24 Feb 2020

LGBT+ Workshop 2: Ensuring Internal Policies Benefit LGBT+ Employees

This workshop will help organisations align their internal policies and guidelines with their LGBT+ inclusion goals. They will gain an understanding of how to make these relevant for the local market and advice on a successful review process may entail


Format Change Notice – As social distancing is advised to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus, we have made the decision to change the format of our Second LGBT+ Workshop and deliver it virtually.

In 2015, Community Business launched the Hong Kong LGBT+ Workplace Inclusion Index - the first benchmark of its kind in Asia, and a number of associated awards.  This initiative was a huge success - propelling LGBT+ inclusion into the spotlight in Hong Kong and positioning the leadership of Community Business in this space.  Through engagement with key stakeholders, Community Business decided to run the Index every 2 years - giving more companies the chance to prepare or make progress.  The second iteration of the Index was therefore run in 2017 and a third took place in 2019. 

The Index has proved to be a game changer in Hong Kong, and as part of our goal to promote the adoption of best practice and drive greater progress on LGBT+ inclusion in Hong Kong, Community Business is committed to sharing learnings and best practices with the business community. From November 2019 to June 2020, we aim to help organisations of all sizes and from all industries to drive LGBT+ inclusion internally and in the wider Hong Kong through our Raising the Bar: Continuing your LGBT+ Inclusion Journey workshops addressing different key aspects of the Index.   

The target audience for these workshops includes: 

  • Those who participated in any or all iterations of the Index and are looking to make progress 

  • Newcomers to the Index looking to find out how to get started 

  • Corporate representatives from both multinational and local companies 

  • HR, D&I professionals 

  • LGBT+ inclusion executive sponsors, champions and network leads 

The workshop will consist of below sessions: 

  • Introduction to the Index​ 

  • Insights on the topic from the 2019 Index​ 

  • Best Practice Panel: 3-4 speakers to share insights ​ 

  • Q&A​ 

  • Table Group Discussion​ 

  • Informal Networking 

The specific objectives of this workshop are to: 

  • Highlight the importance of  

    • Equal opportunity policies, 
    • Anti-discrimination policies,  

    • LGBT+ inclusive employee benefits policies, 

    • Localising these policies and ensuring relevance to the market, even within a global framework. 

  • Provide participants with specific advice on steps to review their policies to ensure they are actively inclusive and benefit LGBT+ employees. 

  • Provide participants with specific advice on applying a local approach even within a global framework and actively promote internal policies. 

  • Share experiences from companies who have been successful in their efforts in Hong Kong - including challenges and triumphs. 

Event Speakers

  • Patrick Barneoud

    Patrick Barneoud

    International Mobility & Benefits Manager at Societe Generale
  • Jack Guest

    Jack Guest

    Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Global Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Global Chair HSBC Pride at HSBC
  • Candy Cheung

    Candy Cheung

    Senior Campaigner at LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

International Mobility & Benefits Manager at Societe Generale

Patrick Barneoud

Patrick has been managing international mobility, benefits and employee shareholding for Societe Generale Asia Pacific since 2015. He joined the SG APAC LGBT+ committee in 2016 and became its secretary in 2017. In this role, he has been responsible for two Community Business LGBT+ Inclusion Index submissions and has delivered a number of initiatives in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific to promote LGBT+ inclusion and equal treatment within the Bank.

Prior to that, Patrick lived for 18 years in London where he worked in tax and HR roles in consulting, IT and finance. Patrick is a postgraduate in tax law from Université Paris II / HEC business school and from University College London.

Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Global Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Global Chair HSBC Pride at HSBC

Jack Guest

Jack Guest executes HSBC’s vision of a true merit-based environment in which all employees can contribute and succeed regardless of personal diversity. He also focuses on ensuring HSBC’s customers have fair and equal access to products and services.

Prior to becoming one of HSBC’s first D&I practitioners, Jack specialised in providing financial expertise to expatriate customers seeking international mortgages and financial advisory services. Before that, Jack worked in various roles with HSBC in the UK, spanning Retail Banking, Commercial Banking and more.

As a founding member of Asia-Pacific’s LGBT network Pride in 2012, Jack has personally driven the inclusion agenda both internally and externally at HSBC, ensuring HSBC’s placement as #1 in Financial Services in Community Business’ Hong Kong Best Place to Work for LGBT+ Index in 2019.

Jack is HSBC Global Pride Co-chair and in 2016, was named Inclusion Champion of the Year by Community Business.

Jack joined HSBC in the UK in 2006 and was subsequently brought into the Management Academy Programme which exposed him to a wide range of banking experience and opportunity.

Senior Campaigner at LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Candy Cheung

Candy takes care of Lush’s charitable giving projects and ethical campaigns in Hong Kong & Macau, as well as the company’s commitments to animal rights, human rights and environmental protection. She is responsible for social support projects and charity outreach.