Research Publication Launch: Multigenerational Workforce in Asia

Multigenerational workplaces are no longer a matter of employee interaction, but rather a reflection of the changing demographic landscape within organisations. The success of organisations lay in embracing new ideas and as such, multigenerational integration has become part of the DE&I portfolio in many organisations. The need to understand this evolving landscape in a bid to turn challenges into opportunities for growth is crucial.  

This research aims to highlight the critical need for companies to acknowledge and adapt to changing workplace demographics and looks specifically at the markets of Hong Kong, India, Japan, Mainland China, Singapore and the Philippines.  

The publication covers

  • An introduction into the importance of multigenerational diversity and the challenges and opportunities associated with the topic. 

  • An insight into the demographic composition of the markets covered in the research including; Hong Kong, India, Japan, Mainland China, Singapore and the Philippines. 

  • A detailed exploration into the business case and the values and benefits of multigenerational workforce inclusion. 

  • Community Business’ recommendations for effective multigenerational inclusion.   


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    Multigenerational Workforce in Asia

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