2019 D&I in India Best Practice Award Winners

Focus Area | Tackling Workplace Inequality
Community Business announced the winners of the 2019 D&I in India Best Practice Awards on Wednesday 30 October 2019

2019 Employee Network Award

To recognise an employee network that has played a proactive role in promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace in India.

EY Women's India Network, EY

EYWIN provides various opportunities to women from all locations to network and share insights with each other. The network empowers women to grow, succeed and shine alongside their professional and personal responsibilities. It is a platform for women to connect (both internally and externally), voice their opinions, learn from each other, build relationships and be inspired. It offers women a shoulder of support and a sense of belonging that impacts on everyday work life in a positive way. 

2019 Advancement of Women Award

To recognise a workplace initiative that has had a significant impact on supporting and promoting the advancement of women in India.




GSK defines diversity as the sum total of the characteristics and experiences that make each person unique and inclusion as the act of engaging and valuing all people. Put simply, if diversity is about getting a mix, inclusion is about how to make the mix work. WAVE is GSK’s effort to create an inclusive culture, helping to bring diverse perspectives, accelerate capabilities, build talent pool and pave the way to growth. 

2019 Disability Confidence Award

To recognise an organisation that has adopted a proactive approach to building disability confidence in the workplace in India.



RBS is committed to creating a truly inclusive culture that enables people with all abilities to bring the best of themselves to work. RBS believes in the huge potential people with disabilities (PWDs) bring to designing and developing products and services for customers with disabilities. RBS is making targeted efforts to attract, engage and develop PWDs and enable them through workplace adjustments when needed. Externally, citizenship sits at the heart of everything RBS does, from industry partnerships to community engagement. 

2019 LGBT+ Inclusion Award

To recognise an organisation that has adopted a proactive approach to creating an inclusive workplace for LGBT+ employees in India.


The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group 

The Pure-Love campaign focuses on LGBT+ inclusion at The Lalit through sensitisation workshops for its employees, gender neutral policies, healthcare benefits and skilling programmes specifically for the community. 

2019 D&I Business Leader Award

To recognise a business leader/senior executive who has demonstrated personal passion and used his/her influence to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond in India. 

Swayta Murarka, HSBC 

As a D&I champion, Swayta is currently creating awareness and advocacy for LGBT+ inclusion, disability hiring and mental health in the corporate world. As a passionate leader and a transformational coach/mentor for many aspiring women, Swayta has been interviewed for various newsletters, webcasts, videos and panel discussions, internally and externally. Swayta has established herself as a strong voice at many industry events and roundtables. She has also delivered guest lectures at premier B-schools and initiated a campus outreach programme called "IB League" which has changed the way HSBC hires investment bankers in Bangalore.

2019 D&I Champion of Change Award

To recognise an HR/D&I corporate professional who has been a visible and committed champion of change in advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond in India. 

Mellener Anne Coelho, Northern Trust  

As a passionate advocate of Inclusion and having worked in the D&I space for more than ten years, Mellener is a guest faculty member for the Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) Program in India run by Interweave Consulting. She has a keen interest in championing mental health and is a certified Mental Health First Aider by MHFA India (2018) and MHFA England (2019) and is working towards her instructor training.

2019 D&I Pioneering Initiative Award

To recognise a specific initiative that demonstrates a bold, new, different or creative approach to promoting and/or advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace in India. 

TCS, Allies of Diversity Conclave   

The Allies of Diversity (AoD) Conclave held at TCS is a first-of-its-kind global initiative that saw 500 participants and volunteers come together to discuss and co-create organisational best-self through the lens of inclusion and diversity. This two-day conclave saw high energy and meaningful conversations about crafting each employee’s role as “allies” to help create an ecosystem of support, connection and network, leveraging business impact in the organisation. 

2019 Promoting Social Inclusion Award

To recognise a corporate initiative that has had a positive and measurable impact in promoting the social inclusion of a diverse or under-represented group in the wider community* in India.  

*Note, this is not a workplace initiative 


AIG, Project AbhIGna   

Project AbhIGna (Abhigna means knowledge in Sanskrit) is an initiative which addresses the social marginalisation of children, youths and women with low SES (socio-economic status) by providing them education and increasingly their employability through programmes such as the Beyond School Program, Saaksharatha Scholarship Program and Digital literacy & Vocational Training Programs and the Shakthi Livelihood Program for Women. Education offers children and youth a ladder out of poverty and a path to a promising career and better income. This leads to the social and economic integration of the target group in the host society. 

JLL, Project Unnati

Project Unnati assesses and certifies individuals with on-the-job or informally acquired skills to ensure that their experiences is as valid and recognised as those with formal education or certification. The programme focuses on functions such as housekeeping, F&B and receptionists.