Episode 1: Embracing Equity: Three Dimensions to Consider

Our CEO Janet Ledger and Head of C&T Dimuthu de Silva discuss three dimensions to consider for organisations who want to move forward in embracing equity.

Episode 2: How Nutrition Impacts Wellbeing: An Expert's Perspective

Our Wellbeing Manager and guest speaker Lisa Tarquini RNutr, of LT Nutrition and Reset 40, discuss the factors that affect overall nutrition, how nutrition can impact wellbeing and women's health as well as what individuals can learn from a nutritionist's perspective on wellbeing.

IMPACTxAsia Episode 3 | The Need to Accelerate Trans Inclusion in India

To mark Pride month 2023 and to provide our audience with valuable insights into the context behind our latest research publication, our CEO Janet Ledger spoke to our India Programme Associate Bhavya Gupta and our former India C&T Programme Manager Shankri Silmula about the urgent need to accelerate Trans inclusion in India.

IMPACTxAsia Episode 4: A Deep Dive Into Pride Celebrations

With International Pride month just having passed, we saw many organisations take the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of their LGBT+ Employees and promote LGBT+ inclusion initiatives. While the overwhelming support was great to see, LGBT+ Inclusion needs to be sustainably implemented into organisational culture.