Building Disability Confidence

SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Building Disability Confidence

This session aims to provide attendees with a deeper understanding of the aspects of disability such as common barriers for people with disabilities (particularly environmental, physical, and attitudinal) and how to mitigate their impacts. It will also build awareness of global and regional legal frameworks as well as relevant business cases and facilitate discussions around reasonable accommodation vs accessibility, universal design, etc. 

Embracing Neurodiversity in Asia

In this session, we will explore key topics such as identifying neurodiversity, separating fact from fiction, harnessing the powers of a neurodiverse workforce, and promoting inclusive language. Gain valuable insights, debunk myths, and learn practical strategies to foster an inclusive environment with data from Community Business’ recent research into the topic. This workshop is designed to empower individuals and organisations to embrace neurodiversity and create a more inclusive workplace. 


The session will work with diverse individuals – inviting them to share their personal DEI experiences in the workplace. Delegates are invited to respond, discussing what can be done to address the issues raised and consider how they can play a role in creating a more inclusive work environment. Stories may be developed to explore different aspects of diversity, including gender, culture, disability, LGBT+, etc. – or any combination of the above. By bringing the issues of diversity and inclusion to life, this session opens the eyes of participants to the experiences of others, challenges mindsets and motivates all to take action to create a more inclusive culture. ​