Understanding & Ensuring Wellbeing Training Programmes

SDG 3: Good Health and Wellbeing
Community Business is excited to share updates to our Understanding and Ensuring Wellbeing training programmes. We thank you for your continued support of our wellbeing initiatives and look forward to working together to encourage wellbeing at the workplace and beyond.

Mental Wellbeing

What is Mental Wellbeing?

Mental Wellbeing can sometimes be seen as the centre of wellbeing and typically refers to mental health. However Mental Wellbeing also combines how we feel (emotional wellbeing) and how we function (thoughts and behaviours). Research demonstrates that mental wellbeing is influenced by psychological, biological and social factors. This may make it seem like a more challenging area of wellbeing to improve, but it also means that there are many approaches to improve mental wellbeing and in turn, overall wellbeing.

Training Programmes on offer include: 

  • Mental Wellbeing 101
  • Stress and Anxiety Awareness
  • Neurodiversity Awareness
  • Stress Management
  • Resilience Training
  • Mindfulness Training

Physical Wellbeing

What is Physical Wellbeing?

Physical Wellbeing goes beyond exercising regularly. It is a multifaceted area of wellbeing that has a positive impact on other areas of wellbeing and includes looking holistically at physical health and healthy behaviours. We aim to ensure that we provide resources, solutions and training that can be applied to everyone and tailored to suit their needs regardless of ability.

Training Programmes on offer include: 

  • Physical Wellbeing 101
  • Healthy Coping Strategies to Stress and Anxiety

Social Wellbeing

What is Social Wellbeing?

Social Wellbeing is not as widely explored in the international context of Wellbeing but research shows us the positive impact of having a diverse, equal and inclusive team and that creating a sense of belonging improves wellbeing. Social interaction has changed in recent times and we aim to regain that sense of connection that society has been lacking over the last few years.

Training Programmes on offer include: 

  • Social Wellbeing 101
  • How to build a Connected Team
  • Coming out of Isolation & Adapting to the "New Normal"

Financial Wellbeing

What is Financial Wellbeing?

With the cost of living increasing and the impact recent years has had on the economy, Financial Wellbeing is an area that underpins wellbeing especially in the workplace. By increasing awareness we increase confidence and by increasing confidence, we empower more people to talk about financial challenges, which is the first step to improving Financial Wellbeing.

Training Programmes on offer include: 

  • Financial Wellbeing 101