26 Aug 2020

2021 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Index: Information Session for Newcomers

Introducing 2021 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Index to newcomers


Designed to prepare companies for the 2021 iteration of the Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Index, Community Business is holding virtual information sessions from August to September 2020. 

Programme Rundown 

This webinar will consist of below sessions: 

  • Background of the Index 

  • Brief overview of the 2021 Index 

  • Submission and Assessment Process 

  • 2021 Awards 

  • Q&A Session 

Programme Participation 

This webinar is specifically catered to:   

  • organisations who are participating for the first time, and  

  • employees from organisations which have participated before but will be inputting data for the first time. 


For more information, please get in touch.

Event Speakers

  • Adrienne Davis

    Adrienne Davis

    Senior Programme Manager, LGBT+

Adrienne Davis

Senior Programme Manager, LGBT+

Adrienne is Senior Programme Manager, LGBT+ Campaign, based in Hong Kong. She drives the development, strategy, and execution of Community Business’ LGBT+ campaigns. Adrienne was a member of LGBT+ oriented clubs and volunteered for a disabled sporting NGO before relocating to Hong Kong in 2016.

Prior to joining Community Business, she worked at an NGO in Hong Kong, which provides legal assistance to domestic workers in need. Her university experience and work in Hong Kong strengthened her drive to work for social justice and inclusion. Adrienne uses They/Them and She/Her pronouns.