19 Apr 2017

Drama Based Learning – Diversity & Inclusion

Short performances that highlight various biases that exist in the workplace


Dramatist Anonymous (Dramanon) is a 16 year old professional theatre repertory that operates out of 3 cities - Bangalore, Hyderabad & Manipal. Dramanon brings diverse expertise spanning across Performing Arts,Training, People Leadership and HR knowledge. Dramanon has been leveraging theatre based tools and techniques for learning and development, branding, communication and other employee engagement initiatives. Dramanon has designed customised performances to help create awareness and provide training on Diversity & Inclusion. These short performances highlight various biases concerning gender, age, region, language, LGBT and disability that exist at the workplace. These performances serve as a catalyst to initiate a conversation, bring about a change in mindset and create inspiring workplaces.

Key takeaways includes:

  • Connect participants to the ground reality of exclusion at the workplace.
  • Understand the different types of conscious and unconscious biases.
  • Learn about the impact it has on workplace dynamics.
  • Exchange of best practices.
  • Form plan of action to address D&I issues at their workplace.

Event Speakers

  • Sharanya Ramprakash

    Sharanya Ramprakash

    Founder, Dramanon Theatre

Founder, Dramanon Theatre

Sharanya Ramprakash

Sharanya Ramprakash is a Bangalore based stage actor, director and playwright. She is one of the founders of Dramanon Theatre, Bangalore. Over the last 6 years, Dramanon has partnered with 30+ companies and deployed 100+ drama based learning and development programs. Prior to co-founding Dramanon, Sharanya worked for 5 years in the areas of employee engagement, training & designing "great place to work" initiatives

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