2018 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Award Winners

SDG 5: Gender Equality and SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities
Community Business to announced the winners of the 2018 Hong Kong Inclusion Awards on Tuesday 15 May 2018.

LGBT+ Network Award sponsored by J.P. Morgan

To recognise an employee network that has played a proactive role in promoting LGBT+ inclusion demonstrating strong engagement with, and commitment to, local Hong Kong LGBT+ employees.

HSBC Pride HK 

A key value proposition for HSBC's LGBT+ employee network’s initiatives is to engage and support LGBT+ staff who are still closeted through LGBT+ inclusion initiatives both in the Bank and in Hong Kong in general. With its impressive programme of engaging and innovative events which it opens to external participants, long-term relationships with LGBT+ NGOs, ally training programme and regular communications targeting employees’ areas of interest, HSBC has demonstrated a strong commitment to LGBT+ inclusion and aims to set the gold standard for employment benefits for LGBT+ professionals in finance and banking. To encourage participation and allyship, HSBC Pride HK introduced colourful rainbow-lions inspired lanyards as a bold and visible symbol of LGBT+ inclusion.  This initiative has now expanded beyond Hong Kong.  The Pride HK network also serves as the dedicated channel to monitor and give advice to various internal departments of the Bank, in order to cultivate an inclusive environment for LGBT+ employees as one of Hong Kong’s biggest employers.

Finalists (listed alphabetically by first name)

  • Credit Suisse, LGBT+ Open Network Hong Kong
  • Nomura International (Hong Kong) Limited, Nomura LGBT Network AEJ

LGBT+ Newcomer Award sponsored by HSBC

To recognise an organisation which has recently started on its LGBT+ inclusion journey in Hong Kong (within the last 2 years) and has made significant progress.

Thomson Reuters 

Thomson Reuters has developed a thoughtful plan for promoting LGBT+ inclusion internally by ensuring senior leadership across all business units and internal departments are aware of all the achievements and plans for the year in order to secure subsequent buy-in for future events. Over the past 2 years, the firm has created new business opportunities in the financial and risk space by having the Thomson Reuters Diversity and Inclusion Index fully integrated into its Eikon platform for financial services companies. This ensures that the link between the strength of inclusion policies and practice and business performance are considered when making investment decisions. This strengthens the Thomson Reuters product and ensures a strong LGBT+ inclusion message with new and unique insights.

Finalists (listed alphabetically by first name)

  • BlackRock
  • Hotel ICON
  • KPMG

Transgender Inclusion Award

To recognise an organisation or individual who has played a proactive and visible role in promoting transgender inclusion in the workplace and business community in Hong Kong.

Henry Tse

Transgender Activist As a transman born and raised in Hong Kong, Henry filed a judicial review in 2017 to challenge the Hong Kong Government on current coercive policy on full sex reassignment surgery. He uses himself as a vehicle to push the Government to enact gender recognition legislation for the better lives of the transgender community. Henry has been proactive in engaging various stakeholders on this subject by giving sharing his story with universities, companies and religious. He also spoke at Legislation Council conference, and at annual LGBT+ events such as the Pride Parade and Pink Dot to urge for action. His vocal activism and bravery have raised public and media awareness on the rights of transgender persons and has made positive impact on trans inclusion.

Finalists (listed alphabetically by first name)

  • Association of World Citizens Hong Kong China
  • Eversheds Sutherland
  • Siufung Law, The University of Hong Kong

Lesbian Inclusion Award

To recognise an organisation or individual who has played a proactive and visible role in promoting lesbian inclusion in the workplace and business community in Hong Kong.

Celine Tan 

Senior Vice President,

HSBC Securities Services Account Manager, HSBC

With a strong commitment to empowering the LGBT+ community within and beyond the financial industry, Celine has either started or led the Pride BRG chapters in every organisation she has worked in thus far. She was listed no. 37 in the 2017 Financial Times Outstanding Top 50 LGBT+ Future Leaders. Within the workplace, Celine has reverse mentored, rallied and engaged senior executives for influence and sponsorship. In mid-2017, she created The Lesbians in Finance (LIF) programme which focuses on the leadership growth and development of lesbians in the finance sector via soft skills development programs as well as networking and professional workshops. LIF maintains a listing of its members and envisions increasing lesbian representation in senior management by creating and highlighting the value propositions of a diverse team.

Finalists (listed alphabetically by first name)

  • Benita Chick, Walk in Hong Kong
  • Les Peches

LGBT+ Mentoring Award sponsored by KPMG

To recognise an organisation or individual who has made significant effort to support, encourage and mentor other organisations to address LGBT+ inclusion in Hong Kong. In particular, we are looking to acknowledge work that has been done to mentor the local Hong Kong corporate sector.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is known for its longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion, and the firm has been generously sharing best practices, providing thought leadership, mentoring several local organisations and advising industry peers on their LGBT+ inclusion strategy. Externally, Goldman Sachs engages its clients on LGBT+ inclusion through client activities and partners with the public sector and various not-for-profit organisations to further extend its influence in the wider community.  For example, the firm arranged a hike with its clients with the theme “Spread the Love” to raise awareness for its commitment to LGBT+ equality.  The firm also values mentorship of future leaders through its ongoing support of the QSA Alliance, and has recently partnered with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to introduce a 14-hour course, as part of its world-class MBA programme, on ‘Managing Gender and Diversity”, which includes LGBT+ inclusion and best practices in the workplace. The firm supported the programme by advising on curriculum design and being a guest lecturer.   Going forward, Goldman Sachs has partnered with The Economist as part of the 2018 Pride and Prejudice Conference to engage young people on LGBT+ inclusion through a global competition, with the winner receiving mentorship.

Finalists (listed alphabetically by first name)

  • BlackRock
  • Marc Rubinstein, Asia Pacific Land; Hong Kong Gay and Lesbian Attorneys (HKGALA) Network

LGBT+ Marketing Campaign Award sponsored by Citibank

To recognise a marketing campaign which has incorporated and/or promoted LGBT+ inclusion in Hong Kong.

Rainbow Lions, HSBC

Two bronze lion statues, Stephen and Stitt, have been guarding the HSBC Main Building for almost 100 years and act as an enduring symbol of HSBC and Hong Kong. In 2017, HSBC made a bold statement in promoting LGBT+ inclusion by installing rainbow versions of the lions. HSBC collaborated with renowned local gay artist Michael Lam, who created the designs inspired by the colours of the Pride rainbow while maintaining respect for traditional Feng Shui principles. With the pro-LGBT design, HSBC sent a powerful message that traditional and modern values can co-exist in harmony. The HSBC Pride HK Employee Network membership grew by over 340% to over 2,000 members and has encouraged a culture of diversity and inclusion within the organisation.

Finalists (listed alphabetically by first name)

  • LUSH Asia Limited, #JustSayYes Campaign
  • Ogilvy Hong Kong & Gay Games Hong Kong 2022, Gay Games Hong Kong 2022

LGBT+ Inclusion Champion Award sponsored by Morgan Stanley

To recognise an LGBT+ employee based in Hong Kong who has taken proactive and effective steps to promote an LGBT+ inclusive culture in the workplace and beyond in Hong Kong.

Henry Li
Litigation Associate; LGBT+ Lead of Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Eversheds Sutherland;
Committee Member of Public Policy Committee, HKGALA

Henry Li is a member of the Eversheds Sutherland’s Diversity and Inclusion committee. He recently came out in the office and has been advocating for LGBT+ rights. In collaboration with representatives of the transgender and intersex community and other key stakeholders, Henry formed an inter-disciplinary working group on gender recognition and published an educational outreach bilingual pamphlet, an educational video and online and paper petitions to support gender recognition legislation without surgical requirement. Outside work, Henry is a board member of Compassion, a Hong Kong LGBT+ Catholic support group and a member of the Public Policy Committee of HKGALA.

Finalists (listed alphabetically by first name)

  • Christian Tooley, CBRE
  • Louis Ng, Fidelity International
  • Robert Head, Thomson Reuters

LGBT+ Ally Award sponsored by Goldman Sachs

To recognise a non-LGBT+ individual who has demonstrated personal passion and commitment to promoting LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and beyond in Hong Kong.

Su-Ling Voon
Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

Su-Ling is an active ally with a long track record of driving internal and external initiatives for Morgan Stanley. As the Chair of the Firm’s Asia Legal and Compliance Diversity and Inclusion Committee, she leverages her experience and leadership to engage senior management and external partners on LGBT+ inclusion. She also offers her time and guidance through mentorship. Outside of Morgan Stanley, Su-Ling has been a supporter of the HKGALA network since its launch in 2013, attending events and promoting the network to colleagues. Looking ahead, Su-Ling will continue to be a visible champion for LGBT+ employees through her involvement in Morgan Stanley activities and advocacy.

Finalists (listed alphabetically by first name)

  • Allan Wardrop, Hogan Lovells
  • Donnell Green, BlackRock
  • Sammi Cho, BNY Mellon

LGBT+ Executive Sponsor Award sponsored by Telstra

To recognise a senior business executive sponsor based in Hong Kong who has spoken up and used his/her influence to promote LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and beyond in Hong Kong.

Stewart Chippindale
Chief Operating Officer, Asia, Linklaters

Stewart’s strong commitment and passion for LGBT+ inclusion stems from his personal experience. As the co-chair of the Linklaters Asia LGBT and Ally Network, Stewart sets the strategic direction for the Network annually and has been directly responsible for securing sponsorship. The awareness of and support for LGBT+ inclusion within the firm has also grown exponentially under Stewart’s chairmanship, especially for Linklaters’ role as the pro bono legal adviser to the Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 for the last 12 months. In addition to regularly raising the topic with senior leaders, Stewart provided senior level support to two new policies related to LGBT+ that were introduced in the local office in 2017. His generosity as a vocal and visible supporter has equipped him to further provide support to other offices in the region. 

Wanda Tung
Managing Director and General Counsel, Asia ex Japan,
Nomura International (Hong Kong) Limited

Wanda has spent over a decade actively participating in diversity and inclusion initiatives at the workplace, and although she was already the executive sponsor for the bank’s women's network, she volunteered to take on the same role for the firm’s LGBT Network in Asia ex-Japan.  Wanda has devoted a significant amount of time to providing invaluable senior-level guidance to the network leaders and council, providing unsolicited and proactive feedback to the regional D&I office, and serving as an important channel of communication with senior management on LGBT+ related issues. She has also provided strategic advice on building specific cross-regional and cross-network collaboration which has noticeably increased both exposure and membership for the LGBT Network. As evidenced by her participation in the Pride Parade in 2017, Wanda does not simply repeat diversity aphorisms, she literally walks the talk.

Finalists (listed alphabetically by first name)

  • James Tong, Citibank
  • Ryan Stork, BlackRock

LGBT+ Community Impact Award sponsored by Goldman Sachs

To recognise a community-based LGBT+ initiative that has had a significant positive impact in promoting LGBT+ inclusion in Hong Kong.


Launched by Nu Tong Xue She (NTXS) in 2008, GDotTV is the first-ever online television channel engaging the LGBT+ movement through new media. Over the last decade, more than 500 videos have been created on its YouTube channel, with over 3500 subscribers and 2.3 million hits. GDotTV started providing textual information in 2015 to enrich the variety of content, covering translated overseas information, recommendations on films and television programmes, and commentaries on current affairs. GDotTV envisions providing LGBT+ individuals with a sense of identity, recording LGBT movements, and altering the perception of the society towards sexual minorities. The organisation also trains media volunteers to empower the community and transform the role of sexual minorities from the observer to the mover.

Pink Season  

Pink Season aims to be Asia's premier and leading diversity and inclusion festival, encompassing five weeks of events including sport, art, entertainment, family, and education. It brings members of the LGBT+ community and their allies together and hopes to feature Hong Kong as a cosmopolitan, accepting and welcoming city regardless of people differences. Pink Season also provides a platform for corporations to express their support for and belief in diversity and inclusion through sponsorship. Several activities were funded by donations from the public secured by the hardworking team of volunteers. In 2017, Pink Season expanded the free educational seminars to cover and address a wider range of subjects with 2/3 of these in either in Cantonese or bilingual.

Finalists (listed alphabetically by first name)

  • Gay Games Hong Kong 2022

LGBT+ Advocacy Award sponsored by Manulife

To recognise an organisation or individual who has advocated for legal and/or social change and progress around LGBT+ inclusion in Hong Kong.

Peter Reading
Legal Counsel, Equal Opportunities Commission

Since 2012, Peter has been Legal Counsel at the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) leading a wide range of the EOC’s legal advocacy work such as the Discrimination Law Review project. He has been instrumental in the organisation’s legal work promoting equality for LGBT+ people including work on introducing LGBT+ anti-discrimination legislation; equality for same-sex couples; and gender recognition legislation for transgender people. Moreover, Peter represents the EOC in high level advocacy forums, participates in the organisation of relevant LGBT+ international and local conferences and events, as well as represents the EOC in media and stakeholder engagement on the issues. Peter believes that with evidence based advocacy and continued collaboration with all stakeholders, further progress on LGBT+ inclusion in Hong Kong can be achieved, to the benefit of everyone in society.

Finalists (listed alphabetically by first name)

  • Azan Marwah, Gilt Chambers
  • Hong Kong LGBT+ Interbank Forum

LGBT+ Public Champion Award sponsored by Hotel ICON

To recognise a public figure (eg. politician, entertainer, athlete, government official, etc.) who has used their influence to promote LGBT+ inclusion in Hong Kong.

Dr. Brenda R. Alegre     
Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts,
The University of Hong Kong

Brenda is an active advocate for LGBT+ and women in the Philippines and Hong Kong. She has been using her experiences and learnings to help promote transgender and LGBT+ visibility. She believes presence and identity become crucial ingredients for educating the Hong Kong society where transgender awareness and visibility is low.

Brenda has been an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong for nearly 7 years. She teaches Sexuality and Gender to about 300 students per semester and is a sought-after guest lecturer on transgender history and experiences. Besides teaching, she has creatively collaborated with students to bring about class activities to promote LGBT+ inclusion within the campus. Brenda is also a member of the university’s Gender and Diversity Committee and Women's Research Center, where she strives to ensure transgender and queer visibility remains a priority. Outside work, Brenda has also proactively engaged the LGBT+ community in Hong Kong by supporting the English-speaking channel of Transgender Resource Center. She is also a soprano in The Harmonics, one of the only LGBTQ plus choir in Hong Kong.

Brenda has appeared in various online and media interviews on women, sexuality and gender as an out and vocal transgender woman. She was also a guest speaker on RTHK and DB Radio Fuse on gender and transgender issues.

Beyond Hong Kong, Brenda is currently a board member of the Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP), and a Transgender Secretariat in the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA). She bravely chooses to be vocal and lives a challenging journey as a transgender public figure. 

Finalists (listed alphabetically by first name)

  • Prof. Alfred Chan Cheung-ming, Equal Opportunities Commission
  • Brian Leung Siu-fai, BigLove Alliance
  • Michael Vidler, Vidler and Co
  • Siufung Law, The University of Hong Kong