Race and Culture -​ The Conversation in Asia

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In the wake of recent social turmoil in many countries, the issue of race has been prioritised on the global corporate D&I agenda. Yet many companies are grappling with how to address this topic in Asia. How do we talk about race and culture at work in a way that resonates locally? And what do the dynamics of race and culture look like in different markets in Asia? With strong corporate sponsorship, Community Business is currently leading an ambitious Research Project - engaging with local stakeholders to explore answers to these questions and provide recommendations for companies seeking to adopt a progressive approach to addressing race and culture in their workplaces in Asia.

As we seek to gather local perspectives and insights through roundtables, interviews and an anonymous online survey, we have been encouraging all companies committed to this subject to get involved! We have a phased plan for the release of a range of research assets that are easy for companies to apply in their own organisations.


The specific objectives of this Research Project include:

  • Explore the extent to which a discussion on race and culture is important for companies in Asia at this time
  • Understand the context and key dimensions of race and culture in different markets in Asia
  • Identify specific experiences of racial and cultural bias (positive and negative) in the workplace in different markets in Asia
  • Discuss whether companies have a responsibility to address race and culture in their organisations in Asia
  • Share ways in which companies can address race and culture in Asia, drawing on direct experience (good and bad) of companies and insights from local experts
  • Provide recommendations, resources and tools to help companies address race and culture in Asia


In examining this topic in Asia, the Research Project focuses on the markets of Mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Philippines and Singapore.


The Research Project is divided into three phases and includes a range of research approaches:

Phase 1: Race & Culture – Do We Need to Talk About This in Asia?

  • One to one interviews with experts, D&I and business leaders

  • Sponsor Roundtable with corporate representatives from sponsoring companies

Phase 2: Understanding Racial and Cultural Bias - Experiences in Asia 

  • Employee Survey   

  • Employee Stories Videos

Phase 3: How to Address Race & Culture in Asia 

  • One to one interviews with consultants and business leaders

  • Corporate Case Studies 


Community Business thanks the following organisations for their sponsorship of this Research Project:


Get Involved

As part of Phase 3 of the research project, we still have a number of opportunities for companies to get involved.

  • Business Leader Interviews, an opportunity to engage and profile business leaders in your organisation (October-November) Nominate now!
  • Corporate Case Study Interviews, showcasing companies adopting a proactive approach to addressing race and culture in their organisations in Asia (October-November) Nominate now!