DIAN is the leading network for companies and professionals committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in their organisations in Asia.

Established in 2008, DIAN has grown steadily over the last decade - from a handful of pioneering companies looking to understand what diversity and inclusion means in the Asian context, to a body of over 50 organisations united in their common desire to propel their companies forward in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces that benefit the business.

With meetings, events and projects facilitated by Community Business, D&I and HR professionals meet regularly to network, learn and share best practice – and ultimately, to drive positive change in their organisations.

Through DIAN, individuals establish a strong network of relationships and deepen their understanding of diversity and inclusion in the Asia region - enabling them not only to perform better in their roles as diversity practitioners, but also drive their company’s strategy forward.

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We invite all companies committed to tackling inequality and creating diverse and inclusive workplaces in Asia to join DIAN.

DIAN Research

As part of our goal to increase collective understanding on diversity & inclusion in Asia and drive the adoption of best practice, Community Business has compiled an extensive body of pioneering research on behalf of DIAN.  Referenced by experts and practitioners globally, this research is central to DIAN’s position as the leading network for advancing diversity and inclusion in Asia.