22 Oct 2021

Neurodivergent Talent: How to Recruit and Manage Exceptional Individuals

DIAN India Professional Series #4


Businesses looking to expand their diversity-focused initiatives can through progressive hiring strategies help facilitate change within their organisations. Hiring people with different abilities, like autism, can be one such initiative. Such engagements can help transform the workplace with new and innovative approaches to problem-solving. 

Mike’s experiences since founding Xceptional, will throw light upon how companies can address the nuances and intricacies of working with persons on the autism spectrum. And the tremendous possibilities that they thereby have access to.  

The focus of the workshop will be to hear from Mike how he/his company: 

  • connect the unique strengths of persons with autism to address business technology challenges that call for a different solution 

  • equip persons with autism with employable skills 

  • have successfully inspired other employers to focus more on people’s strengths while supporting their challenges 

This event is for DIAN India members only. 

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Event Speakers

  • Mike Tozer

    Mike Tozer

    Founder & CEO, Xceptional

Founder & CEO, Xceptional

Mike Tozer

Mike Tozer is the founder & CEO of Xceptional, an award-winning technology company that assesses, places and supports autistic people and trains employers on inclusion. Xceptional has been featured on ABC’s Employable Me and has been recognised by a number of awards, including Westpac Business of Tomorrow, Optus Future Makers, the AMP Tomorrow Fund and the Google.Org Impact Challenge. In his spare time, Mike is an elite runner with Team Brooks and has the world record for the fastest half marathon in a business suit.

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