• 9:00 -
    10:00am HKT

    A Conversation With Hong Kong’s First Chief Happiness Officer

    Marina Vogt, Chief Happiness Officer, Fung Group
    Promoting happiness in the workplace is a new concept – not just in Asia, but globally and few companies have dedicated resources to drive this agenda.
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  • 10:30 -
    11:30am HKT

    What I Learnt From Making a Movie About Happiness

    Roko Belic, Director of the award-winning feature documentary,​ HAPPY
    HAPPY is a feature documentary that takes us on a journey from the swamps of Louisiana to the slums of Kolkata in search of what really makes people happy. Combining real life stories of people from around the world and powerful interviews with the leading scientists in happiness research, HAPPY explores the secrets behind our most valued emotion
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  • 12:00 -
    1:00pm HKT

    The Happiness Advantage/Positive Thinking

    Khyati Kapai, Facilitator of The Happiness Advantage – Orange Frog Workshop based on the work of Shawn Achor
    Our brains are hardwired to perform at their best when they are positive. What’s more, stressed and negative brains CAN be trained to see more possibility. Studies have confirmed that change IS
    possible. We CAN permanently raise our happiness baseline and adopt a more positive mindset. This competitive edge is available to all who put in the effort.
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  • 2:30 -
    3:30pm HKT

    Increasing Happiness at Work

    Vanessa King, Board member at Action for Happiness and author of Ten Keys to Happier Living
    Our happiness and work are related. Work can provide opportunities for many of the things that help to make us happy such as: connecting with others; learning and growing our skills; using our strengths; achieving our goals and finding meaning. Happy employees also help to make organisations more successful. Whether we are an employee or a line manager, there are things we can all do to help make our workplaces happier.
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  • 4:00 -
    5:00pm HKT

    Measuring Happiness At Work

    Nic Marks, Original thinker, statistician and CEO and founder of Friday
    Building a positive work culture is not easy but business leaders who do are rewarded with multiple benefits. In this webinar, original thinker, statistician and TED speaker Nic Marks will turn the traditional assumption that success leads to happiness on its head - and present evidence to show that the reverse is true: happiness leads to success, in terms of both profitability and productivity.
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