community Business was established over 15 years ago, we have engaged with MNC’s, including Fortune 500 and FTSE 500 employers. We have delivered many D&I programmes aimed at creating increased workplace inclusion, more responsible leaders and greater workforce diversity at all organisational levels.


Clients of our Training and Consulting services in the last three years include companies from the following industries across Asia.

Client Testimonial

"We enjoyed our experience working with Community Business. Throughout their engagement in our mentoring programme, they have connected us with experienced facilitators, provided invaluable resources, and conducted impactful training and coaching sessions. We hope the programme has empowered both our mentees and mentors to thrive, as well as...
"We enjoyed our experience working with Community Business. Throughout their engagement in our mentoring programme, they have connected us with experienced facilitators, provided invaluable resources, and conducted impactful training and coaching sessions. We hope the programme has empowered both our mentees and mentors to thrive, as well as fostered a more inclusive and equitable future for the female engineering students. We look forward to continuing the collaboration with Community Business in driving positive change."

Client Testimonial

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