We will be running virtual information sessions between October and December 2022, which will provide a more detailed look at the application and assessment process for the Index and Survey. Organisations that want to participate are strongly encouraged to attend at least one session before submitting their application. 

Before the submission platform opens, Index participants will have an opportunity to preview the submission process in the Submission Platform Webinar. Our Programme Manager Chris Ng will answer questions about the platform and walk potential participants through the submission process. 

Event Details:​

Thu 3 Nov | 11:00am (UTC+8)​


Chris Ng, Programme Manager, LGBT+

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Event Speakers

Chris Ng


Programme Manager, LGBT+, Community Business

Chris Ng is the Programme Manager for the LGBT+ programme at Community Business. He is responsible for taking the leading Community Business’ LGBT+ Campaign and managing activities relating to the programme. As the content expert on LGBT+ issues in Asia, Chris also provides consulting and training on LGBT+ inclusion related topics. 

Prior to Community Business, Chris served as the client service officer at a private mental health clinic at Kuala Lumpur which inspired him to focus on the mental health of LGBT+ during the COVID-19 pandemic in his undergraduate thesis which explored how increasing social support and mental resilience of sexual minorities promotes better mental health and reduces depression. He presented his findings at the 5th China International Conference on Positive Psychology organised by Tsing Hua University. His master’s research focused on the “Roof” Project in Malaysia to create a centre for Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DE&I). 

Chris has 5 years of experience volunteering as a minister in LGBT+ affirming churches and Christian NGOs in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. He also leads support groups, engages in interfaith dialogue and facilitates workshops and training. He provides guidance around the topic of reconciling faith with sexuality and strives to tackle inequality and promote diversity and inclusion among spiritual communities, as well as encourage spiritual and mental wellbeing in the community. 

Chris holds a Master of Arts in Christian Studies from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology from Southwest University of Science and Technology. Chris is a proud Malaysian based in Hong Kong who is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Malay. Chris uses he/they pronouns.