Investing in Migrant Workers and the Care Economy | Up for Discussion with Manisha Wijesinghe

"There is a lot of conversation around raising awareness... I think we've done a lot in terms of raising awareness. I think now is the time to take action. If we're not going to take action, we're going to be raising awareness for the next 20 years and nothing is going to happen." - Manisha Wijesinghe, Executive Director, HELP for Domestic Workers Ahead of International Domestic Workers Day on 16 Jun, we invited Manisha Wijesinghe, Executive Director of HELP for Domestic Workers to join us on Up for Discussion.

Manisha's knowledge and expertise on migrant workers' experiences in Hong Kong brings a different perspective to understanding systemic inequality in the market, as well as encouraging the future of DE&I to broaden its horizons. Watch the video to learn about:

  • What migrant domestic workers mean for the care economy
  • What role migrant domestic workers play in Hong Kong's society
  • How DE&I leaders can think more broadly about including the Care Economy in their initiatives and policies