15 Jul 2021

DIAN India Meeting 2

Understanding and Leveraging Neurodiverse Talent


Understanding and Leveraging Neurodiverse Talent

As advocates of D&I, we understand that business success relies on the ability to embrace new ideas and diverse perspectives. Yet often we stigmatise people who neurologically, think differently. As a relatively new term that is not well understood, in this DIAN India Meeting we explore the topic of neurodiversity, a term coined in 1988 to describe those with common conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD and autism. We’ll look at the prevalence of neurodiverse talent in the workplace and highlight why and how companies should take positive steps to not only support , but leverage the contribution of neurodivergent thinkers.

This event is for DIAN India members only. Please Contact Sharmila Lahiri for registration.