2022 Community Business Awards

SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals


As part of our enduring mission to advance responsible and inclusive business practices in Asia, Community Business is excited to announce our new 2022 Community Business Awards! 

An evolution of our previous Awards schemes and building on our proven track record, our goal is to ensure that the Community Business Awards continue to be the market’s most valued, credible and rigorous awards for the celebration of responsible and inclusive business practices in Asia. 

With multiple Award Categories to choose from and a broad regional focus, the new 2022 Community Business Awards offer unrivalled opportunities to elevate your brand and showcase your commitment to building responsible leadership, tackling workplace inequality, ensuring employee wellbeing and promoting social inclusion – wherever you operate in Asia.  

Proven Track Record 

Community Business has a proven track record of robust Awards schemes including: 

Now we are bringing them all together under the single banner of the 2022 Community Business Awards. 

A key objective of the Community Business Awards is to put the spotlight on and drive the wider adoption of best practice. That’s why in association with the Awards, Community Business will also be conducting the following activities: 

2022 Award Categories

In 2022, the Community Business Awards include the following categories:  

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A Broad Regional Approach 
We are looking to put the spotlight on and celebrate best practice, wherever it emerges in the Asia region. Except for our 4 India-specific Awards, all Awards are Asia focused, which means nominations can: 

  • Come from anywhere in Asia (not Australia or New Zealand) 

  • Be single or multiple market focused 


Awards Process

If you’ve been part of our Award schemes in the past, you’ll be reassured that we’re maintaining the same rigorous assessment process and the same robust assessment criteria.  

Assessment Process 

The assessment process is made up of 4 key steps: 

Assessment Criteria

Consistent with all our previous Awards Schemes, we will be assessing all Award nominations on the extent to which they are: 

Clear guidance on what we are looking for will be provided in the online nomination forms. 

Assessment Period 

The Assessment Period will be 1-2 years (from 1 January 2020 - 31 December 2021) depending on the nature of the Award. Please check the individual Nomination Form on the online platform.


Below is the high-level timeline: 

D&I in India Best Practice Conference

 To share insights from the India Awards, and in advance of the announcement of the Winners at the Awards Ceremony, Community Business will be holding a virtual conference on Wednesday 25 May.  This programme will feature a Keynote Speaker as well as panel discussions with the Finalists. Click the links for more details and sponsorship opportunities.

Awards Ceremony

We will be celebrating the Finalists and announcing the Winner for each Award category at a virtual Awards Ceremony on Thursday 26 May. Be sure to mark your calendar and plan to get together with your teams to book your place at this inspiring and fun-filled event. More details to come.   

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Soon after the announcement of the winners, Community Business will issue an ePublication, featuring case studies from the Winners and Finalists of the Awards. For more details and sponsorship opportunities please see here

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