Empowering LGBT+ Equality: Insights from Jerome Yau | Hong Kong Marriage Equality & AIDS Concern

“Corporates can play a role in elevating and improving employees’ wellbeing... It’s important for leadership to [demonstrate] that as a company, we care, it’s beyond a slogan or a piece of policy.” 

-Jerome Yau, Co-Founder, Hong Kong Marriage Equality 

This episode of Up for Discussion features Jerome Yau from Hong Kong Marriage Equality and AIDS Concern sharing about his role in these two NGOs and the road to equality for LGBT+ people in Hong Kong, as well as the wider region.  

Our Senior Programme Manager of the LGBT+ Campaign Scot Jones asked Jerome about: 

  • How Hong Kong Marriage Equality was founded 
  • Jerome’s observations about societal shifts in Hong Kong 
  • AIDS Concern Hong Kong’s objectives 
  • The role that corporates can play in improving the lives of LGBT+ individuals 

Watch this episode to learn more about the LGBT+ landscape in Hong Kong and Asia from a leading figure in this space.