25 Apr 2017 - 26 Apr 2017

DIAN 2017 Meeting 1

Designed to explore the Asian perspective of race, culture, mobility of talent and intersectionality


In-person, 2 day meeting

  • This is a 2-day, closed-door, in-person, members-only meeting.
  • There is no dial-in option.
  • Please note that DIAN Members are allowed only 2 seats. DIAN Group-level Members are allowed 3 seats.
  • Additional seats are available upon request and subject to availability for a fee.
  • Individuals may split / share the registration (opting to attend only a few sessions rather that the whole day)

Day 1: An Asian Perspective of Race, Culture and Mobility of Talent 
Global political developments have shown that issues of race and culture continue to be central to the diversity debate though not necessarily something we are particularly comfortable with. We are delighted to have as our Guest Speaker, thought leader and author, Mary-Frances Winters.
Note: We are pleased to offer 2 additional seats for the session on D&I and Mobility of Talent at 3.30-5pm.

Day 2: Intersectionality - A Multidimensional Approach to Diversity and Inclusion 
D&I experts are increasingly talking about the importance of ‘intersectionality’ and multiple identities – acknowledging that we all have multiple identities that can impact our experience of the world, including the workplace.
Note: We are pleased to offer 2 additional seats for the launch of Mary-Frances Winters’ brand new book: We Can’t Talk About That at Work at the end of Day 2 (5.30-7pm).

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