2021 Emotional Wellbeing LIVE! Day


  • 10.00am -

    Session 1- Living but not flourishing – languishing. What is it and what can we do about it?

    Triston Francis
    Audience: HR & Employee Wellbeing

    Languishing is the absence of wellbeing. A recent New York Times article called it “the neglected middle child of mental health”. Many people are struggling with the emotional long-haul of the pandemic and research suggests that those ‘Languishing’ right now are most likely to experience major depression and anxiety disorders in the next decade.

    In this session we delve deeper to understand this common phenomenon and understand the impact it can have on how we view ourselves, our capabilities and how engaged we feel in the workplace. Explore ways to cope with the feelings of disconnect, fatigue and self-doubt languishing brings on.
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  • 12.00pm -

    Session 2- When It’s Not Business As Usual Handling Grief In The Workplace

    Kimberly Ho
    Audience: General Employees

    Grief is a challenging and complicated experience with emotions ranging from denial and bargaining to anger and depression before we can get to acceptance. ​With the eventuality of the process leading to routine which for many of us includes returning to work and interestingly for some could even be a way to avoid grieving. Regardless, a grieving employee quickly becomes the elephant in the room. ​In this session, we take a closer look at the grieving process and any new challenges or changes given the current situation. We will also look at ways to hold space for a grieving colleague and some steps leaders can take in the workplace.
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  • 14.00 -

    Session 3 - Understanding Anxiety and Managing it in a Hybrid Work Environment

    Dr Aishwarya Pethe Kulkarni
    Audience: General Employees

    Companies have shared in surveys or stated outright that hybrid work is the dominant model for the near future. However, with the term ‘hybrid work’ poorly defined and uncertainty around how work is getting done or the challenges of establishing a digital presence, there is increasing anxiety for both employees and company leaders. Discuss how our remote work experience has evolved and identify the impact of these rapid transformations on our emotional wellbeing. Look at ways to cope with these challenges, foster deeper connections to enhance our social wellbeing and deal with the performance anxiety, leading to disconnect and burnout.
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  • 16.00 -

    Session 4 – The Power of stories in the workplace

    Vivian Cheng & Coy Ordonez
    Audience: HR / Employee Wellbeing

    Stories help give our feelings a voice. Hidden in our stories are helpful reminders of personal triumphs, experiences that need to be normalised, and permission to say, "It's ok not to be ok"! We hear first-hand the survival mechanisms working in a high-pressured, fast-paced corporate environment and living with depression for almost 20 years.
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