Hiring is the first step of the journey of DE&I for an organisation. However, the question remains about whether focusing only on numbers fosters true inclusion or if there are better alternative strategies to creating truly inclusive environments for this underrepresented talent pool, that benefit both employers and employees. This DIAN India meeting will do a deeper dive into understanding how current DE&I practices affect Gender and LGBT+ inclusion.  

Conversations on gender inclusion have been around for decades, but the pyramidical structure still exists with fewer women in leadership roles. With LGBT+ diversity, although there has been growth within corporate structures since 2018, there is a likelihood that inclusive practices could border on tokenism. The event will examine the current DE&I environment and share success stories of organisations and their best practices that helped them beyond tokenism in diversity and paved the path for equity and inclusion. 

Practical Information

  • 15.06.23
    10:30 am - 12:30 pm (UTC +5:30)
    Add to calendar 15-06-2023 10:30 AM 15-06-2023 12:30 PM DIAN India Meeting | Beyond Tokenism: Moving Towards Real Diversity This is a member-only event. Get in touch with our team if you are interested about membership. Virtual Asia/Kolkata