During this meeting, Community Builders will explore the prevalence and impact of racial inequality in Hong Kong.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Reflect on racial prejudice and discrimination
  • Understand the importance of creating an equal society
  • Experience “unconscious bias” and understand how it affects the harmony of society
  • Share experiences on building an equal society

Event Speakers

Devi Novianti

Equal Opportunities Officer (Ethnic Minorities Unit), Equal Opportunities Commission

Devi is an Equal Opportunities Officer of the Equal Opportunities Commission of Hong Kong. She graduated from Hong Kong University’s L.L.M. Human Rights Programme and worked as the Manager of Christian Action’s Domestic Helpers and Migrant Workers Programme and Chungking Mansions Service Centre, a centre for refugees and asylum seekers prior joining the Equal Opportunities Commission in 2009. In 2006, she received a commendation from the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR, Mr. Donald Tsang for her work in serving the city’s ethnic minority communities. In 2010, she facilitated the “Conversation of Change” at the Opportunity Collaboration at Ixtapa, Mexico and in 2014, her contributions were also recognized in The List Magazine’s “Women of Hope” profiles in Hong Kong.

Cynthia Abdon-Tallez

General Manager, Mission for Migrant Workers

Currently the General Manager of the Mission for Migrant Workers, having been with the organization for more than three decades assisting migrants in distress and providing education to address migrants' vulnerability and enhance their employability; Cynthia is a Social Worker and a Lay Missionary from the Philippines.

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