Championing LGBT+ Workplace Inclusion

SDG 5: Gender Equality and SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities


Community Business has over a decade of experience in helping organisations across Asia create inclusive workplaces for their LGBT+ employees. Ideal for organisations who are just starting out on their LGBT+ inclusion journey, this introductory session is designed to increase understanding on key concepts, terminology, and dispel misconceptions related to LGBT+ in Asia. We provide the historical, cultural, legal and social context around LGBT+ inclusion in key markets in Asia, and provide concrete steps that organisations might take to advance LGBT+ inclusion.  

LGBT+ What's It Got to Do with Business?

This session is designed for senior leaders to understand why an LGBT+ inclusive workplace is important to business and the role we can all play to promote it. We clarify key concepts, explore changing terminology and dispel common misconceptions relating to LGBT+. Referencing the historical, social, cultural and legal context, we explore the experiences of LGBT+ individuals in Asia and the impact in the workplace. We also highlight best practices from companies across Asia.

Creating Inclusive Workplaces for LGBT+ Employees

For those companies ready to take proactive steps to create inclusive workplaces for LGBT+ employees or for companies wanting to take their LGBT+ inclusion efforts to the next level this session provides a comprehensive set of recommendations based on and closely aligned to Community Business’ groundbreaking LGBT+ Inclusion Index. We give an overview of each of the categories, drawing attention to areas for companies to focus on and highlighting what best practice looks like.

LGBT+ Inclusion & the Importance of Allies

A session designed to educate participants to understand what an LGBT+ inclusive workplace culture looks like, what an ally is and can do, the journey of an ally, and the role that allies can have in creating an LGBT+ inclusive workplace.

FACES Workshop - Understanding the Experiences of LGBT+ Talent

A highly engaging and emotionally impactful workshop designed to take participants out of their comfort zones, connect them with the reality of exclusion in the workplace and stimulate a positive desire to help find solutions to these problems.  Using the power of storytelling, our FACES will bring LGBT+ issues to life, and engage participants to think what role they can play in creating a more inclusive work environment.

LGBT+ Related Sexual Harassment

A session designed to introduce the key concepts of LGBT+ related terminology, and to provide specific insights to help address sexual harassment involving LGBT+ victims.