7 Dec 2017

Mindfully Communicating Better with Japanese & with Yourself

Designed to explore communication skills, tactics and mindfulness to bridge both cultural and personal differences


Yamamoto’s research harnesses the collected wisdom of over 50 managers from Toyota and General Motors in California. Why not grab the secrets of their challenges for YOUR own benefit and success?  Only through Yamamoto’s exhaustive research and her personal experiences at NUMMI can these secrets be revealed.

The key findings of this research will be supported with the tool Cultural Detective.  Moreover, not only cultural but individual behavioral differences would also be introduced with the tool Everything Workplace (DiSC).

With over 25 years as communication practitioner and executive coach in and out of Japan, Yamamoto has found the importance of knowing and accepting one’s own communication style - your way of being - before learning about others. Only then may one truly start working on bridging the communication gap between ourselves and others. This is your opportunity to actually know your own style better.

Personal Leadership has been Kikue's interest for over 15 years and she strongly believes in the importance of having one’s vision, which could set us free from right now yet help us focus.  Let us play with tips of vision making.  Mindfulness, one of two principles of Personal Leadership, could enable you to have sustainability--your strong foundation, i.e., your way of being, while communicating better with the Japanese for results.

Key Takeaways

  • Gaining wisdom of others as to how to communicate better with Japanese, based on Yamamoto’s research and experiences
  • Getting knowledge and insights of ways to bridging differences, including a couple of tools
  • Getting tips of vision-making and benefit of mindfulness.

Event Speakers

  • Kikue Yamamoto

    Kikue Yamamoto

    Office Yamamoto Ltd.

Office Yamamoto Ltd.

Kikue Yamamoto

Based on three independent surveys at NUMMI, a joint-venture of Toyota and GM in California where she once worked, Yamamoto has developed and conducted numerous training for those who want to learn tips/ tactics for working with the Japanese and also improve their personal communication. With over 25 years of experiences, Yamamoto, a management consultant and executive coach, holds a master degree in Speech Communication and Journalism, and currently teaches as a part-time lecturer at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan, on Personal Leadership, Communication, Japanese Culture and Business.

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