2018 D&I In India Best Practice Benchmark & Awards

Focus Area | Tackling Workplace Inequality
Take part in our D&I in India Best Practice Benchmark & Awards and not only gain access to a robust framework to assess your performance, but also take advantage of a unique opportunity to showcase your leadership.

Open for submissions from 14 May โ€“ 3 August 2018.

If your company is committed to being a leader on D&I in India, we encourage you to take part in our D&I in India Best Practice Benchmark & Awards. The Benchmark exercise will help you understand what best practice looks like, assess your performance and develop a strategy moving forward.

As we look to celebrate and showcase best practice, we will be presenting four Community Business Awards. Designed to acknowledge leading performance in D&I, these include:

  • Employee Network Award
  • Advancement of Women Award
  • Disability Confidence Award
  • LGBT+ Inclusion Award

The Benchmark

The Benchmark draws on global best practice and insights from the region to provide companies with a robust framework to assess progress in 4 key areas of D&I, including:

  • General D&I Strategy
  • Gender
  • Disability
  • LGBT+

Comprising a total of 50 questions, the benchmark can be completed online in 2-3 hours. Each question is multiple choice, providing a list of options designed to point companies towards best practice. Submission of evidence is not required.

In addition to facilitating a self-assessment exercise, the goal is to ensure participation by at least 40 companies so that the results can be consolidated and a report compiled presenting the landscape of D&I best practice in India.

The Awards

As part of the Benchmark exercise, Community Business invites companies to put themselves forward and submit nominations for the following Awards.

Employee Network Award
To recognise an employee network that has played a proactive role in promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace in India.

Advancement of Women Award
To recognise a workplace initiative that has had a significant impact on supporting and promoting the advancement of women in India.

Disability Confidence Award
To recognise an organisation that has adopted a proactive approach to building disability confidence in the workplace in India.

LGBT+ Inclusion Award
To recognise an organisation that has adopted a proactive approach to creating an inclusive workplace for LGBT+ employees in India.

Why Participate

Here are 9 reasons why your company should participate in the Benchmark:

  1. Gain access to a robust framework which gives you valuable insights into best practice
  2. Use the benchmark exercise to raise the profile of your D&I strategy internally and engage your key stakeholders
  3. Understand where your performance is strong and where there is room for improvement
  4. Develop a roadmap moving forward
  5. Benchmark your performance against other leading companies in India
  6. Contribute to understanding of the landscape of D&I best practices in India
  7. Receive a complimentary copy of the 2018 D&I in India Best Practice Benchmark Report of consolidated findings
  8. Take advantage of the opportunity to engage Community Business to:
    • Compile an Individual Company Benchmark Report
    • Conduct a follow-up Debrief and Strategy Session with you (from November 2018 onwards)
  9. Receive a complimentary ticket to the 2018 D&I Benchmark Awards


All companies with operations in India and a commitment to D&I are encouraged to participate in the 2018 D&I In India Best Practice Benchmark & Awards. This includes both member and non-member companies of DIAN India.

Participation Fee

There are several ways to participate in the Benchmark. Basic participation starts at just INR 5000 (US $75). 

To maximise your participation and leverage the insights gained, we encourage companies to take advantage of the Professional or Leader package. See chart below for associated benefits.

Member companies of DIAN India participate for free at the Basic level and are eligible for a 20% discount on the Professional and Leader packages. 



Submission Process

The 2018 D&I In India Best Practice Benchmark & Awards are open for submissions from 14 May to 3 August 2018. 

Contact us to register your interest in participating, indicating which level, and Community Business will send you a link to the Benchmark survey with a unique password.

Assessment Process


Benchmark results will be assessed by Community Business and a consolidated D&I in India Best Practice Benchmark Report launched on 26 November. This report will present the aggregate findings from all companies participating in the Index, highlighting trends and showcasing best practice from the Award Nominations. No individual company data will be shared and Community Business guarantees the confidentiality of all data shared through the Benchmark process.


Community Business will shortlist 3-4 nominations for each Award. It will then convene a Judging Panel, comprising:

  • 2 senior executives from Community Business
  • 2 external Judges

The Judging Panel will take place during the week of 26 September.

The final winner of each Award will be announced at the D&I in India Best Practice Benchmark Results & Awards 2018 on 26 November.


This Benchmark is an initiative of DIAN India and is compiled and administered by Community Business.

The Awards are a specific initiative of Community Business. We invite companies committed to D&I best practice to sponsor an Award. 

Award Sponsorship: US $5,000 per Award

Sponsor Benefits

  • Raise the profile of your brand โ€“ with your logo and name featured in all marketing associated with the Award
  • Demonstrate your commitment to D&I best practice in India
  • Nominate a senior executive to be on the Judging Panel
  • Nominate a senior executive to present the Award at the D&I in India Best Practice Benchmark and Awards event in November
  • Provide a quote for the public Benchmark Report, presenting the consolidated findings

Please note, sponsors will not be eligible to nominate for the Award they are sponsoring.