Cognitive Diversity in the Asian Context

SDG 5: Gender Equality and SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities
Sponsored by DIAN Premium members, the research explores how cognitive diversity is understood and practised to complement the current approaches to diversity and inclusion in Asia.


  • Provide a more nuanced understanding of diversity particularly in the Asian workplace.  

  • Explore how cognitive diversity fits into current approaches to diversity and inclusion in Asia.  

  • Examine the challenges of promoting cognitive diversity in the Asian context.  

  • Share tools designed for advancing cognitive diversity in areas including recruitment, team management, leadership and corporate culture.  

Call for Participation

As we further our research, we would like to invite organisations to share their approach to harnessing cognitive diversity in the workplace over a 45-minute interview. Select contributing companies will be invited to speak at the launch event in Q1 2021. 

Areas of discussion:  

  • How your organisation promotes or leverages cognitive diversity in Asia in any of the following areas: recruitment, team management, leadership development, etc.  

  • What tools your organisation currently uses  

  • Comments on existing tools in relation to the Asian context 

  • Recommendations on advancing cognitive diversity within teams or the organisation 

Target representatives: 

  • Recruiters/talent acquisition leads, HR leads 

  • Senior leaders, e.g. country managers, directors 

  • People managers in various functions, e.g. technical, creative, etc. 


If you would like to explore an opportunity to profile your organisation in this publication, please contact Cora Mok.


With thanks to the following DIAN members: