DIAN Global Link

Focus Area | Tackling Workplace Inequality
A briefing service exclusively for Global Heads of Diversity & Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officers - designed to keep key global stakeholders on top of key D&I trends, developments and activities in the Asia region.

The majority of DIAN members are multinational companies with global headquarters outside of Asia.  Ensuring your global leaders are kept informed about key developments and opportunities relating to diversity and inclusion in Asia is critical to the success of your global strategy.  After all, Asia is a complex market - representing not one single entity but many countries and cultures each with its own context and dynamics.  Through engagement with DIAN Global Link, you have access to Community Business' local knowledge and insights, grounded in over a decade of research and direct experience.

Why DIAN Global Link?

Through DIAN Global Link, Global Heads of D&I and Chief Diversity Officers have the opportunity to:

  1. Be part of a peer group committed to understanding D&I issues as they relate to Asia
  2. Access key insights and knowledge that will empower you to drive your strategy forward in Asia
  3. Keep up to date with key developments in Asia – and engage you directly in our pioneering work in Asia
  4. Identify opportunities to raise your / your company’s profile in Asia as a D&I leader

DIAN Global Link Offering


DIAN and DIAN India member companies are invited to nominate their Heads of D&I and Chief Diversity Offices to take advantage of the DIAN Global Link briefing service.  This is offered as an additional benefit of membership - at no extra charge. DIAN Global Link is also open to non-member companies at a fee.  

DIAN Global Link Events in 2020

Participants of DIAN Global Link are invited to join key events throughout the year. In 2020 these include: