5 May 2017

Giftwork® Training for the Manager

Designed to explore the war for talent and employee engagement


Half-day workshop wth topics including: 

  • “Engagement” is the name of the game!
  • How to Win The War For Talent In 2017. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Managers will broaden their landscape of people management and the potential behind trust as the key driver
  • They’ll understand consequences of a high trust culture and its impact in the KPI’s of the organisation
  • Leaders will learn about the areas in which they can focus their initiatives to impact the culture positively
  • They’ll understand possible next steps for their continuous improvement process

Event Speakers

  • Jose Carlos Bezanilla

    Jose Carlos Bezanilla

    CEO, Great Place to Work China

CEO, Great Place to Work China

Jose Carlos Bezanilla

Jose Carlos Bezanilla is the Chief Executive Officer for Great Place to Work® China. He has previously worked as the Director of the Northwest Region Great Place to Work® Mexico for five years.
Jose has been working in the area of Organisational Development Consulting and Leadership (Management) for over 18 years.
Jose is certified as a facilitator from Capta Organisations Development and Directo Consultants. He is also certified for the management of organisational staff profiling tool DiSC, from Human Perspectives International and Inscape Publishing, in Miami, USA. He participated in the certification of Cohen Brown, in Outstanding Leadership for Sales and Proactive Banking Relations.

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