Nasrine Ghozali on The Road to Board Diversity

"At some point, it would be more efficient, if we were to be focusing on how to design our businesses and our processes in a universal way, much like architects or interior designers do universal design... How do we make how we do business more inclusive for everyone without having to go back and then put on these Band-Aids?

- Noelle Sinclair, Founder, Diverse Minds

Noelle founded Diverse Minds and helps organisations leverage neurodiversity to enhance team performance and business outcomes, offering specialised neurodiversity training for professionals and developing strategic plans, frameworks, and tools to address current gaps in neurodiversity practices. In this episode of Up for Discussion, our Client Solutions Manager Len Nguyen interviews Noelle about the intersectionality of Neurodiversity and Gender.

Watch this episode to learn about:

  • Noelle's personal experience
  • Gender biases in the history of ADHD and ASD diagnosis
  • What organisations can do to support neurodivergent employees