2020 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Awards - Winners

SDG 5: Gender Equality and SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities
Community Business announced the winners of the 2020 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Awards at the 2020 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Awards Ceremony on Thursday 30 July 2020.

LGBT+ Network Award sponsored by Credit Suisse

To recognise an employee network that has played a proactive role in promoting LGBT+ inclusion and demonstrating strong engagement with, and commitment to, local Hong Kong LGBT+ employees.  

Eligibility: An LGBT+ employee network based in Hong Kong. 

J.P. Morgan PRIDE Hong Kong
J.P. Morgan

PRIDE Hong Kong is part of the J.P. Morgan's Business Resource Groups (BRGs), representing the firm's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, + and Ally employees. As a resource group, PRIDE provides members with information, awareness and networking opportunities - to enhance their career development. PRIDE also actively reviews the policies, processes, procedures and strategy of the firm via it's various chapters globally, to ensure the firm is fully inclusive to LGBT+A employees.

LGBT+ Newcomer Award sponsored by HSBC

To recognise an organisation which has recently started on its LGBT+ inclusion journey in Hong Kong (within the last 2 years) and has made significant progress.   

Eligibility: An organisation based in Hong Kong. 

Eaton HK

Hong Kong's first and only IGLTA certified hotel, Eaton HK is a pioneer in welcoming LGBTQ+ travelers to the city. This is seen through their hosting of equality activists and transgender advocates for events, sponsoring Hong Kong pride and Miles of Love forum, a robust programming schedule centered around humanitarian, creativity and community activism causes, inclusivity in hiring practices and guest service training, all the way down to little details such as storing marriage equality literature on-site, billboard displays for equality and the rainbow flag outside the hotel, and gender neutral bathroom signs throughout the property.

LGBT+ Executive Sponsor Award

To recognise a senior executive sponsor based in Hong Kong who has spoken up and used their influence to promote LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and beyond in Hong Kong.  

Eligibility: A senior business executive based in Hong Kong who is not in a line Diversity & Inclusion role. 

Bill Greene
Morgan Stanley

Bill Greene is a Managing Director in the Equity Research division at Morgan Stanley. In September 2015, he was appointed Morgan Stanley’s Director of Asia Research, based in Hong Kong. In 2017, Bill approached the Asia Pride and Allies network co-chairs to discuss becoming more engaged in in the network. After nearly two years in the region, he recognised the strategic role he could play as the Executive Sponsor of Asia Pride and Allies. As the only openly gay Managing Director in Hong Kong, Bill recognises the significance of being an active and visible Role Model in Hong Kong and the region. In his management role, Bill sits on Morgan Stanley’s Asia Pacific Executive Committee and Asia Pacific Diversity Council, providing him the unique opportunity to discuss LGBT+ inclusion with senior management on a regular basis. He often raises the topic of inclusion with senior-level colleagues and helps secure funding for LGBT+ internal and external initiatives. Prior to his arrival in Asia, Bill was a research analyst covering transportation North American transportation stocks in Equity Research. He was also involved in Morgan Stanley’s Pride network in New York City, and thus, brings a global view to his role as Executive Sponsor in Hong Kong.

LGBT+ Inclusion Champion Award sponsored by Thomson Reuters

To recognise an LGBT+ employee based in Hong Kong who has taken proactive and effective steps to promote an LGBT+ inclusive culture in the workplace and beyond in Hong Kong.  

Eligibility: An LGBT+ employee (any level) based in Hong Kong. Priority will be given to employees whose primary job is not related to Diversity & Inclusion.

Michael Lam
Goldman Sachs

Michael is an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs and serves as a co-head of the firm’s Hong Kong LGBT+ employee network. With his commitment to intersectionality, Michael has collaborated with multiple affinity networks to promote inclusion. Michael is an active participant in various global LGBT+ initiatives, including the Global Pronouns Initiative Working Group. Externally, Michael serves as the Secretariat for the Hong Kong LGBT+ Interbank Forum and as a board member of AIDS Concern. His active engagement with local NGOs, including Pink Dot and Queer Straight Alliance, encourages stronger collaboration between businesses and the wider community. Michael mentors and coaches LGBT+ and ally employees on related topics, and has spoken at a number of public events on the importance of LGBT+ inclusion, his personal experience as an out individual and the concept of role modelling.

LGBT+ Ally Award sponsored by AXA

To recognise a non-LGBT+ individual who has demonstrated personal passion and commitment to promoting LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and beyond in Hong Kong.  

Eligibility: An employee (any level) who does not identify as LGBT+ based in Hong Kong. 

Sean Navin
Goldman Sachs

Sean is a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, Head of Hong Kong and Northbound Connect sales trading and he manages HighTouch execution strategy. In addition, Sean serves as a co-head of the firm’s HongKong LGBT+ employee network. Sean has a longstanding commitment to LGBT+ inclusion and is the creator of PinkFriday, an annual flagship internal event founded in 2014 which has expaneded cross-industry and 60 organizations now participate in the HK event. PinkFriday raises LGBT+ awareness in the workplace. He actively leverages his influence within Goldman Sachs and his client relationships to drive LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and beyond. He leads, participates in and volunteers at various LGBT+ events to share best practices, raise awareness with industry peers, and to pay it forward to the community.

LGBT+ Advocacy Award sponsored by Manulife

To recognise an individual or organisation which has contributed to the advancement of LGBT+ equality and inclusion in Hong Kong through advocating for legal and/or social change.  

Eligibility: An individual or organisation based in Hong Kong. 

Dr Travis S K Kong
The University of Hong Kong 

Dr. Travis S. K. Kong is a leading sociologist with a specialisation in Chinese gender and sexuality. His mission is to expose discrimination and the challenges LGBT+ encounter in Hong Kong as well as fight for their social inclusion through producing scholarly publications, playing a key leading role in advising the government and NGOs regarding gender and sexuality issues, and educating professionals and the general public about inclusion and diversity through public talks, seminars and discussions. His long-term service to and research on the LGBT+ community in Hong Kong has been widely recognised both locally and internationally.

LGBT+ Community Impact Award sponsored by Goldman Sachs

To recognise a community-based LGBT+ initiative that has had a significant positive impact in promoting LGBT+ inclusion in Hong Kong.   

Eligibility: An initiative led by a not-for-profit organisation in Hong Kong. 

Supporting Lesbian – Away from Partner Domestic Violence Project 支援女同志--遠離伴侶家暴計劃
Les Corner Empowerment Association 女角平權協作組

"Supporting Lesbian – Away from Partner Domestic Violence Project" is a 3-year subsidised project with the following aims:

  1. Organise workshops to educate volunteers on: coverage of the current Hong Kong Domestic Violence Ordinance; the Social Welfare Department’s current policy for handling domestic violence; support services provided by welfare NGOs; police’s policies for handling domestic violence; and basic counselling services, etc.
  2. Provide training to mainstream domestic violence service providers, including government, welfare NGOs, police and colleges, to dispel misunderstandings around the community.
  3. Educate the community about domestic violence. Assist homosexual domestic violence victims or show care for lesbians experiencing domestic violence in hopes of building a supportive network to break down social isolation.

LGBT+ Youth Champion Award

To recognise a young person (age 30 and below) who has advocated for and championed LGBT+ inclusion in Hong Kong, or a community organisation which has advocated for and championed LGBT+ youth inclusion in Hong Kong.  

Eligibility: An individual (aged 30 and below) or community organisation based in Hong Kong. 

Aaron Chan Chun Tat
DLA Piper Hong Kong

Aaron is the Pro Bono Associate - Asia of DLA Piper Hong Kong. Prior to joining DLA Piper, Aaron has received training and worked in Daly & Associates, a leading human rights law firm in Hong Kong. He was involved in a number of landmark public law cases in Hong Kong concerning LGBT+ rights, including Leung Chun Kwong v Secretary for the Civil Service and another, Ng Hon Lam Edgar v Housing Authority and Ng Hon Lam Edgar v the Secretary for Justice. He also has advised and represented the transgender community in seeking recognition. Outside the courtroom, Aaron has often been invited to attend seminars and media interviews to advocate for LGBT+ rights. He is one of the general advisors of Hong Kong Marriage Equality. Aaron believes in equality and fairness for everyone. To him, he, as a lawyer, is obligated to bring fairness and equality to everyone in Hong Kong. Aaron was the winner of the Young Lawyer Special Award in the Pro Bono and Community Work Recognition Programme 2019 by the Law Society of Hong Kong for his pro bono legal service to his clients.