Leveraging Diverse Styles with the GlobeSmart Profile gives participants access to a best-in-class style survey, the GlobeSmart Profile. After gaining familiarity with the tool and its profile, time will be spent on building specific strategies to maximise its use during a Diversity & Inclusion and/or Teambuilding dialogue.

Through the Workshop, you can:

  • Develop a working understanding of the GlobeSmart Profile and the GlobeSmart Dimensions of Culture
  • Understand the key features and resources within the GlobeSmart tool
  • Be able to effectively utilise the results of the GlobeSmart Profile in order to maximise the efficacy of a Diversity & Inclusion Dialogue and/or Teambuilding

Key takeaways:

  • Gain access to a best-in-class style survey, the Globesmart Profile
  • To increase awareness of individual work and communication styles through the GlobeSmart Profile
  • To understand what style differences make a difference in team interactions and productivity
  • To identify inclusive team behaviours and norms to create an environment that leverages the diverse potential of a team
  • To build strategies for improving team effectiveness in order to nurture innovation, collaboration and idea generation

Event Speakers

Aperian Global Consultants

Aperian Global Senior Consultants are a group of highly qualified and talented business professionals who engage with our clients in the delivery of facilitated learning programs. Our global network of Senior Consultants represents a diverse talent pool that we match to fit each client’s specific needs.

Experienced D&I- related content delivery
Experienced group facilitators
Average 10+ years global business experience in diverse environments
Diverse background working with Global 1000 companies
Several years experience living and working outside of “home” country
Bilingual or multilingual
Most hold Master’s Degree

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