1 Apr 2020

COVID-19: Pandemic of Prejudice?

Fear, racism and disruption in our workplaces in the wake of the virus and how we can combat this


As the global focus on the impact of Covid-19 shifts outside of Asia and as many more countries come to terms with it’s unique challenges, is it ‘business as usual’, and what does this mean for employees, employers and the wider community? Will the xenophobia we see in the public domain spillover into the workplace? 

With fear and uncertainty gripping populations worldwide, there are increasing accounts of fake news, microaggressions, grievances and employees suffering from the emotional toll of the pandemic. Looking at lessons from Asia, join us for an interactive virtual session to learn about the impact of the current outbreak on the workplace. Understanding how this is triggering fear, racism and aggression, and equip yourself with recommendations on managing and prioritising employee wellbeing.


What you can expect  from this session

  • Examine the emotions and issues that contribute to the increase in microaggressions being reported and experienced in our everyday interactions. 
  • Explore the people management challenges companies are facing and discuss proactive steps we can take to minimise workplace disruptions. 
  • Learn from discussion with other HR, D&I and Team Leaders by participating in online group discussions facilitated by the Community Business team.
  • Walk away with practical tips and insights you can bring back to inform your company response strategy, policies and procedures to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Target Audience

  • HR Professionals
  • D&I Professionals
  • Business Leaders/Owners with business interests in Asia and globally

Event Speakers

  • Michael Chan

    Michael Chan

    Programme Manager, Responsible Business at Community Business
  • Sakshi Kumar

    Sakshi Kumar

    Programme & Content Manager, DIAN at Community Business

Programme Manager, Responsible Business at Community Business

Michael Chan

Michael is Programme Manager, Responsible Business, based in Hong Kong. He is responsible for contributing to the development and execution of programmes and strategy for the Responsible Business Team.

Prior to joining Community Business, Michael worked at an NGO in Hong Kong, where he was responsible for managing a programme that supports people living with HIV across their life span through individual counselling services, as well as the organisation of support groups and life quality enhancement activities. 

Michael is also a behavioural researcher who is interested in utilising behavioural science to enhance the physical and psychological wellbeing of individuals. He has received a poster award from the Hong Kong Psychological Society for his research on preference for solitude and regulation of emotion.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michael holds a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Psychology. He is native in Cantonese and fluent in English and Mandarin.

Programme & Content Manager, DIAN at Community Business

Sakshi Kumar

Sakshi is Programme and Content Manager, DIAN, based in Hong Kong. She is mainly responsible for developing, designing and delivering content-rich and engaging meetings for DIAN.

Sakshi has been working in the not-for-profit sector throughout her career.  It has greatly influenced her interest in advocating for inclusion and promoting representation of diverse groups and interests. Prior to joining Community Business, Sakshi worked as Programme Coordinator at a local NGO, overseeing the planning, budget management, stakeholder engagement and process improvement of projects.  She was also responsible for developing training modules covering mental wellness, self-awareness for youth participants, teachers and parents. On a personal level, she offers her skills as a counsellor at another local NGO, mainly helping the adult population experiencing acute stress-related anxiety and transition challenges.

Graduated from Monash University, Sakshi holds a Master degree of Arts in Counselling.  She is fluent in English.