Let's do more to bring meaningful learning to the women in our organisations in China. This afternoon session will be an incredible opportunity for female committee members of their organisations women’s employee resource group (ERG) to sit together, share ideas and reflect on how they can have a bigger impact across their organisation. Participants from organisations representing a cross section of industries will learn what others are doing and spotlight the initiatives they’re most proud of. While we’ll focus on the China context, we’ll also look at what leading global companies are doing and how they’re leveraging ERGs to inform business strategy. Led by Em Roblin, founder of Circles2, a firm that designs and delivers programs to increase the individual and organisational impacts of women, participants will actively engage in meaningful discussion and walk out the door with new friendships and new ideas. The session will be delivered in English, with Chinese encouraged in discussions and activities.

Key takeaways: 

  • Learn what other companies are doing in China in their women employee resource groups (ERGs)
  • Share your company initiatives and get specific feedback and fresh insights
  • Look at how to position your women’s ERG as a strategic partner to your organizations business
  • Reflect on where your resource group is and map out some new ideas to take back to your organization
  • Put your leadership capabilities into action by facilitating the insights sharing portion of the day with invited guests
  • Meet and build relationships with women from different industries

Event Speakers

Em Roblin

Founder, Circles2

Em Roblin has been based in Beijing for a decade and has been working regionally in Asia since she founded Circles2 (formerly LEAP) in 2010. Em is focused on developing female leaders, and works both within organizations to support strategic Diversity and Inclusion projects to attract, retain and advance talent as well as with professional women to be their best selves both in and out of work. She started Inner Circles, a program to build the capacity of professional women, currently running in several cities around China. Em has worked with Fortune 500 companies from a range of industries including financial services, technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, consumer products, and more.

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