As a relatively new concept in India, Neurodiversity is gradually being introduced into organisation's policies and diversity rhetoric, with companies beginning to embrace the terminology and accommodations that come with hiring Neurodiverse talent.  

Community Business’ latest research - Understanding and Leveraging Neurodiversity in the Workplace in India investigates the potential for attracting and engaging neurodiverse talent in diverse corporate organisations.  

The research serves as a guidebook to enhance organisations' knowledge of Neurodiversity and provide actionable recommendations to increase hiring and retention practices and policies. The publication will showcase the best practices from companies paving the way for Neurodiversity inclusion with the aim of equipping more companies with attainable ideas and transferable actions.    

The research also hopes to illustrate that understanding the concept of 'diversity' is not limited to gender, age or race. For workplaces to be fully diverse, organisations need to acknowledge Neurodiversity as a crucial diversity dimension. 

Report Contents:  

  • Introduction to Neurodiversity – Understanding of terminology and common neurodivergent conditions 

  • Understanding the context of Neurodiversity in India- With a focus on social attitudes, market approaches and the impact on the working population.​ 

  • The Business Case for hiring neurodivergent talent​ 

  • Community Business’ recommendations​ 

  • Corporate Case Studies 


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    Understanding and Leveraging Neurodiversity in the Workplace in India

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