Creating LGBT+ Inclusive Workplaces in Asia



In a region such as Asia, where the topic of sexual orientation and gender identity is so sensitive and poorly understood, providing comprehensive training is critical to creating an LGBT+ inclusive environment.   Whether starting from the basics, exploring the terminology and the business case, or looking to understand the local market dynamics in different countries in Asia and adopt a local market strategy, we can help companies educate their employees and bring about a culture change in their organisations.


Our portfolio of LGBT+ inclusion training includes: 

  • LGBT+ What's It Got To Do With Business?

    In this introductory session we clarify key concepts, explore changing terminology and dispel common misconceptions relating to LGBT+. Referencing the social, cultural and legal context, we explore the experiences of LGBT+ individuals in Asia and the impact in the workplace. We highlight why an LGBT+ inclusive workplace is important to business and the role we can all play to promote.
  • Understanding the LGBT+ Landscape in Asia

    When it comes to promoting LGBT+ inclusion in Asia, it is important to understand the local market dynamics and adapt your approach accordingly. In this session we draw on our wealth of research to provide an overview of the legal, social and cultural context for LGBT in 5 different markets in Asia, including: China, Hong Kong, India, Japan and Singapore. Referencing insights and experiences of other companies, we share high-level recommendations on how to approach LGBT+ inclusion in each market.
  • FACEs - Understanding the Experiences of LGBT+ Talent

    If you're looking to challenge mindsets and encourage your employees to think more deeply about issues relating to LGBT+ exclusion, we encourage you to run an LGBT+ FACEs session. We'll work with you to identify individuals who can share their personal stories, bringing the issues to life and encouraging your colleagues to think what role they can play in creating a more inclusive environment.
  • Creating Inclusive Workplaces for LGBT+ Employees

    For those companies ready to take proactive steps to create inclusive workplaces for LGBT+ employees, this session provides a comprehensive set of recommendations based on and closely aligned to our LGBT+ Inclusion Index. We give an overview of each of the categories, drawing attention to areas for companies to focus on and highlighting what best practice looks like.
  • Driving Best Practice in LGBT+ Inclusion

    For those companies wishing to take a deep dive into a specific area, we can customise the training to examine a specific category of the Index. This can include for example, an examination of LGBT+ equal opportunity policies, LGBT+ benefits or LGBT+ employee networks. We will highlight what best practice looks like, share real-world examples from the region and encourage you to think about what steps you can take in your own organisation.