2022 Community Business Awards - Finalists

SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals
Community Business is delighted to have received a great number of quality nominations from individuals, companies, and organisations for our inaugural 2022 Community Business Awards. The details of the finalists for each award are listed below.

The winners will be announced at our 2022 Community Business Awards Virtual Ceremony on 26 May 2022.

Finalists are listed in alphabetical order by organisation name.

Responsible Business Leader in Asia Award sponsored by Thomson Reuters

To recognise a business leader/senior executive based in Asia who has demonstrated personal passion and used their influence to advance responsible and inclusive business practices in their organisation and beyond.

Amol Gupte - Citi

Amol Gupte is the ASEAN Head and Citi Country Officer (CCO) for Singapore and is responsible for the leadership, businesses, and operations of Citi’s ASEAN markets. He is a 33-year Citi veteran and has held several senior positions globally including APAC Head for the Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) business, North America Head for TTS and Head of Payments for EMEA.  Amol is a strong advocate for building a diverse and inclusive workplace that promotes responsible and inclusive business practices. He is instrumental in leading positive culture change for Citi and the communities that the bank serves. 


Angel Ng - Citi

Angel Ng is the CEO for Citi Hong Kong and Macau.  She was appointed in May 2018 to oversee all the businesses across the Citi franchise in the two markets. Prior to assuming this role, Angel was the Chief Executive and Consumer Business Manager for Citi’s consumer banking operations in Hong Kong. Angel joined Citi Hong Kong in 1998 and had previously served as the Head of Retail Banking, Head of Wealth Management, and Head of Cards. A strong advocate of diversity and inclusion, Angel is the Asia Pacific co-lead of the Citi Women Affinity Steering Committee. 


Anthony Thompson - Michael Page International 

Anthony moved from Australia to commence his Michael Page career in Hong Kong in 2001. He managed and established several disciplines and brands in Hong Kong and China and was appointed Managing Director, Hong Kong and Southern China in 2006. In 2012, he was appointed Regional Managing Director for Greater China with several offices established across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 2015, Anthony moved to Singapore with additional responsibility for South-East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines). He subsequently took on the leadership of India, Japan, Australia and was appointed to the Executive Board in 2018. 


Ruhi Ranjan - Accenture 

Ruhi Ranjan is a Senior Managing Director leading the Accenture Growth Markets Delivery for Advanced Technology Centre India across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. She has multi-cultural work experience across North America, Europe and Growth Makers in diverse industries including Financial Services, Manufacturing and High Tech. Ruhi is a passionate about creating an equitable work environment for all our people. She leads the Inclusion and Diversity portfolio for Accenture in India and has made a significant contribution to internal and community initiatives through focused interventions and programmes.

Employee Network in Asia Award

To recognise an employee network that has played a strategic and proactive role in advancing responsible and inclusive business practices in Asia. 

Citi for Citi Pride Affinity

Citi's Employee Network chapters serve as local branches of ourtheir Affinities and are inititated and led by employees. They offer professional development, mentoring, networking and community engagement opportunities to members and colleagues. Consistent with Citi's inclusive culture, Employee Network chapters are open to all Citi employees, whether they identify with a particular Affinity. Each Affinity is co-chaired by a member of Citi's CEO Jane Fraser's leadership team.


Herbert Smith Freehills for IRIS Network 

Herbert Smith Freehills' IRIS Network in Asia exists to advocate for LGBT+ inclusion. It provides a thriving community for LGBT+ people and allies to come together - wherever they are located and offers educational and leadership development opportunities. The network partners with the firm's clients and in-country LGBT+ organisations, working together to build more inclusive cultures across the region.


Intel for Intel Disability and Accessibility Network (IDAN) India

Intel Disability and Accessibility Network (IDAN) is an Intel Global Employee Resource Group (ERG). The IDAN India chapter incorporated in 2017,  has as its vision "To be an inclusive and accessible workplace, in a way that we have supportive policies and benefits, so that we build a culture and ecosystem that empowers employees who are Persons with Disabilities or Caregivers". IDAN India has three main pillars of work:

  1. Being true to culture and building Psychological Safety
  2. Advancing Accessibility
  3. Leading the Industry  


Pioneering Initiative in Asia Award sponsored by Northern Trust

To recognise a specific corporate initiative that demonstrated a bold, new, different or creative approach to advancing responsible and inclusive business practices in Asia. 

AIG for APAC Inclusive Leadership Forum (ILF)

AIG’s pioneering initiative is called the APAC Inclusive Leadership Forum (ILF). It is a multifaceted initiative that launched with an event engaging senior leaders, employees sharing their authentic stories and external subject matter experts providing evidence-based research and strategies around DEI topics. The goal of the event was to start a discussion around a DEI topic and in the six to twelve months post-event, form project teams to create tools, governance, and meaningful changes in APAC around that topic.


Allen & Overy for Supporting Female Talent in Indonesia

Our Allen & Overy’s Jakarta office (Ginting & Reksodiputro in association with Allen & Overy) currently has five male partners and historically a third of graduate-level new joiners were female. In Indonesia, the legal profession remains a male-dominated industry and women face significant gender bias. To address this, and in line with A&O’s global DE&I strategy, the Jakarta office undertook to improve gender balance in the office, tackle stereotypes and grow the partnership organically. The office implemented initiatives to support the wellbeing and development of talented female staff, increasing the proportion of females in the graduate intake and transforming the female talent pipeline.


Tata Consultancy Services for Project Synthesis

TCS is a global conglomerate where the diversity, equity and inclusion mindset is embraced as a systemic, multilevel process highlighting a holistic approach towards embedding multiculturalism that in turn drives growth. Launched during the pandemic, the “Project Synthesis” programme aims to create mindset shifts towards inclusion and help people managers to step into their personal power as well as build resilience. Project Synthesis saw participation from 5800 associates across four4 time zones, four generations and seven geographies. The programme contains a unique design with a comprehensive curriculum that is delivered by thought leaders and global faculty over ten weeks.


D&I in Asia Intersectionality Award sponsored by Standard Chartered

To recognise a company that has adopted a holistic and intersectional approach to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce in Asia.


Linklaters believes that, while they still have work to do to be truly diverse and inclusive, at Linklaters, their focus on intersectionality is propelling them forward. Linklaters initially spoke about diversity in a way that highlighted differences, to aid people's understanding, however over the years they have progressed to approaching D&I in a way that focuses simply on authenticity and respect - ultimately a deeply intersectional approach. While they do keep our eye on those issues and challenges that specifically affect certain groups, Linklaters emphasises that people don't fit neatly into diversity boxes. This allows people to embrace their full selves.


Prudential plc

Prudential’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Council formed in May 2020, and initiated an ambitious action plan for 2021 was committed to that would support the Group's business strategy as it divested it business in the UK and US, pivoting to focusing on it's growth in Asia and Africa.

Our Charter was formed with the goal of "empowering our people and creating a sense of belonging by respecting and appreciating differences". Aligned to their purpose "To help people get the most out of life", this will create a culture in which diversity is celebrated and inclusion assured, for their people, customers and partners.



PVH’s vision is to be the most admired fashion and lifestyle company in the world, with a stated purpose to power brands that drive fashion-forward – for good. Society’s evolving intersectionality continues to inspire PVH to be a force for cultural, economic, and social change. They recognise the value of a purpose-driven culture and the power of associates bringing their whole selves to contribute. By putting people first, PVH are accelerating the pace of inclusion for associates. This reflects a consumer base that is diverse and intersectional, working towards achieving global commitments to deliver impact for associates, consumers and communities.

Promoting Social Inclusion in Asia Award

To recognise a company or community partner that has had a positive and measurable impact in promoting the social inclusion of under-represented or disadvantaged groups in the wider community in Asia 

Barclays for LifeSkills

Barclays LifeSkills (previously known as Connect with Work) is a global employability programme that provides people from often overlooked communities with vital work skills and connects them to businesses that are recruiting. Through LifeSkills, Barclays is making an important commitment to address the skills gap and aims to support 250,000 people into work, globally, by the end of 2022 – a large proportion of which will be in Asia Pacific. Besides positively impacting people’s lives, the programme provides businesses with the opportunity to develop a diverse and skilled workforce, which helps build the country’s economic growth.


Citi for Pathways to Progress

As part of the global Pathways to Progress initiative, Citi and Citi Foundation committed in 2020 to US$35 million in philanthropic investments to advance economic opportunities and employability for youth from low-income and underserved communities in the region by 2023. In addition, the bank will offer 6,000 jobs and 60,000 job skills training opportunities for young people. By the end of 2021, Citi and Citi Foundation had invested over US$24.5 million in 49 youth employment organisations across the region which are supporting 111,000+ youth. Citi has also hired 5,500+ youth and provided 75,000+ youth with virtual banking skill experience courses.


Google for DigiPivot

DigiPivot - an initiative by Google in association with Avtar and Centre for Executive Education at Indian School of Business, is a platform to build the digital marketing skillset for women professionals in India. The objective of this programme is to provide opportunities for women professionals to pivot their career in the digital marketing landscape and open a world of new career opportunities to grow and learn. DigiPivot encompasses a curated 22 week learning programme and engagement (both offline and online)  to empower the participants with digital marketing knowledge and tools as well as mentorship on strategic leadership skills.


Moody's for WEConnect Boot Camps

Moody's and WEConnect delivered the Financing Your Growing Business programme for Women-owned businesses (WOBs) in eleven countries, including Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. This programme aimed to enhance WOBs' skills, knowledge and capacity to finance their growing business. WOBs make significant contributions to local and global economies, yet face significant banking and credit gaps:

  • 40% + of women worldwide cannot access formal financial services (Global Findex).
  • Despite owning 9.34 million businesses globally, WOBs face annual credit gap of $1.5 trillion (IFC & Goldman Sachs).
  • 70% women-owned SMEs in developing countries cannot access capital to grow (IFC).

Work-Life Harmony in Asia Award

To recognise a company that has adopted a strategic and proactive approach to promoting the work-life harmony* of its employees in Asia. *This relates to initiatives that companies have in place to empower and support employees to manage their personal and professional lives. 

Fidelity International 

Fidelity has made a commitment to their employees, clients and communities to act with integrity and put people first. This includes looking after the wellbeing of their employees and promoting good work-life harmony. Their vision is to be a truly flexible employer, encouraging and trusting all employees globally to perform their role in the way that works best for them, their business, colleagues and clients. Fidelity has also introduced 5fivedays of paid Family Care Leave and a company-wide Enhanced Parental Leave Policy and hired a wellbeing lead who oversees their global wellbeing strategy.


Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Limited 

Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)’s people strategy enables their business strategy, creating a differentiated employee experience and culture. They view diversity, inclusion and respect for all employees as critical to their future success and have committed to become a “Human Bank”. Standard Chartered has been enabling the effective reskilling and upskilling of their existing workforce in a way that best serves the needs of the business and  employees for work-life harmony, not only offering a hybrid and sustainable approach for the future, combining virtual and office-based working patterns with greater flexibility, but also benefit for colleague’s wellbeing.


Stephenson Harwood

Stephenson Harwood takes a holistic and wholly encapsulating approach to work-life harmony that is firmly ingrained in the firm's corporate values. They approach work-life harmony via a two-pronged approach: the first prong involves management authentically recognising the voices of all members of the organisation, allowing them to make practical and authentic firm-wide policies that are in touch with the needs of all staff. The second prong involves appreciating the unique circumstances that various staff members may find themselves in, and in doing so, establishing highly curated and specific policies to cater for staffs needs and goals.


Talawakelle Tea Estates

Work-life harmony is about finding a way to weave together the different aspects of our lives. Doing this gives a greater sense of wellbeing and satisfaction than might be achieved through work or non-work time alone.  When employees work, Talawakelle make sure they are fully engaged with their tasks and put their work out of mind when they are off the clock. They establish goals and priorities for employees to help them focus on tasks that give them satisfaction, happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Achieving work-life harmony means re-evaluating how employees integrate their work-life into their personal life.

Physical Wellbeing in Asia Award sponsored by Shell

To recognise a company that has adopted a strategic and proactive approach to promoting the physical wellbeing of its employees in Asia, including creating the physical infrastructure and ecosystem to support a holistic and sustainable approach. 

Barclays for BE WELL India 

Wellbeing at Barclays cuts across five pillars – Mental, Physical, Workplace, Financial & Social. Diving into Physical Wellbeing, Barclays conducts bi-annual detailed analysis through insurance claims and focus group discussions with employees to understand the root cause wellbeing/medical issues. Based on the findings, Barclays curates knowledge-based, informative webinars with industry experts to ensure that colleagues are well aware of how to be more precautious. As a result, insurance claims, (excluding COVID related) have shown tremendous improvement. Additionally, the team followed a proactive approach during the pandemic and instantly formed an internal task force to support colleagues with immediate resources.


Marriott International for TakeCare

Marriott has a clear employer value proposition and a long-standing culture of "Take Care". They continually strive to provide experiences that their associates value most:

  1. the Opportunity to learn, grow and be well,
  2. being part of a Community of associates that work together as a team and are respectful and kind to all,
  3. and having a strong sense of Purpose in knowing they make a difference in the world through the work they do and the role they play in society and for the environment.

Opportunity, Community and Purpose, are the foundation of TakeCare.


UST for COVID-19 Employee Care Programme

UST focus on creating a healthy and happy workforce. They work together to meet the holistic health and wellbeing needs of their employees and to enhance the working experience; leading to greater productivity, higher engagement and employees who flourish both in and outside of the working environment. UST believe physical wellbeing is not just physical health but includes lifestyle behaviour choices that ensure health and to live in a balanced state of body and mind.

Emotional Wellbeing in Asia Award sponsored by Intel

To recognise a company that has adopted a strategic and proactive approach to promoting the emotional* wellbeing of its employees in Asia. *This may include target initiatives that companies have in place to promote happiness, resilience, mental health and/or spiritual wellbeing in the workplace. 

American Express for Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds is an emotional and mental wellbeing programme at American Express. Healthy Minds is grounded on four main beliefs: everyone is affected by mental health, mental health issues are common, mental health issues are treatable and there are resources available to help. The programme is for employees as well as their dependents and families. Healthy Minds started with an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and celebration of World Mental Health Day. The approach is to accelerate mental health awareness, and strengthen accessibility, self-assessment, counselling and enabling diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions.


Booking.com for Beating Burnout

Beating Burnout is a systemic, data-driven way of empowering employees, teams and the organisation to create work-life harmony. Booking.com define burnout in line with the WHO as emotional exhaustion, depersonalisation (mental detachment and negativity) and a reduced sense of self-efficacy. Booking.com’s data showed that burnout and a lack of awareness around burnout triggers was the largest wellbeing issue across all 17 APAC markets. This preventative programme helps build awareness for the signs of stress and provides science-based ways to build resilience. Booking.com used a gamified approach to help employees turn insight into action. 


Northern Trust for True North

Mental Wellbeing is a key business imperative for Northern Trust. Their Approach to mental wellbeing in Asia focuses on programmes to sensitise employees about mental health, upskill leaders and managers to support employees experiencing mental health conditions and sustain momentum around these initiatives. Leveraging demographics and keeping in mind the cultural nuances, tackling the stigma around mental health is a key area of focus for the programme. Northern Trust endeavours to ensure that all employees have access to resources that enable them to thrive and flourish at the workplace and beyond.

LGBT+ Inclusion Champion in Asia Award sponsored by Credit Suisse

To recognise an LGBT+ employee who has taken proactive and effective steps to promote and LGBT+ inclusive culture in the workplace and beyond in Asia. 

Ada Ho - Equinix

Ada has 19+ years in B2B marketing and communications working in businesses across North America and Asia. She has an entrepreneurial “roll-up-the-sleeves” mindset and fully embraces diverse cultures and people. Ada splits her time focusing on customer experience and storytelling and as an active advocate and member of the D&I community. Ada co-founded the APAC chapter of Equinix Women Leaders Network (EWLN) in 2016. In 2019 she became a Global Steering Committee member for Equinix  LGBTQ+ network, PrideConnect and was instrumental in the launch of its APAC chapter. Ada happily resides in Hong Kong with her partner of nine years.


Amita Karadkhedkar - Citi

Amita is Vice President, PBWM products – testing centre of excellence lead. Her metamorphosis to live her most authentic self as a woman has been emotional and one that speaks to the importance of having the determination to live authentically. She is Co-chair of the Citi India Pride Network and in addition to her work within Citi, she also spends her time on pro-bono advocacy and speaking engagements to leverage her visibility to dispel stereotypes and remind people that it is possible to embrace who they truly are. 


Mike Kung - Goldman Sachs

The APAC LGBT+ community is familiar with Mike given his coordinator role of the 2021 cross-industry Pink Friday. As an Executive Director and Senior Counsel at Goldman Sachs, Mike’s effort in pushing forward LGBT+ inclusion isn’t limited to within Goldman Sachs and the legal community, but extensively within the private sector. Apart from co-founding the HK LGBT+ Attorneys Network, his close liaison with organisations such as Hong Kong Marriage Equality, Gay Games, Pink Dot and Queer Straight Alliance has also brought the private sector closer to the community through crossover engagements, demonstrating strong advocacy and dedication to give back and paying it forward.


LGBT+ Ally in Asia Award sponsored by Manulife

To recognise a non-LGBT+ employee who has demonstrated personal passion and commitment to promoting LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and beyond in Asia and has been an active ally. 

Maria Abbonizio - Fidelity International 

Maria is Chief Administrative Officer for Investment Management at Fidelity International, responsible for delivering strategic change and the day-to-day operations of the investment department. A passionate, inclusive leader of people, overseeing a team of 150 based in 11 locations globally, and an enthusiastic advocate for D&I because every day, Maria sees the positive business impact that an inclusive culture creates. She is a member of the Asian Operating Committee and the Global Investment Management & Operating Committees. Maria is currently the Global Co-Chair of Fidelity’s LGBT+ Network and a Mentor in The Women’s Foundation 2021/22 Mentoring Programme in Hong Kong.   


Odile Thiang - Mind HK 

Odile is a Paediatric Nurse Practitioner, having started her career at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Canada. Her commitment to serving marginalised communities led her to work on the improvement of mental health care, as well as working with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence and vulnerable LGBT+ youth. In Hong Kong Odile has focused on mental health and education. At Mind HK Odile is a clinical advisor and trainer focusing on anti-stigma efforts. Odile is also a teaching fellow at the HK PolyU, School of Nursing and an Honorary Nurse Consultant at the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital. 


Roshni Rathi - Boston Consulting Group, India

Roshni Rathi is a Partner in the Mumbai office of Boston Consulting Group and a core member of the Principal Investors & Private Equity (PIPE) and Corporate Finance & Strategy (CFS) practice areas. Roshni is part of Pride@BCG India leadership team and leads the ally network. As part of her role, she has led multiple initiatives to ensure BCG becomes one of the most attractive organisations for LGBT+ talent. Roshni is honoured to share that the ally network has seen significant growth, with more than 10% of the firm has signed up as active allies under her leadership.



LGBT+ Newcomer in Asia Award sponsored by Shell

To recognise a company that has recently started on its LGBT+ inclusion journey in Asia (within the last two years) and has made significant process. 

Deloitte Asia Pacific 

In June 2020, Deloitte's AP DEI Council affirmed their global commitment to LGBT+ colleagues and to creating a workplace where everyone is able to be themselves. In December 2020 they launched Asia Pacific StandOUT, the LGBT+ and Allies network. The AP StandOUT network collaborates with the Global StandOUT network and Global Talent on LGBT+ inclusion. For AP geographies without local LGBT+ networks,  people can now access online resources and invitations to join events not otherwise available. For geographies that already had established networks, AP StandOUT amplifies their activities and establishes a larger community.



FactSet Pride seeks to create a workplace where all employees are included and celebrated, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. They raise awareness for topics relevant to the community through education and advocacy and are committed to advancing changes that allow all people to be respected and valued.


Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Limited

Standard Chartered Taiwan established SC Pride Taiwan in 2020 to lead and drive initiatives that create a LGBT+ inclusive culture and workplace. SC Pride Taiwan also collaborates closely with key players in the local market and actively participates in local events such as PRIDE Taiwan. Over the past two years, SC Pride has hosted and participated in countless events joined by more than 700+ colleagues, families and friends. SC Taiwan continues to champion and embrace diversity and inclusion. It is in their DNA as it embodies the Standard Chartered brand promise of “here for Good”.

Transgender Inclusion in Asia Award

To recognise a company that has adopted a strategic and proactive approach to advancing transgender inclusion in the workplace in Asia. 

Fidelity International 

Fidelity International is committed to a diverse and inclusive environment where talented individuals have the opportunity to thrive and achieve their full potential. They are also committed to embracing our LGBT+ communities, clients and employees globally.  


Thoughtworks Technologies India Private Limited

Interning with Pride (IWP) is a Thoughtworks initiative. This certified technical internship and hiring programming is aimed at graduate technologists from the LGBT+ community, providing them with a safe space to pursue their technical ambitions. The programme offers the attendees the opportunity to sharpen their technical skills through hands-on sessions. It includes both technical training as well as project experience. The programme is part of Thoughtworks’ efforts to make the company and the tech industry more inclusive and reflective of society. It stands for fighting against gender discrimination and helping imbibe non-heteronormative thinking in society.


Wells Fargo

One of the strategic priorities of Wells Fargo Philippines’ Pride Connection Employee Resource Network (ERN) is keeping an intentional focus on populations across the LGBT+ spectrum and community. In 2021, the strategy was to intentionally create awareness and meaningful changes for the Bi+ and transgender community. This nomination shares highlights from the company’s transgender inclusion programme, the activities and events held throughout the year, as well as policies and employee benefits to improve awareness and inclusion of these communities across the company. 

Advancement of Women in India Award sponsored by Credit Suisse

To recognise a specific corporate initiative that has had a positive and measurable impact on supporting and promoting the advancement of women in the workplace in India. 

Aditya Birla Capital

Tara – Unleash Your Starlight is a women’s leadership development programme specifically designed for women in mid and junior management positions at Aditya Birla Capital. The programme aims to equip them with skills to further their  journey towards leadership roles. The programme helps the participants strengthen career intentionality, learn from successful women leaders and build communities that nurture and support each other to deal with situations which are unique to the multiple roles they play.



From an organisational perspective, Citi has taken defining steps over the last few years to advance its commitment to gender diversity and inclusion. They have extended holistic support that straddles the nature of work, infrastructure, policies, development opportunities and interventions.To achieve their goal of making Citi a better workplace every day for women employees, they base all their efforts and initiatives on two foundation pillars:

  • Increasing female representation through consistent hiring, development and retention initiatives

  • Creating a conducive environment and a supportive culture, enabling the organisation  to tap into the true potential of diverse talent


Infosys Limited

Infosys recently launched their ambitious ESG Vision 2030. As a part of this vision, they are committed to strengthening diversity, equity and inclusion in the corporation and achieving 45% women in the workforce by 2030. A signatory to UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP), their efforts on gender diversity emphasise the participation of women in technology, management and leadership. Their policies and investments focus on learning and development and interventions for women to navigate their professional careers and personal life including health, family and wellness. 

Building Disability Confidence in India Award sponsored by Goldman Sachs

To recognise an organisation that has demonstrated a strategic and proactive approach to building disability confidence and creating an inclusive workplace for people with disabilities in India. 

Infosys Limited for Infosys Accessibility Lab

The Accessibility Lab is a virtual space replete with learning resources, expert talks, blogs, and simulations that is designed to build awareness and learning on digital accessibility competencies for all employees. The Lab also offers Certifications on Digital Accessibility. Infosys has also developed the Infosys Accessibility Testing Tool (iATT). This is an intelligent accessibility compliance analyser with robust and exhaustive features that enables accessibility analysis of software applications.  iATT has been listed as one of the w3.org’s recommended tools.


Verizon India for Infinite Ability Network

Verizon India has been employing persons with disabilities (PwD)  for more than 15 years, demonstrating their longstanding culture of inclusivity. In 2017 efforts were increased and  PwD Inclusion was noted as focus area for the business. Also in 2017, the Basic Accessibility Pulse check was completed in order to have PwD talent represented in D&I strategy, audit, physical accessibility and accommodation. Verizon increased efforts through action, awareness and sensitisation sessions. In 2021, Verizon hired 3X times more PwD diverse talent than before. They currently have 23 PwDs in the organisation, mainly in tech roles, with negligible attrition. Their global Equal Opportunity Employer Policy is compliant with The PwD Act of 2016. 


Wipro Limited for Digital Accessibility Initiatives

Digital Accessibility has always been  a key ingredient of Wipro’s disability inclusion strategy. Last year, Wipro re-strategised  with leadership’s involvement and rolled out unique initiatives which included creating accessible home offices during the pandemic, accessibility being given the same attention as privacy and other compliances, helplines for technology support, so on. These initiatives have not only improved accessibility quotient but have become part of the organisation’s core. This has resulted in employees with disabilities effectively participating in virtual connects and enjoying the complete range of apps and training courses that others have access to as well as   leveraging  accessible helpline services.

LGBT+ Inclusion in India Award sponsored by Goldman Sachs

To recognise an organisation that has demonstrated a strategic and proactive approach to creating an inclusive workplace for LGBT+ employees in India. 

Boston Consulting Group, India for Pride@BCG

Pride is BCG's global network for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) individuals and allies. Founded in 1998, it is 20+ years old and has 800+ members across 50+ offices. Network membership has been growing at >15% p.a. over the last ten years. Pride@BCG strive to create an environment in which all LGBT+ BCGers have the opportunity to be fulfilled at work, with clients and in their personal lives. They achieve this through four areas of intervention: recruitment and onboarding, development, affiliation and advancement, transforming BCG and external impact. 


Citi for Citi India Pride Network

Citi India Pride Network was established to drive greater respect, empathy and inclusion towards LGBT+ employees, provide them and their allies with opportunities to share experiences and heighten awareness of LGBT+ culture, identity and challenges faced. To that end,  the network fosters professional development, community outreach and awareness and leverages global inclusion programmes for LGBT+ employees. Citi India Pride Network underscores it’s commitment to equality and its importance to our business and to society. They are creating a space where employees can bring their authentic selves to work and they recognise that diversity makes ideas, innovations and contributions richer and more meaningful. 


Credit Suisse for Credit Suisse India Pride Charter

The CS India Pride Charter started in mid-2021 in India with an aim of creating a psychologically safe and beneficial work environment for LGBT+ talent. Their focus areas include:

  1. Advancing LGBT+ inclusion education through Employee Network engagements;
  2. Broadening the scope of policies and equal benefits for the wellbeing of LGBT+ talent;
  3. Activating visible allies to advocate for equality and fair treatment;
  4. Increasing representation of LGBT+ talent through external hiring.

D&I Champion of Change in India Award sponsored by LSEG

To recognise a corporate professional who has been a visible and committed champion of change in advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond in India. 

Aditya Batavia - ThoughtWorks

Aditya Batavia is a Diversity and Inclusion Manager at ThoughtWorks India. He is passionate about working for the elevation of underrepresented minority communities including the LGBT+ community, persons with disabilities and is working closely for the empowerment, mental health and skill development of the transgender community. He holds a Master degree in Psychology and is a certified mental health professional.


Gopinath Pullaihgari - Verizon India

Mr. Gopinath Pullaighari is Director - Human Resources at Verizon India. He is a  dynamic leader who goes beyond the call of duty to inculcate and drive a culture of inclusivity at Verizon India. He’s a strong ally, modeling this philosophy while encouraging shared sense of commitment to move the world forward together for diverse talents, particularly during the pandemic. A DE&I practitioner for 21+ years, he pioneered inclusive DE&I initiatives across functions such as talent management transformation, innovative HR practices and agile HR methodology in his role as head of the function. Gopi considers  diversity to be more than a number and believes in inclusion at work and in life.


Gurpreet Sandhu - Intel 

Gurpreet is a Senior Director in CCG (Client Computing Group) India. He has 20+ years of industry experience in all aspects of system/product hardware design and has been leading platform & system hardware design teams at Intel for the last 15 years. He is currently the executive sponsor for the Intel Disability and Accessibility Network (IDAN) India chapter, and in just one year of tenure in this position he has revamped IDAN India’s strategic objectives to align to INTEL RISE 2030 goals, and has managed to grow the ERG members from 30 to 130 members. He has played a key role in influencing internal senior leadership advocacy and external partnerships with other organiszations, academia, NGOs in building PwD talent pipeline in STEM. He also sponsored the setting up of the IDAN India Tech Council, which is working on accessibility technology and product development practices, and is passionate about influencing Client Computing Groups product designs to change the computing experience for people from the disability community for the better. 


Meenu Bhambhani - State Street 

Dr. Meenu Bhambani, VP and Head of Global Inclusion, Diversity and Equity and Corporate Citizenship, APAC at State Street is a CSR and D&I professional with over two decades of experience in the area of human development with specialisation in social policy. She is responsible for oversight of all Corporate Citizenship and Global Inclusion and Diversity programmes throughout the Asia Pacific, including grant making, volunteerism, employee etworks’ strategy, diversity and inclusion goals and programmes development working with twelves Asia Pacific locations supporting employee networks committees in the dimension of disability, gender, multiculturalism, LGBT+ parenting, family and mental health.