'This is Me' in India

Focus Area | Tackling Workplace Inequality
This is Me centres on the sharing of stories and lived experiences of disability and mental health as a way to challenge the stigma and open up conversations about these sensitive subjects in the workplace.

An initiative first pioneered by Barclays in the UK in 2014 and now led by the Lord Mayor's Appeal in London, Community Business is working in partnership to introduce and promote This is Me to companies in India.


Why This is Me


Research shows that storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to bring about cultural and behavioural change. Attitudes, knowledge and behaviour towards people with disabilities, including those with mental health problems are more likely to improve if people are given the opportunity to learn from someone who has a personal experience to share.

At the same time, seeing other people share their stories, gives people encouragement to tell their own, empowering employees to be more honest with each other and fostering a more open and supportive culture that benefits all.

This is Me in India

Findings from Community Business’ 2018 D&I in India Best Practice Benchmark reveal that companies in India are not doing enough to build disability confidence. Our in-depth research Embracing Mental Health in the Workplace in Asia highlights that whilst mental health is a significant issue in India, addressing it in the workplace remains largely a taboo subject.

Recognising the opportunity to leverage the power of business to drive social change, Community Business is partnering with its leading DIAN India network to promote This is Me in India.

Companies committed to reducing the stigma, opening up the conversation and creating more inclusive workplaces for those with a disability and mental health issues are invited to get involved.

Get Involved!

Whether you already have a storytelling programme focused on disability and mental health - or are looking to introduce one, we invite you to be a part of This is Me in India.  Simply complete our online form and we will follow up with you with details of further resources and events.  This includes a copy of our Employer’s Guide for India with helpful advice on how to run a This is Me programme in your own organisation. For more information, please contact Kapila Jaykumar.

Participating Companies



Impact of This is Me

This is Me has had a fantastic impact since its inception.  To date, over 700 organisations have registered for the campaign across the UK, with many organisations saying it is the best D&I campaign they have ever run. Furthermore, 100% of organisations surveyed in 2018 said This is Me had a positive impact on changing attitudes towards mental health and dispelling myths, as well as increasing the number of conversations about mental health in the workplace.

“Absolutely incredible. Of all the many diversity campaigns we have run, this has had the most impact. It raised awareness and opened an entirely new dialogue.”

 - Organisation participating in This is Me

Global Partnership

“I am delighted that The Lord Mayor’s Appeal is working with Community Business to encourage organisations across India to bring This is Me to their workplace so the same impact we have seen in London, can be seen across India, creating a truly global movement to end the stigma around mental health to help employees in India, and beyond, thrive. Together, we can end the stigma around mental health in the workplace on a global level.”

India Taskforce

Community Business is grateful to the members of its DIAN India Taskforce for helping to shape and champion the promotion of This is Me in India.


Chitra Shyam Sundar
VP & Head D&I APAC, Barclays

Jennifer Manchinkati
D&I Practitioner, EY GDS


Mellener Coelho
VP & India Head D&I, Northern Trust


Shahrvi Irani
GM, HR Strategy Analytics and Inclusion & Diversity, Accenture 


Sowmya KB
D&I Lead, State Street 


Sreela Das Gupta
Global Lead, Disability & Neurodiversity, Tata Consultancy Services