8 Nov 2017

Community Business India Conference 2017

New virtual event designed to lead, inspire and support companies to adopt responsible and inclusive business practices in India


Leveraging over a decade of expertise and thought leadership, we are delighted to introduce the Community Business India Virtual Conference 2017 – a new virtual event designed to lead, inspire and support companies to adopt responsible and inclusive business practices in India.

With the theme: Harnessing the Power of Business to Drive Social Change, our programme includes the following 2 tracks: 

In Track 1, we explore the concept of responsible business and why it is critical to long-term business success in India. In line with the focus of our work at Community Business, we facilitate understanding and insights on the following key aspects of responsible business:

  • Building responsible leadership
  • Ensuring employee wellbeing
  • Promoting social inclusion

In Track 2, we examine how companies can take the lead in tackling inequality and creating inclusive workplaces in India.  With 4 dedicated Virtual Sessions in this Track we address key aspects of diversity and inclusion.  Through a combination of thought leadership, personal stories and practical advice, we will leave you with insights and learnings to drive your diversity and inclusion strategy forward in India.

Given the theme of the Conference, Community Business has thought very carefully about how we design and deliver a ‘responsible and inclusive event’. We have done our best to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities by delivering text and colour enhancements for the visually impaired and session transcripts for the hearing impaired. We have also designed an environment that reflects diversity in people as well as accessibility - transgender bathrooms and elevators. All of this is possible and brought to you by our sponsor Goldman Sachs.

Watch our keynote sessions and virtual sessions on demand via the links below.

Track 1

Building Responsible Leadership

Promoting Social Inclusion in India and the Power of Employee Volunteering

A Holistic Approach to Employee Wellbeing in India

Track 2

Rewire, A Radical Approach to Tackling Diversity and Difference

Bridging the Generation Gap in India

Addressing Mental Health – Why the Time to Act is Now

Transgender Perspectives in India

Culture, Caste and Religion – We Can’t Talk About That at Work!

Women of Influence