2020 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Awards

Focus Area | Tackling Workplace Inequality

Extension of Awards Nomination Deadline Notice - Given the current situation in Hong Kong, we have decided to extend the submission deadline to 21 February 2020.

The 2020 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Awards are open for nominations between 5 November 2019 and 21 February 2020. Nominations are free of charge. 

At the prestigious 2020 LGBT+ Inclusion Gala Dinner on 30 July 2020, Community Business will reveal the winners of the Awards. 

In the past years, being either a finalist or a winner of our LGBT+ Inclusion Awards has provided both organisations and individuals with an important platform for them to promote and amplify their meaningful efforts in driving LGBT+ inclusion. 


Organisation Awards

LGBT+ Network Award 最佳同志網絡

  • To recognise an employee network that has played a proactive role in promoting LGBT+ inclusion and demonstrating strong engagement with, and commitment to, local Hong Kong LGBT+ employees.
    Eligibility: An LGBT+ employee network based in Hong Kong.

LGBT+ Newcomer Award 同志共融優秀新晉機構

  • To recognise an organisation which has recently started on its LGBT+ inclusion journey in Hong Kong (within the last 2 years) and has made significant progress. 
    Eligibility: An organisation based in Hong Kong.


Individual Awards


LGBT+ Executive Sponsor Award 卓越公司發起人

  • To recognise a senior executive sponsor based in Hong Kong who has spoken up and used their influence to promote LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and beyond in Hong Kong. 
    Eligibility: A senior business executive based in Hong Kong who is not in a line Diversity & Inclusion role.

LGBT+ Inclusion Champion Award 傑出同志共融大使

  • To recognise an LGBT+ employee based in Hong Kong who has taken proactive and effective steps to promote an LGBT+ inclusive culture in the workplace and beyond in Hong Kong.
    Eligibility: An LGBT+ employee (any level) based in Hong Kong.  Priority will be given to employees whose primary job is not related to Diversity & Inclusion.


LGBT+ Ally Award 傑出同志盟友

  • To recognise a non-LGBT+ individual who has demonstrated personal passion and commitment to promoting LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and beyond in Hong Kong.
    Eligibility: An employee (any level) who does not identify as LGBT+ based in Hong Kong.


Individual/Organisation Awards

LGBT+ Advocacy Award 最具影響力同志共融倡議(NEW)

  • To recognise an individual or organisation which has contributed to the advancement of LGBT+ equality and inclusion in Hong Kong through advocating for legal and/or social change.
    Eligibility: An individual or organisation based in Hong Kong


Community Awards

LGBT+ Community Impact Award 最具影響力同志共融社區項目

  • To recognise a community-based LGBT+ initiative that has had a significant positive impact in promoting LGBT+ inclusion in Hong Kong. 
    Eligibility: An initiative led by a not-for-profit organisation in Hong Kong.



LGBT+ Youth Champion Award 傑出同志共融青年大使

  • To recognise a young person (age 30 and below) who has advocated for and championed LGBT+ inclusion in Hong Kong, or a community organisation which has advocated for and championed LGBT+ youth inclusion in Hong Kong.
    Eligibility: An individual (aged 30 and below) or community organisation based in Hong Kong.

Selection & Judging Process

Recognising the role of these awards in promoting LGBT+ inclusion in Hong Kong, we will assess award nominations in each category based on the extent to which they are:

Nomination Platform

Click here to start the nomination process. First, create an account with your email address and then fill in the nomination form for your chosen award. You may nominate as many people or organisations as you wish. However, please be aware that award sponsors and award winners from the most recent award season are not eligible to nominate for the same award.


Gold and Corporate level sponsorship options, as well as individual tickets, are available for the Virtual Awards Ceremony. 

Given the fact that some of our supporters had already made payment for physical gala tables, we have extended a "top-up" option that includes sponsorship of wider Community Business activities. 

Please get in touch with our LGBT+ Programme team to explore your options or for further information. 

2020 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Awards Ceremony

Award winners will be announced at our 2020 Hong Kong LGBT+ Inclusion Awards Ceremony, to be held virtually, on Thursday 30 July in commemoration of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOTB). 

Individual tickets for this event are free of charge but come with a suggested donation of HK$ 500. Sponsorship and branding opportunities are available.

Join us, as we celebrate the outstanding work that is being done to promote LGBT+ inclusion in Hong Kong and raise funds to sustain our continued work in this area.